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WA state's 17 super delegates can now argue that Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of the primary

in which almost three times as many WA Democrats participated as in the less inclusive, less representative caucuses.

So today's primary may be more important than a mere "beauty contest."


Donovan, the WWU professor, said the primary results could ease pressure on some of the state’s superdelegates, who some Sanders supporters have urged to back Sanders over Clinton due to his landslide caucus win.


Sanders dominated the precinct caucuses in March, and those results were finalized in recent congressional district caucuses, giving Sanders 74 delegates to Clinton’s 27.

That doesn’t include the state’s 17 Democratic superdelegates, who are not bound by the primary vote. Most of the superdelegates, including Gov. Jay Inslee and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, have endorsed Clinton, angering many Sanders backers, who say the superdelegates should back the caucus winner.

Todd Donovan, a professor of political science at Western Washington University, said the results could lead to more talk of whether caucuses are the best way to pick presidential favorites in the state. “They really kind of distort reality,” he said, adding that primaries “are probably a better snapshot.”

About 230,000 Democrats participated in the March precinct caucuses. As of Tuesday, more than 660,000 Democratic votes had been counted in the primary.


" I would ask the super delegates from the state of Washington to respect the wishes of their people in their state and the votes they have cast," said Senator Bernie Sanders in a National Press Club in Washington, DC. on May 1, 2016. On the same day, Senator Patty Murray stated at the King County convention, " When we get to the Democratic Convention in July Super-delegates will not overturn what the count of the regular vote is."

In WA's primary today Hillary has won all the largest counties, and is doing well

overall, too.

With more than 650,000 votes counted, she's leading by more than 7%.
In the March caucuses, about 230,000 voters participated and Bernie won about 3 to 1.

This happened in 2008, too. She lost by more than 36% to Obama in the caucuses, but a few weeks later she lost by less than 6% in the primary.


African American Valedictorian barred from his own high school graduation

because he has a beard.

Apparently this high school doesn't realize that their rule could be in violation of the Civil Rights Act.


An employer’s policy might still be discriminatory, even if the employer didn’t intend to discriminate. In a “disparate impact” case, a seemingly neutral policy is discriminatory if it has a disproportionate impact on employees in a particular class. For example, a policy that requires male employees to be clean shaven might have a disproportionately negative effect on African American employees, who are more likely to have a skin sensitivity to shaving. In this situation, the employer must be able to show that its requirement is related to the job and consistent with business necessity. If, for example, the employer’s policy is based simply on the owner’s preference for clean-shaven employees, that’s not a good enough reason to justify a policy that has a discriminatory effect.


Things got hairy at a Louisiana high school graduation when the valedictorian was not allowed to participate because he took a stand over his goatee.

Andrew Jones was the head of his class at Amite High School, but education officials said what’s on his chin violated the policy against facial hair, according to WWLTV.

The 4.0 student had worn his beard for four years, but he and 13 others were told that they had to shave after arriving at their graduation ceremony Wednesday night.

Jones, who was set to given an address at the event, refused because the rule had never been enforced before, so his cap and gown were taken away.


Brother Cornel West: "Brother Bernie and Brother Trump are authentic human beings"


Cornel West ‏‪@CornelWest‬ ‬24 Aug 2015

Brother Bernie and Brother Trump are authentic human beings in stark contrast to their donor-driven opponents.

Cornel West: "Obama is a global George Zimmerman."


Here is the postcard request for a CA ballot that the people who filed the lawsuit

argue is too hard for Bernie voters to figure out.

Do they really think non-affiliated Bernie voters can't figure out that they need to check the box in the upper-left corner indicating that they want a Democratic ballot?

Or is the lawsuit a way of getting free publicity because Bernie's running out of money?'


At NV, why didn't the Bernie campaign explain to their delegates

that the rules in place since at least 2008 required a 2/3 vote of all the delegates for any amendments? In other words, a super-majority was required for any amendments.

Why didn't they explain to them that since only about half of the delegates were Bernie people, they wouldn't be able to shove through any changes opposed by the Hillary delegates? And that a voice vote, which was also called for in the rules, was sufficient to discern that there wasn't the required 2/3 approval?

Why did the Bernie campaign instead choose to whip the delegates up into a lather?


Supporters of Sanders believed that the convention rules, which have been largely the same since 2008, gave an unfair amount of power to Lange, the convention chair. The rules specifically lay out that all convention votes must be done by voice vote, and that only the convention chair can declare the winner or call for a more specific method of voting among the thousands of delegates.

The rules, which can be read here, also state that any amendment attempts must be approved by two-thirds of the convention delegates — which would be difficult given the nearly even number of Clinton and Sanders backers present.

Trump's simple method of appearing richer than he really is:

He licenses his name -- even to other real estate developers. So when you see a "Trump Tower," maybe he owns it -- maybe he doesn't.


Sater arrived in Trump’s orbit as the mogul was shifting his business model. Seizing on the success of his television reality show, “The Apprentice,” he focused on licensing his name to developers constructing high-rise hotels and condominium projects.


When one of the firm’s most ambitious projects, the oceanfront Trump International Hotel and Tower in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., became embroiled in disputes after construction stalled in 2009, aggrieved condo buyers filed suit, claiming, among other things, that Trump and others had failed to tell them about the criminal past of a key member of the development team.

Trump walked away from the failing project, saying he held no responsibility since he had merely licensed his name to the effort.

538: Hillary exceeded her target # of delegates for both KY and OR. Bernie slipped farther behind.

Though Bernie collected more delegates than Hillary, he needed even more to put him on track to winning the majority of the pledged delegates. Because he didn't meet his target in OR and KY, he needs an even higher percentage of the remaining pledged delegates.

She needs only about a third of all the remaining pledged delegates to win the majority.



These interactive charts show which candidate is on target to win the Democratic nomination and which one is falling behind. They are based on our estimate of how many delegates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would need in each primary and caucus to win a simple majority of the 4,051 pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

We reached these estimates by developing benchmarks for each state based on its demographics. In particular, we used exit polls to determine the racial composition of the Democratic electorate in each state, how each state lines up on a liberal-conservative scale, and whether Democratic voters live in rural or conservative areas. Sanders does better in whiter, more liberal and more rural states. Clinton does better in states with more nonwhite voters — especially African-Americans. For more detail about these procedures, see this article.

After we arrived at baseline estimates of candidate support, we adjusted their support proportionally in each state until both candidates were tied nationally. Finally, we multiplied each candidate’s adjusted share of support by the number of pledged delegates available in each state to arrive at delegate targets (unlike Republicans, Democrats award all of their pledged delegates proportionally). Because there is limited data available to model the 99 pledged delegates from six delegations — American Samoa, Democrats Abroad, Guam, Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands — we set both Clinton’s and Sanders’s targets in those contests at half of the delegates available.

Samantha Bee's takedown of sexism from Seattle sports fans


It's been a rough month for the women of the Seattle City Council. They've gotten vicious online abuse from trolls inviting "those BITCHES" to "BURN IN HELL," or speculating that their "cycles must have synced up."

What did they do to deserve this, asked Samantha Bee on Monday night's Full Frontal? They dared to vote down a proposal for a new sports arena in Seattle.

The vote against the proposed arena was 5 to 4, split down the gender line. The women council members had good reasons for voting against the arena, Bee said. It would be built right on the Port of Seattle, which would threaten industrial and maritime jobs. But that didn't stop Sonics fans and other haters from bombarding the women with misogynistic abuse online.


Thanks to NV, Wonkette has jumped off the fence and into the Hillary camp.

If you have time, click on the link and read the whole piece. It's worth the effort.

You Say You Want A Revolution?
Nice Grandpa Bernie Sanders Gonna BURN YOUR SH*T DOWWWWWN

Read more at http://wonkette.com/601971/nice-grandpa-bernie-sanders-gonna-burn-your-sht-dowwwwwn#xfwtyaL8CO1LbihQ.99

If you were waiting for Bernie Sanders to release a statement on the clusterfuck that was the Nevada state Democratic convention, hooray! He has done so! If you were waiting for Bernie Sanders to release a statement telling his supporters “hey maybe don’t drown out and scream at Barbara Boxer that she’s a fucking bitch for having a different preference in the Democratic primary than you do,” you are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

No, Bernie Sanders is going down swinging, and doubling down, and other metaphors from baseball and/or gambling (or both if you are Pete Rose or Shoeless Joe Jackson). See, his supporters wouldn’t have had to fling chimpanzee shit all over Las Vegas’s Paris hotel if they hadn’t been robbed, by which we mean they lost.

Wonkette has been officially neutral in the Democratic primary, until now. (We know, angry commenters; Wonkette says it has been neutral but has been a reliable source of bought-and-paid-for neoliberal corporate piece of shit one-percenter shilling for a mass murderer who will be arrested for “emails” any day now. Fair enough!)


No, VERY ANGRY FOLK making your videos, the rules were not “changed” and did not require a two-thirds vote. They required a majority. Hillary Clinton had a narrow majority of supporters attending because almost 500 Bernie Sanders delegates didn’t show up. Even if the olds and gyno-Americans in the room weren’t as loud as the young men in their 20s and 30s, and even if they didn’t take an hour to do a head count to verify the voice vote, nothing was stolen here.

* The chair allowed its Credentials Committee to en mass rule that 64 delegates were ineligible without offering an opportunity for 58 of them to be heard. That decision enabled the Clinton campaign to end up with a 30-vote majority.

According to the Nevada Democrats, after the Dems attempted to contact the missing delegates to resolve the problems with their registrations (which were either “not Democrat” or were missing addresses, etc., to make sure they were actually Nevada residents) those 58 people literally never showed up to the convention. Why would I believe the Nevada Democrats over Bernie Sanders? Because I have seen the rest of the disinformation in Bernie Sanders’s statement, and he has now lost his reputation with me of being an honest broker.

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