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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"The Cold War has been over for a long time" - President Obama hails "turning point" with Cuba/Pic

BBC Breaking News ✔ @BBCBreaking
"The Cold War has been over for a long time" - President Obama hails "turning point" with Cuba http://bbc.in/1Emy7re
6:06 AM - 11 Apr 2015 1,998 Retweets 1,737 favorites


Mahalo Micael

He's not a whistle-blower.. he's a hacker, a thief, a runner, an ignorant dumper of thousands of


He's a narcissistic, libertarian asshole who tries(with lies) to make our President look bad.

Here are the 13 most bizarre things from Snowden’s NBC News interview.


1) Snowden claimed he has “no relationship” with the Russian government and that he’s “not supported” by it. That’s odd, given how the Russian government has twice offered him asylum and one of his lawyers, Anatoly Kucherena, is an attorney with the Russian intelligence agency, the FSB (formerly the KGB). Tell me again why anyone should trust this guy?

3) Snowden said that no one has been harmed by his disclosures. Yet. Already, though, one of his documents escalated tensions between Australia and Indonesia, and another document endangered lives in Afghanistan to the point where Greenwald refused to publish the name of that country. It’s only a matter of time, sadly.

4) Early on, Snowden said, “I’m not a spy.” Later he famously confessed to being “trained as a spy.” Huh?

6) NSA can “absolutely” turn on your iPhone, which is “pretty scary.” This section was like whiplash. Snowden started out by sounding reasonable by defining that NSA only acquires data when “targeting” drug dealers or terrorists. And then, BLAM!, this shitola about NSA being able to turn on your phone. If true, why hasn’t this been disclosed from Snowden’s NSA documents?



On June 12 Snowden leaked specific IP addresses in China and Hong Kong the NSA was hacking to the South China Morning Post. Snowden also told SCMP that he intended to leak more documents later.

"If I have time to go through this information, I would like to make it available to journalists in each country to make their own assessment," the 30-year-old said. He added: "I did not release them earlier because I don't want to simply dump huge amounts of documents without regard to their content.

Greenwald told The Daily Beast that he wouldn't have disclosed the IP addresses, and that Snowden did it "to ingratiate himself to the people of Hong Kong and China.” That indicates Snowden was capable of leaking classified information after parting ways with Greenwald, Poitras, and MacAskill.



This needs more play.. mahalo FLPanhndle. We've have some posters who really must think this

internet censoring is okay. The way they protect putin at all costs. But, always quick to throw cheap pot shots at President Obama.

Putin should be shown with a halo over his head.

Mahalo Judi Lynn.. from your link..

"Likely, this is the first time a Monsanto employee has publicly admitted that they have immense political and financial weight to bear on scientists who dare to publish against them. Of course they don't list this discrediting department anywhere on their website.

The company will stop at nothing to discredit and devalue the contributions of unimpeachably respected Lancet and the international scientific bodies of WHO and IARC, among others.

The stakes are high – after all, an entire industry of GMO seed (for which they currently hold more than a three-fourths monopoly share) is based on being Roundup ready. Glyphosate is their hallmark product, and it accounts for billions in sales when you account for the seed they sell to go with their best-selling herbicide.


But, yeah.. "Yay Big Corp Poisons for Profit Big Ag"

Rainbows Rainbows Rainbows! Mahalo bigtree~

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
President Obama & PM Portia Simpson Miller look out at rainbow before he departed Jamaica
3:38 AM - 10 Apr 2015 83 Retweets 58 favorites



The President does stand for Peace which is exactly why he's trying so hard to get a deal with Iran

and why so many others who are for Peace instead of war are standing with him. He'd much rather go with Diplomacy.

In his famous speech against the War on Iraq in Oct 2002.. he made it clear that it was Dumb War started by neocons.. that doesn't mean he's not going to try and protect us against the bloody terrorists that were spawned in those misbegotten wars.

The White House ✔ @WhiteHouse
"Thank you, Jamaica." —President Obama
11:07 AM - 9 Apr 2015 599 Retweets 612 favorites

US Embassy Jamaica @USEmbassyJA
Great to see @usainbolt attending President Obama's youth town hall! #ObamainJamaica
10:49 AM - 9 Apr 2015 247 Retweets 127 favorites


This is soooo, Cool!

And, I so needed to see this right now.. Mahalo DIrish! For One Love~

Bob Marley Museum @bobmarleymuseum
We are honored to have another great man walking through the halls! The Legacy Lives On! #OneLove
4:47 PM - 8 Apr 2015 105 Retweets 58 favorites


You're reporting on where GG is lecturing for Koch money and "hit job" is all they can come up with?

that's so predictable.. they don't like the message so they blame you. Poor things.

Glen and Glenn look so happy there.. ol greenwald was out trying to Not get Obama elected in 2012.. he did a piss poor job.

Transportation secretary pushes $478 billion highway plan

The Hill
Transportation secretary pushes $478 billion highway plan: http://bit.ly/1xJDAan
11:49 AM - 3 Apr 2015 48 Retweets 15 favorites ✔


Ye-ah! Mahalo Cali.. the 47 are all sadz.

Thank you Senators Franken and Sanders!
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