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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Game On America

President Obama speaks for me..


There goes burnie burning another bridge.

I remember that.. good times.

Bernie was unable to give even one concrete example of how these speeches corrupted Hillary Clinton, proving this Wall Street attack is nothing more than an artful smear. Designed to raise questions where there are none. Innuendo at its finest.

Didn't work, though.

Thanks, Boot..

Hi BlueCali.. just saw this Tweet from Harry Enten(538) regarding the Latino Vote in CA..

(((Harry Enten)))
✔ ‎@ForecasterEnten
Clinton leads at this hour in every California congressional district where Latinos make up at least 40 percent of eligible voters.
2:25 AM - 8 Jun 2016
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Doesn't sound like BS made much ".. inroads with Latinos" to me.

Gracias for your impassioned post.

I know they dissed Delores Huerta.. they dissed Cesar Chavez, too?

I was just going to say when I was re-reading that, sarae.. that we owe those

Women in California so much.. the ones behind the scenes quietly GOTV and Voter Outreach..

Everyone who voted for Hillary across the nation.. her largest voting block is actually African American Women.. and now Latinos in California!

She won Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, & California... see a pattern here?

So encouraging!

Excellent points, HS! There are so many reasons why BS should have lost

California and certainly they came into play. As you wrote.. Senator Barbara Boxer on stage in Nevada.. the BS fans(who sanders didn't try to put a stop to their behavior) were crude, violent, and obnoxious and they never learned.

Hillary had her faithful Latino Voting Block augmented tremendously by Delores Huerta(who was also treated disgracefully by burners.. lookin @ you Sarandon and Dawson) and Cesar Chavez' familia for sure!

Excuse me but.. "all those Millions of $$$$$$$$$$ in anti-Hillary ads"?

Here's your ".. inroads with Latinos" burnie..

Hillary Clinton won big in California’s heaviest Latino districts


Awesome, Walk away! I'll just highlight the last 3..

She really did take time to congratulate her opponent on the night that was all about her.

She really did inspire a generation of young women to fulfill their dreams.

She really did just become the first female presidential candidate of a major political party

Trevor LaFauci | June 8, 2016



GMTA, obamanut.. I was going to do this Tweet.. so I'll post mine here.. I love this..

We didn’t know where Hillary’s votes were coming from bc they didn’t feel it was safe to tell us in the first place.

I just enlarged this so I could actually read it.. interesting to me. I was not expecting 13%!

Joanna Castle Miller ‎@jocastlemiller
We didn’t know where Hillary’s votes were coming from bc they didn’t feel it was safe to tell us in the first place.
6:03 AM - 8 Jun 2016
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June 8, 2016 at 3:58 pm

I am not at all surprised by this. The media (NBC/MSNBC) tried to push the meme that the CA primary was neck and neck referring to their polling. But that same polling showed that Hillary was ahead 58-41 in early voting.

oops….they never mentioned that .!

June 8, 2016 at 4:41 pm

This is very important information, MS. The intimidation and the threats kept women out of the public eye, but it did not keep them from doing an outstanding job of voter outreach and GOTV. They worked under the radar without the theatrics and they WON, big. Seems emblematic of the way that women often go about doing the hard work of getting a job done–quietly, efficiently, effectively–while the men do the bragging. Now that HRC is the nominee more men will join the campaign because they want to be part of a success story.



Good to cry.. get it out.. it's soooo Emotional.. only centuries worth and now

we have a woman running for President and about to shatter the rest of that glass ceiling.

And, not just any woman..

"In the face of a colossal onslaught, Hillary’s voters have shown dignity, courage and resilience, defying relentlessly negative media narratives and personal attacks to express their support for Hillary. Their indomitability mirrors Hillary’s."


The untold heroes of the 2016 election are the millions of Hillary supporters who, despite being disregarded, demeaned and marginalized, have carried Hillary to victory after historic victory.

We knew this would triumph..

One of the clearest differences between Clinton's approach and Sanders's is that Bernie's campaign was overwhelmingly focused on a handful of big ideas — rally slogans — while Clinton's was drenched in policy detail. Over the course of the primary, her campaign generated 53 different policy proposals and put out more than 200 pages' worth of text detailing those proposals.

".. while Clinton's was drenched in policy detail." Like a President's.

P.S. The graphic is from when Hillary was in Iowa.

Mahalo, Boot~
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