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The hearts are a nice little boost in the midst of all the craziness lately.

Thank you so much, Heart Givers!

Jackson, MS Mayor, and other Mississippi Dems, endorse Hillary Clinton.

The African American mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, Tony Yarber, has just endorsed Hillary Clinton.


WASHINGTON - Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Monday, saying she will push for issues important to urban centers, including smaller cities like Jackson.

“Hillary Clinton knows how to make it happen,” Yarber said in a statement. “As President, she will give special and needed attention to cities, particularly minority-led cities, and the issues that plague us.’’

His endorsement follows Clinton's recent comments expressing concern over high lead levels recently reported in Jackson's water.

Yarber and some other black elected officials, mostly from the South, were on a conference call with Clinton earlier Monday.


Other high-profile Mississippi Democrats, including Rep. Bennie Thompson, top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, also have endorsed the former secretary of state.

New reading-heavy SAT may be especially unfair to immigrants and the poor,

as well as other students, like many dyslexics, whose math skills are stronger than their English skills. (One of my relatives with dyslexia got an engineering degree based on his math skills and has been doing very well in life since then.)

The new SAT is likely to result in lower scores for students whose English isn’t as fluent as their math, because even the math part will require better English skills than before. So ESL students and others who previously could excel on the math test, even if their English skills weren’t high, will be at an increased disadvantage now.

In the past, immigrant groups have often found a niche in jobs that required math skills -- with math being a "universal language" learned in their country of origin that they could immediately use here.

Why did anyone think changing the SAT in a way that could disadvantage ESL and LD students was a good idea?


BOSTON — For thousands of college hopefuls, the stressful college admissions season is about to become even more fraught. The College Board, which makes the SAT, is rolling out a new test — its biggest redesign in a decade, and one of the most substantial ever.

Chief among the changes, experts say: longer and harder reading passages and more words in math problems. The shift is leading some educators and college admissions officers to fear that the revised test will penalize students who have not been exposed to a lot of reading, or who speak a different language at home — like immigrants and the poor.

It has also led to a general sense that the new test is uncharted territory, leaving many students wondering whether they should take the SAT or its rival, the ACT. College admissions officers say they are waiting to see how the scores turn out before deciding how to weight the new test.

“It’s going to change who does well,” said Lee Weiss, the vice president of precollege programs at Kaplan Test Prep, one of the nation’s biggest test-preparation programs. “Before, if you were a student from a family where English was not the first language, you could really excel on the math side. It may be harder in the administration of this new test to decipher that, because there is so much text on both sides of the exam.”


Despite what some here think, Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders strongly agree:.

the virulent sexism against Hillary and her women supporters online is real, disgusting, and it should be condemned.


Former Salon editor and current National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation Joan Walsh, Clinton told a crowd over the weekend, is just but one example of female supporters of Hillary Clinton who are subjected to sexist backlash from some Sanders supporters online “he and other people who have gone online to defend Hillary, to explain why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks,” Clinton said.


In another Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sanders called the behavior of so-called Bernie Bros “disgusting,” saying his campaign is working to address the issue on online harassment.

“Look, we don’t want that crap. … We will do everything we can and I think we have tried. Look, anybody who is supporting me that is doing the sexist things is—we don’t want them. I don’t want them. That is not what this campaign is about”:

Veteran Thomas Wiley objects to the use of his photo in Bernie campaign materials.

This just adds to the list of misleading ads Bernies's campaign has put out, implying nonexistent endorsements.

The photos of him and other veterans were taken at a Veterans event Bernie attended -- not a Bernie campaign event.

Doesn't Bernie have enough real endorsements? Does he have to make them up?

ON EDIT: I wonder if he got the written permission from BLM members before he used them in his campaign video?


Lebanon — With just days before the New Hampshire primary, the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., is taking heat from Upper Valley residents who say his campaign used their images on mailers without their permission.

When American Legion state officer Tom Wiley, of Canaan, was called by the Legion’s top officer in New Hampshire, Wiley didn’t know what it was about, but he said the tone of state Cmdr. John Graham made it clear something was wrong.

“He called me, quite straightforwardly, and asked me, had I endorsed any candidate,” Wiley said Saturday. “He asked specifically about Bernie.”

It was a sensitive subject, Wiley knew, both because the American Legion fiercely protects its image as a nonpartisan organization, and because Wiley is in the early stages of a campaign himself, for the post of New Hampshire’s Department Commander. If he were found to be guilty of flouting the group’s bylaws, it could sink his chances. “I said, ‘No, I’ve never even shook his hand,” said Wiley.


The flier also includes photographs of Lebanon Post 22 Cmdr. Robert St. Pierre, Laura Holland, the Auxiliary president, and Hannah Griswold, the past junior Auxiliary president, who were identified by Wiley.

The Legion’s national offices in Indianapolis quickly turned up a second Sanders campaign flier featuring Holland’s image. According to Wiley, Philip B. Onderdonk, the Legion’s national judge advocate, asked the Sanders campaign to stop using the images, though John Raughter, a national spokesman, declined to comment on the matter, other than to reiterate the Legion’s avoidance of political stances.


Scott Tranchemontagne, who heads a public relations firm, was a political consultant for a variety of Republicans, including presidential candidates, between 1994 and 2010. “The first rule that any campaign staffer in charge of producing these types of materials is, you shouldn’t use an image without clearing the permissions,” Tranchemontagne said. “Those are basic rules of campaign materials production that were clearly disregarded in this case.”

Remember that national Reuters poll that appeared to show Hillary at 48 and Bernie at 45?

It was a pretty shocking result and didn't fit with any of the other polls released during the same period of time.

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to find the internals on how that poll was conducted, to learn why it wasn't included in RCP's Averages of Polls, and another DUer pointed me to the answer.


It was the results of a single day conveniently snipped out of a Reuters rolling 3-day WEB poll. The actual completed poll put Hillary 15 points ahead of Bernie.

Any time a poll is wildly out of line with others, it's a good idea to check why that might be so, before trumpeting its results too loudly.

THANKS TO ERICH BLOODAXE BSN for emailing Huff Post with his question and posting the answer here:



Ipsos/Reuters (Web) 1/30-2/3)

2) 2016 National Democratic Primary

Asked of 619 Democratic registered voters
Hillary Clinton (D) 54%
Martin O'Malley (D) 2%
Bernie Sanders (D) 39%
Wouldn't vote 5%

RCP Poll AVERAGES: National, Clinton 50.4 vs. Sanders 36.4

New Hampshire: Sanders 53.6 Clinton 40.4

South Carolina: Clinton 62 Sanders 32.5


I thought an OP about "racial battle fatigue" might be of general interest,

but maybe not.

Here's the link:


In new DSM-5 (psychiatrists' "bible") PTSD definition now covers "racial battle fatigue"


Dr. Monnica T. Williams suggests that proposed changes in the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) could increase the potential for better recognition of race-based trauma in racial and ethnic minorities.

In a recent article in Psychology Today, Williams, who is a clinical psychologist and the associate director of the University of Louisville's Center for Mental Health Disparities, said that before the release of the DSM-5 Thursday, racism was recognized as a trauma that could potentially cause PTSD, but only in relation to a specific event. There had to be an incident of intense fear, helplessness, or horror for such consideration. For instance, if someone was assaulted in a racially-motivated event, then racism qualified as a sufficient trauma to be categorized as a cause of PTSD.


In 2011, researchers found that African Americans who reported experiences of racial discrimination had higher odds of suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). An article on PsychCentral termed the phenomenon as "racial battle fatigue,” saying that "exposure to racial discrimination is analogous to the constant pressure soldiers face on the battlefield."

"While the term is certainly not trying to say that the conditions are exactly what soldiers face on a battlefield, it borrows from the idea that stress is created in chronically unsafe or hostile environments," said Dr. Jose Soto, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at University of California, Berkeley.

Williams builds on that concept, saying that many minorities experience lasting, cumulative effects of racism that could lead to the development of PTSD. "It was found that in many cases, such as soldiers trained in combat, emotional responses are only felt afterward, once removed from the traumatic setting," she wrote. So, even when experiences aren't immediate and earth-shattering, their effects can have the magnitude to cause long-lasting trauma.

Has Bernie explained how his free public college tuition plan will work, given the fact that

the cost of public 4-year colleges and universities ranges from a low of $4222 in North Dakota to a high of $17,772 in Pennsylvania?

Will his plan really pay for 100% of tuition at ALL public colleges no matter how expensive?

Or a median amount (which is about $8K) or what?

If he thinks the Fed govt. should pay for 100% of any public college's tuition, then what measures would he have in place to keep cost increases in check? Why shouldn't all the $4,000 and $5,000 colleges immediately begin upgrades? Why shouldn't the $17,000 colleges look for more ways to spend money?

What if his plan to make Wall Street pay for all this doesn't yield enough money? Will he add on new taxes or cut back the program?

2014-2015 in-state tuition and fees: $4,222
Bismarck State College (ND)

University of Pittsburgh
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