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Member since: Tue Jan 6, 2004, 12:46 PM
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Sunday Talk Shows with Bernie


Sunday on This Week: John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, and Reince

Sen. Sanders breaks New Ground in Fundraising, 44 Million March Donation

Bernie Sanders’s $44 million March donation intake has broken new ground for online political fundraising and for a candidate running well behind in a presidential nominating contest.

His record-breaking sums come in spite of the fact that Sanders relies on small-dollar donors instead of well-financed millionaires and associated super-PACs and does not have a traditional finance team.

He has managed to raise these sums while being nearly 300 pledged delegates behind Clinton and more than 700 behind if superdelegates -- party leaders who can choose whichever candidate they want – are counted.




Weekly Address: Securing the World from Nuclear Terrorism

Source: White House

In this week's address, the President spoke from the Nuclear Security Summit on one of the greatest threats to global security—terrorists getting their hands on a weapon of mass destruction, such as a nuclear weapon. He discussed the global effort we have been leading to secure the world’s nuclear materials and highlighted the fact that working with other nations, we have removed or secured enough nuclear material for more than 150 nuclear weapons—material that will now never fall into the hands of terrorists. The President also reiterated his commitment to making sure the world remains united and focused on destroying ISIL. He emphasized that defeating ISIL remains our top priority, and during the summit, he focused on ways to step up our efforts to disrupt terrorist attacks. Because of the progress of this week’s summit, and over recent years, more of the world’s nuclear material is secure, and the President will continue to do everything in his power to keep our nation safe and strong and free.

Read more: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2016/04/02/weekly-address-securing-world-nuclear-terrorism


Prep underway for Bernie Sanders event (Wisconsin)

Lines were forming as of mid-morning Friday outside Sheboygan South High School, several hours before Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting.

The independent Vermont Senator is the first presidential candidate on either side to visit Sheboygan in advance of Wisconsin’s April 5 primary and is looking for supporters to help deliver a big win, with 86 delegates at stake.

The event is being held inside the South High School Acuity Fieldhouse, which can hold close to 3,400 people, with room for another 1,200 to watch on projectors in the commons area.

School officials have said the town hall will likely be among the largest community events to take place on district property in the last decade.


Cenk Uygur: 'Bernie Sanders is the political revolution, we are the media revolution'

Cenk Uygur, host of the self-proclaimed “biggest online news show in the world”, The Young Turks, is in typically bombastic form as he speaks on the phone from Los Angeles.

Fresh from interviewing the US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, he spends the 30 minutes of our conversation relentlessly promoting his company and his show, with his progressive politics acting as a thread to tie it all together.

“As Bernie Sanders is the political revolution, we are the media revolution,” he begins, talking in an easy, compelling style honed by years of broadcasting without the aid of a teleprompter.

“We didn’t get to be this popular because I’m such a great host. That’s not how something this big arises. We got this big because we believe the same thing that the majority of the American people believe, and we’re almost alone in the media believing it.”


John Nichols:This Bernie Sanders fellow draws quite a crowd

Things are hopping at Onalaska Omni Center in Onalaska, Wisconsin. This @BernieSanders fellow draws quite a crowd.



Bernie Sanders is this year's biggest story

The New York Times' Yamiche Alcindor wrote, "Covering Mr. Sanders is at times like watching a man almost surprised by his success and eager to make it last." In my experience, his supporters feel the same -- a sort of "Can you believe this is happening?" mix of elation and shock.

These are the voters who were perennially accustomed to holding their noses and voting for the least-worst option and then spending the rest of their time railing against the corrupt center-right system. I should know, I'm one of them.

They/we/I never expected to see a presidential candidate championing universal single payer health care -- let alone, gasp, that candidate have a shot at winning. I suspect that candidate didn't see it coming, either.

And his campaign is, I think rightly, pushing superdelegates to retract their anti-democratic support for Hillary Clinton and instead side with the voters in their states. But whatever happens, when November comes and goes, Sanders' campaign won't be over.


Bernie Sanders campaigns in Appleton

The line of people waiting outside the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center stretched for blocks through downtown Appleton as Bernie Sanders supporters waited for the Democratic candidate for president to speak Tuesday morning.

The theater was filled to capacity and an overflow crowd waited outside as Sanders discussed his stance on issues ranging from voter ID laws, to the criminal justice system, to how the minimum wage should be $15 an hour.

"We think we have the momentum, we think we're going to take that momentum here into Wisconsin and we think we have a good chance to win here," Sanders said.

"He has not been afraid to put himself out there and he defends us with all that he has, others don't" said Alyssa Borchardt, and Appleton resident and Muslim convert. "I haven't been attacked, but I have friends who've been attacked."


Bernie Sanders to campaign in Pittsburgh Thursday

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will make his first Pennsylvania campaign stop in Pittsburgh on Thursday with a rally at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center at Exhibit Hall C in the Cultural District.

Sanders will speak at 10 a.m.. The event is open to the public; the doors will open at 7:30 a.m., and organizers strongly suggest that supporters RSVP at the campaign website.

The Sanders presidential campaign set up its first Pittsburgh office on East Carson Street on the South Side last week. Rival Democrat Hillary Clinton set up her first Pennsylvania office in Pittsburgh last week as well; it is on North Highland Avenue in East Liberty.

Sanders heads to the Keystone State fresh off three impressive caucus victories Saturday in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii. In a press call Monday, Sanders' campaign officials said he had the momentum to topple Clinton in pledged delegates by June. His campaign officials also stressed that he can win the support of unpledged “superdelegates” to get the Democratic presidential nomination.


Sen. Sanders Statement on Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday issued the following statement after a 4-4 split decision by the Supreme Court left in place a lower court ruling allowing unions representing government employees to collect fees from workers who choose not to join:

“Today’s split decision underscores the need to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who will protect the constitutional rights of American workers to collectively bargain for fair wages and safe working conditions.

“The extreme right wing is just one conservative Supreme Court justice away from dismantling the rights of public sector unions to organize and collectively bargain on behalf of all of the workers they are legally bound to represent. We cannot allow that to happen.

“From Wisconsin to California, the extreme right wing has been waging a war to dismantle unions all over this country. That is a war they cannot be allowed to win.

“Working people in this country need a seat at the bargaining table to fight for higher wages, decent health care, a secure retirement and a safe working environment. Public sector unions are that voice. And if I am elected president, I’m not going to let the Supreme Court take away that voice.

“While Republican governors like Scott Walker and the Koch brothers may not like it, we are going to make it easier, not harder, for American workers to form a union. We need to expand, not eliminate, the collective bargaining rights of all Americans. When unions are strong, the middle class is strong.”


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