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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 195,126

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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President Obama does not look worried but I know what you mean..


I can't wait for this shit to expose trump even more for the vicious fool

Mahalo, spanone

THANK YOU, SAMUEL L JACKSON! ben carson the stupid idiot

who is the head of HUD.


Thank you for all those scenarios I hadn't thought of,


That the DOJ REFUSED to reject the claim can mean a couple of things.

1. The investigation conducted by factions of the FBI are counterintelligence concerns that will NOT be discussed by anyone.
2. There WAS or IS a wiretapping warrant in effect, and that it was a counterintelligence concern, which means that even Comey may not know what's happening.
3. Comey knows that Trumpy's phones and other communications devices were/are tapped, but is providing cover for the DOJ by getting them to refuse to comment.
4. However this bends out, none of it gives Trumpy the satisfaction he thinks he deserves. No one gives him credibility. He's being hung out to dry.

It's totally bizarre including Comey.. hopefully we'll get to learn what all is going on behind the scenes someday.. soon.

You're Welcome, George! Speaking of great pics of Prez.. I saw this earlier on TOD..

Really. just because trump is basing his accusation on fake news seen

on sleazy sites.


No. Dangerous#1 Dangerous#2 Dangerous#3





they damn well will.. sitting on their millions while the Planet goes to shite and people go hungry and Immigrants banned from the US by "the bumbler" according the ever present idiot, jill stein

We will not shut up about the danger of the LIAR stein.

Piss off trump.. and if President Obama wanted to hurt you..


I hope that's true.. tweet on comey


Oh Wow! Mahalo, blackdove! Hillary Tweet!


cornered rabid rats frothihg @ the mouth.. maybe Obama will save them!!!

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