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An Excellent Litmus Test...

Reagan's True Legacy...

Kanye West - Heard Em Say Ft. Adam Levine (LIVE SNL PEFORMANCE)

You won't find me complaining that they no longer make it for the Mac anymore...

Like right out of a Warner Brother's cartoon...

"If you don't let me and my wife outta here, I'm gonna hafta cut a muthafucka..."

Shit. I think that it's time that I get into the publishing business.

My first venture will be called: "Gun Toting Yahoos Weekly."

Chock full of both pictures and articles. Maybe I can have a centerfold with a bikini wearing, buxom young gun toting WAG (wife and girlfriend).

With all of these bullets flying around everywhere I might as well ply my artistic streak to something that can make me some extra cash.

Any takers?

I'm not surprised at the Government's info mining at all...

And I know for a fact that no one, not even anyone in the Government itself understands the extent to which all of this is actually going on.

And the real point to understand is that it isn't happening because they're trying to keep everyone under wraps.

It's happened because we have a Government that's been setup to maximize the profitability of private enterprise, such as all of these data mining companies and that built a huge functioning bureaucracy which follows its preeminent responsibility: To perpetuate itself, to grow itself and to find any way to make itself indispensable. Privacy be damned.

Anyone living in the Beltway, all they have to do is look around witness the mission creep.

The biggest danger they believe, these captains of industry and their bureaucratic cohorts, is to not commit the greatest sin of all, by having an unsustainable business model or to find oneself in the unenviable position of running an operation that shows no reason to be funded. These things have nothing to do at all with actual effectiveness, necessity and, at times, even legality. Add the Congress that finds ways to use this process to better its own political status and you have a recipe for disaster.

It's merely the banality of evil that we're having to contend with here. Not some secret Government conspiracy to spy on everyone just to do that. But because, we elect people who do this because it's so easy to do within the system as it's set up.

This problem, as with every single other problem with the Government, is just an indication that the American voter needs to elect the right people who understand how to run an operation with better things to do.

'The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.'


The main problem with running a government...

Is that whoever is doing it, they're going get called an Evil Sumbitch from one side and/or the other, six ways to Sunday.

That's just the name of the game in a country that loves to play the Zero/Sum Sweepstakes.

The most important thing to always remember is to pick your Evil Sumbitches wisely and to make sure that the other guy's Evil Sumbitch does not get elected.

Now if you're still complaining that the Evil Sumbitch that you got elected is still an Evil Sumbitch, what the hell were you thinking?

Your Evil Sumbitch was a saint?

If Michelle Obama was giving an impassioned speech in support of GLBT rights

And this speech was interrupted by Occupy or people who wanted to close Gitmo and a likewise exchange happened between that protestor and the first lady, what's the likelihood that sides would be taken based on whomever supports whatever cause rather than versus those who have disdain for loudmouthed hecklers of the Obamas in general?

Will one heckler for one left wing cause be classified as more worthy than another heckler for another left wing cause, or are all of these people equally tedious?

With all of this attention seeking rude behavior happening, who will take a principled stand against that alone, versus supporting any particular heckler of the Obamas based on how that heckler is aligned with their own personal concerns?

Yeah, I wonder.

The point that one should consider is that these hecklers usually demand some kind of instantaneous and somewhat unilateral resolution of their concerns, ostensibly to
the exclusion of whatever else is going on.

If every heckler is a welcome voice, each of them bringing worthy interruptions about their valid concerns, however off-topic at the time and however loudly and rudely stated, of any of this...What's the most important thing?

My, my... What's a President to do? Reserve added time for the heckler's diatribe? Or perhaps appoint a special presidential advisor for off-topic heckling resolution.

Oh course, that sounds fucking ridiculous.

Ones answers to these questions should be quite instructive, especially if those answers are solely based on ones own particular arena of concern.

Whadaya say?
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