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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly region, Pennsylvania
Home country: USA
Current location: Philly region, Pennsylvania
Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,837

Journal Archives

Penn State Removes Joe Paterno Statue

After a wide-reaching child abuse scandal has rocked the university, Penn State finally removed the statue of its beloved and flawed football coach Joe Paterno this morning. The AP reports, "Workers lifted the statue off its base and used a forklift to move it into Beaver Stadium as the 100 to 150 students watching chanted, 'We are Penn State.'"

The university made the decision after an independent investigation from former FBI director Louis Freeh found that Paterno apparently lied about how much he knew about former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's child abuse. The scandal, which involved countless boys claiming that Sandusky abused and raped them (and Paterno and university officials knew about the allegations but never went to authorities), led to Paterno's retirement and Sandusky's eventual conviction, as well as soul-searching for a school that relies on the football program Paterno built.

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Apollo 11. Remember what we're capable of.

Just to remind everybody of what our country is capable of.



Romney Courts Hispanic Vote With Animated Sombrero-Wearing Parrot

This week the Romney campaign introduced "Paco", a taco-loving cartoon parrot, in hopes of appealing to Latino voters.

Video at link: http://onion.com/JZCKx0
(In case anyone doesn't realize. It's the Onion and it's a joke.)

Governor Corbett abruptly ends press conference when asked about teacher layoffs and property taxes.

Why even bother to have a press conference if you're going to shut it down if you don't like the questions?

People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare


I think some of them were making a joke, but some seem to be serious.

‘Fracking’ bosses would choke if tables turned

“How’s the meatloaf?” the fracking executive asks the waiter.

“Excellent,” says the waiter.

“There aren’t any peanut products in it, are there? I’m allergic to peanuts.”

The waiter explains that the chef doesn’t disclose the ingredients in his meatloaf, because it’s proprietary information.

Read the whole thing.

Hey, Rick Santorum, Why Do You Hate America?


A few weeks ago, Santorum argued that we should combine church and state
Then it was the insistence that Puerto Ricans speak English
And now it's the scourge of pornography
These views aren't "conservative." They're aggressive. They call for extending the government's reach and control over citizens' lives, not reducing it.

ALEC Has Pushed The NRA's "Stand Your Ground" Law Across The Nation


The legislation apparently preventing the successful prosecution of Trayvon Martin's killer was reportedly adopted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as model legislation that the shadowy group has spent years promoting across the country with the help of their allies in the National Rifle Association.

I guess it figures that ALEC would be part of this somehow. It should be a stigma for any legislator to be involved with this group.

How We Know Global Warming is Real and Human Caused

Great article on global warming and denialism.

Donald R. Prothero on Anthropogenic Global Warming

In this week’s eSkeptic, Donald R. Prothero addresses climate change denialism head on, demolishing deniers’ arguments and rebuttals, and clearly demonstrating how we know global warming is real and human caused.


Maybe we need to start ID drives similar to voter registration drives.

We could organize to help people obtain IDs.
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