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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"Look Bernie, I voted for you, but I am tried of this whining bullshit. You don't have the votes.

Stop with the Trump impersonation!"georgekaplan

My adoration of the man, has turn from that, to loathing, now to complete hatred!

It has gotten to the point when I see/hear this guy, my skin crawls.....kinda like trump in many ways!

former fans say it best.

Yes, when It's the the Democratic ticket.. Democrats should get to choose their candidate..

I don't care how much burnie & jane whine about it. If BS cares so much about Indies he should have ran as one.

He wins the caucuses but you don't see them whining about how they disenfranchise people.

Yeah, especilally when all he does is live to suspend reality, whine, and

set himself up to be so pure when nothing could be further from the truth.

Now he wants to be #burnietheanointedone either by trying to "flip the Super Dels" or #DropoutHillary.. anyway he can subvert the will of the People.

The truly disgusting part about Bernie's contested convention aspirations is how he thinks he's entitled to override the will of POC/women.


Mahalo, BlueMT

Whoa, I like that first comment.. a lot! So gratifying when you see

somebody feels like you do .. in print like that!

The second comment shows they don't know BS @ all!

The 3rd one does..


Does this man EVER stop complaining? He uses people, insults them and throws them to the dogs when they don't bow at his feet, refuses to even commit to the party if he isn't the nominee, provides the opposition with their key talking points, encourages his supporters to be as nasty as possible and then whines incessantly about how other people aren't being fair.


What's going on is Bernie was demanding way too much leverage and control at the convention for someone who, you know...actually lost. His intentions were to try and craft rules, lay out, and platform to be entirely his, and force Hillary to run as him. And he that idea got laughed out of the room.

When you are losing a campaign, but have hopes of influencing the party after your defeat, its generally a bad strategy to start pissing all over the party and the winner. Actions have consequences, though pretty much everything in Bernie's history indicates that he doesn't think they should be applied to him.

I cannot wait until BS gets his comeuppance.

Thank you, Texan

Thank you for this, synergie.. Good thing BS lost now jane doesn't have to give anymore excuses

about why they won't release their taxes.

Hill Yes! ‎@SayHillYes
BREAKING: Jane Sanders releases official statement about whereabouts of tax returns:
1:47 PM - 11 Apr 2016
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See! I knew it! Hillary has a killer sense of humor.. and that pic is

perfect to denote what I imagine she does when she sees.. ".. burnie leave door open to being Clinton's VP".

As if!

Thank you, BlueMT~

Exactly.. burnie is being a small sore loser man.. Hillary has taken the

high road and ignored him.

mr & mrs BS must have figured out the Super Dels aren't going to go for BS so he'll for broke and @ least keep those $27 donations flowing in as long as possible.

It's too obvious they do not want the spigot to dry up.

FBG for HRC ‎‎@feistybunnygirl
Yesterday these people ripped a home-made Hillary poster out of a child's hands. This is not going to be tolerated.
9:54 AM - 6 May 2016
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Hey working!


I would feel sorry for the BSrs who think every word out of his mouth is golden and are regurgitating it ad nauseam .. but there are those who have seen the light and have described perfectly how sanders' hoodwinking his fans.. "bamboozling" them as President Obama has warned when he was on the Campaign trail

So no, I don't feel sorry for them.. all I can do is hope they wake up and smell the burn.. for their own sake.

We don't need them.. Obama won without Indies.

Thank you, greatlaurel!

A Conscience of Convenience",


I thought this was going to be the Onion.. Only in sanders'

head would he think his behavior would warrant anyone on Team Hillary giving him one thought about being her VP.. much less Hillary. In fact I bet when she hears this.. she laughs.. 'cause she has a better sense of humor than I do. lol

Hillary will want someone brilliant for our Country who will be in a good place to be POTUS after their 8 years in Office.

This is perfect, William.. thank you for posting another delusion of sanders'.

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