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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,371

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"May I speak to you about our lord and savior, Megatron?"

I haven't been on Truth-Dig for a while. Stopped by for a sec...

A ridiculous Mr. Fish cartoon brought me in.

While reading through the articles and comments it seems, apparently, that they've lost their gawd damned minds. It's turned into a 365 degree version of Freeperland.

I can't tell if the comments are all pro-Trump, anti-Clinton or both.

Also, I think that I've found Jill Stein Central as well.

Even anti-Trump pieces are all turned into Hillary bash-fests. Facts about Trump's horrible, anti-democratic traits are all accused of being "Clintonite" propaganda. You know those right wing Russian trolls that are mentioned in those articles? I think that they're all posting there.

They've lost all credibility, as far as I'm concerned... And I voted for Bernie in the Michigan primary.

They have no plans on what to do, no mention about building a grassroots third party movement to create a presence at the local, state and federal level. They're just whining and calling Hill every name in the book. I get the feeling that they hate her more than they like Bernie. It's a petulant temper tantrum parading as a website.

These people are NOT Democrats, that's for sure. I bet that they never were.

Trump's next conniption fit is a bit overdue.

"Marsha, come see this. Trump is making a fool of himself again."

Fabulous pitties don't give a fuck, because fabulous pitties are too busy being fabulous...

I will NOT be pandered to...

I stopped by Fox for a sec... Hannity is PANICKING big time

He's really, really scared.


In spite of all of our hiccups, we really know how to run a political convention...

Last week, the GOPrs only ran a failed intervention.

Trump updates his campaign logo...

If the best president I've ever known thinks that an even better one will follow him up...

Then THAT'S the best argument to vote for HER.

Stronger together
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