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Do you want me to talk?

Fox News Links Missing Malaysia Jet To Benghazi Attack, Suggests Obama To Blame For It All

Not the Onion

Hosts on Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” Sunday held a conversation for several minutes using a new and already discredited story about Al Qaeda terrorists, a recently-released White House email on the timeline of the Benghazi terror attacks, and somehow managed to link it all to the missing Malaysian flight MH370 — while blaming President Barack Obama for all the events.

Were an outsider or perhaps an alien watching from another planet to see this spectacular act of theater, they would likely conclude Barack Obama to be a bumbling, incompetent, uncaring fool.

“The president, you know, wanted to make sure that he could fit his narrative: GM is alive, Osama bin Laden dead, al Qaeda is on its heels,” “Fox & Friends” host Anna Kooiman told her colleagues. “And we have some new information out today that 11 terrorists with links to al Qaeda have been reportedly arrested in Malaysia in connection with the disappearance with that missing airliner with 239 people onboard.”

The Raw Story was quick to report that on Saturday, the Daily Mirror had reported that 11 terrorists with links to al Qaeda were being questioned about Flight 370. But by Sunday morning, Malaysian police were reportedly calling the allegations “rubbish.”


Fox News: Favorite Channel Of Weak Minded Idiots And Hateful Fools.


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