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Oompa-Loompa man

Boehner Approves of the President's SOTU speech! Show this to all of your winger peeps.

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Foul-Mouthed Puppets to Provide Real Time Analysis of State of Union Address

Foul-Mouthed Puppets to Provide Real Time Analysis of State of Union Address

BY FUSION - 01/28/2014, 08:02AM / Updated 01/28/2014, 11:51AM
Americans will have dozens of options of where to watch President Barack Obama deliver the 2014 State of the Union on Tuesday night, many of which will be indistinguishable from one another. But starting at 9 p.m. EST tonight, Fusion.net will livestream cutthroat analysis brought to you by a panel of puppet pundits.

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins will host a special edition of “No, You Shut Up!” which will include a live broadcast of the president’s speech along with real-time analysis from several commentators who are not afraid to speak over the president or each other.

Tompkins will host the following all-star panel of political experts:

Yerd Nerp is an immigration expert. Eight years ago, at the age of 376 cycles, Yerd Nerp immigrated to Earth from the planet of Zorb. He is currently living legally in the United States, and after obtaining a work visa, started his own company that specializes in building fences. His future plans include getting a masters degree, finishing building the shed behind his house, and becoming the earth's supreme overlord.

Star Schlesinger is the host of the conservative Christian podcast "CROSStalk" and a passionate voice for the Christian Right. While her politics may be conservative, her personal life is anything but. Her bestselling memoir, "A Life Spent in Estrous," details her romantic and sexual relationships with over 50 male squirrels.


SOTU Preview...

On Break...

Wingers can never get anything right...


Every post in this thread must be a lie.

Including this very sentence and every one after it, which are all lies in themselves.

You must tell some real whoppers when you reply.

Lie well.

Police Shoot Unarmed Man With His Back Turned And Arms Raised (GRAPHIC VIDEO in link)

Pinal County, Arizona- Police shoot another unarmed man to death. Manuel Longoria had turned away and raised his arms mere moments before an officer fired into him. A week later that officer is back to work. The video included below contrasts with the explanation given by police.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said it investigated the shooting. That investigation found the officer’s use of force justified. But that was before the video taken by an onlooker surfaced. Now the phrase “suicide by cop” is being used. Judge for yourself.


Manuel Longoria, of Mesa, AZ, had led police on a 40 minute chase in a stolen car. Police disabled the vehicle and Longoria got out. That’s when witnesses report, Longoria said he had a gun and wouldn’t be taken alive. But no one saw a gun, or any other object, in Mr. Longoria’s possession. No gun or weapon of any kind was found on scene.
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