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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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burnie continues making bad decisions.. what do they expect?

I am so grateful that he's showing the world what many of us have known for so long.

He's been getting away with his crap for far too long.. maybe that's why he feels he can continue and no one can touch him?

We'll see about that.

Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos, who is a columnist for The Hill, was among the most emphatic critics of the statement, describing it as “an utter disgrace” and complaining that Sanders gave too much prominence to talking points and not enough to his condemnation of violence, which appeared in the third paragraph of the statement.

I applaud Kos for strongly speaking out Against BS..

Money quote from Sally Kohn..

Reflecting on the events in Nevada and the aftermath, Kohn said there was too much equivocation for her tastes in Sanders’s response.

“There is always a but — ‘But they’re passionate; but it’s rigged,’ ” she said.

“Has he done everything he can to truly distance himself from this kind of behavior in the full sense of moral leadership? I don’t think he has.

Nice and refreshing to see a big ol dose of reality coming from a former BS fan.

Thank you, working~

Let's be perfectly clear. One campaign has declared that its intention is to override the primary..

Allan Brauer ‎‎@allanbrauer
Let's be perfectly clear. One campaign has declared that its intention is to override the primary results and steal the nomination.
Allan Brauer ‎‎@allanbrauer
This places them outside the Democratic Party tent, and such a campaign deserves zero voice at our convention.
8:44 AM - 18 May 2016
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Sometimes my job is to kick it myself..

Wow.. thanks for that, PN. I had just read on her site where she'd

stated that she was.. so that would mean just not letting her readers in on it. Which I can see.. It says a lot about her integrity that she lost sanders over this..

According to the Nevada Democrats, after the Dems attempted to contact the missing delegates to resolve the problems with their registrations (which were either “not Democrat” or were missing addresses, etc., to make sure they were actually Nevada residents) those 58 people literally never showed up to the convention. Why would I believe the Nevada Democrats over Bernie Sanders? Because I have seen the rest of the disinformation in Bernie Sanders’s statement, and he has now lost his reputation with me of being an honest broker.


I don't know about this, though..

I am fucking sorry to endorse Hillary Clinton, and I mean it. The Democratic primary was a good, hard, fair race in which both candidates showed the nutballs at the Trump rallies how to run a clean campaign. I was proud of all of us. While some — including the president — were calling for supporters to unite behind Hillary, and for Bernie to drop out, I thought such calls were misguided. Hell, when does the 10 percent of the country that lives in California ever get to vote! More democracy is more gooderer!

I never read that President Obama called for Bernie to drop out.. Doesn't mean it didn't happen.. I just never saw that.

Anyway.. now she's on to this..

But the Sanders campaign is now relying on Alex Jones-style conspiracies — if a Republican county clerk in Arizona shuts down a whole bunch of primary precincts because Hillary Clinton told her to, then Hillary Clinton is probably really good at getting shit done! — and flat out fucking lies to get its way. It hasn’t had any kind of intellectual consistency for months now as first it excoriated superdelegates as undemocratic even as they mirrored the popular vote, and then called for superdelegates to overthrow the will of the people by going for the candidate who has received fewer votes. (As one example, and they are legion.)

"We’ll take our check now, thanks, Mr. Brock."

"Losing them is quite a feat." I see what you mean!

Brilliant MirrorAshes! Thank you so much for writing about your personal

experience with the devolution of Bernie Sanders.

BS thinks he's all that.. but it's he who's going to be sorry.. not us. He's his own worst enemy..

We will keep the White House without him.. thanks to Hillary, President Obama and all the Democratic Leaders.

If you’re familiar with how Bernie Sanders’s economic proposals add up, the quality of his delegate

Daniel Lin ‎‎@DLin71
If you’re familiar with how Bernie Sanders’s economic proposals add up, the quality of his delegate math is not a surprise
7:17 PM - 17 May 2016
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Wow, Michael Tomasky.. omg

that pic just happens to be perfect, SunSeeker.. because we've been through the whole car off the cliff with Sarandon.. but, this, as we know by now.. starts @ the top.

Hey he even used a term I have used for BS.. "egging them on.. " guess it's pretty obvious.

In such a circumstance, a normal politician would say something like: I still think the process in Nevada last weekend was unfair to my delegates. However, there is no place in my movement for this kind of invective, these kinds of threats. I renounce and denounce them completely. And I tell my supporters now, refrain from that. Hillary Clinton is my opponent in this primary; she is not our enemy.

He fixed burnie's speech for him, too.. too bad BS is not that guy.

But they’re not what’s at issue here. What’s at issue here is the people who won’t accept reality, and in particular the Pied Piper who’s blowing on the flute and waltzing them off the pier. He is becoming a sputtering joke, a man who lost 58-42 and thought—really, truly thought, deep down in his kishkes—that it was stolen from him. And his aides, according to a New York Times piece posted Wednesday night, are ready to "harm" Clinton over the course of the next month, because Sanders also believes these farkakte general-election polls taken before anyone has spent a single dollar attacking him.

This is brilliant from MT, SunSeeker~Mahalo

WTF does that have to do with the Price he's paying for ignoring the Violence and Misogyny

in Nevada?!!!

Purposely obtuse and Pure Deflection.

Bernie said: Our campaign has held giant rallies all across this country, including in high-crime areas, and there have been zero reports of violence.

Mahalo, postatomic..

They mad 'cause Wonkette endorsed Hillary?


Damn, I miss her!

It's not fair to be in FFR LIMBO because the majority of the board gets 2 hides on you in 24 hr even after amnesty.

Love you, bravenak.. you, too, rbr.. Mahalo~

GET CONTROL, SENATOR SANDERS, OR GET OUT. I like those blunt terms .. maybe Sen sanders

can Understand that?!

And, forget his f******* stump speech for 5 minutes?!

Look @ all the publicity this is getting that Hillary won more delegates than BS.. Nice.

I wonder if "sanders fans were outraged".. because BS told them they were going to win Nevada? They believed him? He was wrong again, fans.

"the dress rehearsal" that went poorly. ..
Wait a sec.. omg. Robera Lange has endorsed sanders?!!! Is she sorry now?! “.. humanity lovers” who seem to hate everyone but themselves and their idol."

“Praying to god someone shoots you in the FACE and blows your democracy-stealing head off!” (Only in the delusions of Sanders-land could democracy be stolen when the winner of the popular vote was winning.)"

All in the name of burnie sanders.. hope he's proud.

Meanwhile, Sanders reacts with mealy-mouthed mumbles, saying he doesn’t support violence while doing literally nothing about it and claiming that—contrary to the statements of witnesses, reporters and video recordings—his violent supporters aren’t violent. Trump would be proud of the disingenuous delusions vomited up by the candidate.

Yeah, your "mealy mouthness" not going over well, burnie.

"Sanders himself has been willing to stoke the flames. He has said that if Clinton wins the nomination and wants his supporters, she has to court them herself by focusing on his issues while abandoning the “establishment.” After all, the loser always gets to dictate the agenda of the winner. (Usually, the candidate who doesn’t win the nomination vigorously endorses the party’s winner, but this is yet another example of Sanders being in it for himself.)"

Yeah sorry, burnie.. you Don't get to Dictate.

Why is Sanders continuing to bilk his delusional supporters of money, despite the impossibility of his winning the nomination, rather than directing it to candidates who support his ideals? Why do so many of his supporters scream “fraud!” when he loses a state and demand changes to the rules that they proclaim would have led him to victory?


Wow! Mahalo, otohara.. that was a perfect description by Kurt Eichenwald of what's been going on with Sen sanders and his fans.

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