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Home country: USA
Current location: Virginia
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 17,203

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Real Time with Bill Maher: Je Suis Charlie - January 9, 2015

Bill Maher and panelists Salman Rushdie, Carly Fiorina and Paul Begala discuss the recent terror attacks in France.

Bill Maher: "I wanna look on the bright side, and actually, I feel like there was a bright side this week. I saw a reaction from non-Muslims and Muslims alike that I've never seen before when shit like this went down. Do you think we've reached the tipping point where people have just had enough of this shit?"

Edit: Maher's stand-up intro to the show is here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1017237110

Access Orbit

If you don't believe in evolution, you are disqualified, determined to be an idiot,

If you don't believe in evolution, you're disqualified from participation.

Fuck!, how I wish that were true.

God, how I wish that were the truth.

Vote this year, 2014.
Bring Five Friends
Bring 5 Friends


Bardarbunga, dude!

Seismic activity increasing.

3d map and seismic activity ticker:

More source:
'Red alert' in Iceland as Bardarbunga volcano starts erupting

What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (full movie)

A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the American Lifestyle

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