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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 180,155

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Mahalo Stand and Fight.. we heard they Booed nina turner, too.. is that correct?

Hey BS fans.. you don't mess with Senator Boxer.. she's tough.. like all Hillary women.. like Hillary herself, who is the nominee.

BS LOST.. that's tough.

"I was born in Brooklyn and I'm not afraid of bullies" Senator Barbara Boxer to BBBs

Yes, it did while hoisting itself on its

own petard.

They could have gone the reality way but they made a conscience decision not to.. what does that say about what they think of their fans?

It's OUR Revolution, she! Wow, that is Brilliant..

Made me laugh-cry! Jennifer Lopez through the decades.. from the 50s to NOW!

So well done.. so glad she's in our corner.. Mahalo, she!

They all got that PEACE, LOVE, & ALOHA thing goin' on, she~

Like we do~

Well done, rivers!

Awesome, rivers! Mahalo!

Hillary campaign deserves more $$$$$$$$$ Money!

It's so Refreshing to see Hillary supporters.. instead of reading about those BS bullies..

Mahalo, rivers!

burnie feels the burn..


"I was born in Brooklyn and I'm not afraid of bullies!" Good on Sen Boxer.. none of us are

afraid of those damn bullies.

poor bullies

Oh wow.. that is so perfect, thank you, Kath! And, that would be President Obama for one!

Thank you!
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