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Caribou Barbie thinks that Black people cannot comprehend slavery by her definition

Asshole of the Day, November 13, 2013: Sarah Palin

by GirlGetALife (Follow @GirlGetALife)

Sarah Palin is certainly no stranger to controversy - it seems the woman lives to put her foot in her mouth. Not surprisingly, she’s gone and done it again. First, she compared the national debt to slavery, for which she earned an Asshole of the Day nomination.

African-Americans, along with people who possess common sense and a sense of decency were, understandably, upset with the comparison. An interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper provided Palin with the perfect opportunity to clarify her statements. But Palin couldn’t - or wouldn’t - do so. Instead, she suggested that perhaps black people simply couldn’t comprehend her definition of the word ‘slavery’.

She said:

"I’m sure if we open up the dictionary, we could prove that with semantics that are various, we can prove that there is a definition of slavery that absolutely fits the bill there, when I’m talking about a bankrupt country that will owe somebody something down the line if we don’t change things that is, we will be shackled. We will be enslaved to those who we owe."


Go into the ocean deep, they said...

You'd love it, they said.

EXCLUSIVE: Teenager spends 3 years in jail and charges dropped

Eyewitness News
NEW YORK (WABC) -- 20-year-old Kalief Browder may be physically free, but mentally he is still trapped behind bars on Rikers, where every day was a battle to survive.

"It's very hard when you are dealing with dudes that are big and have weapons and shanks and there are gangs," says Browder, "you know if you don't give your phone call up, or you don't give them what they want you know they are going to jump you. And it's very scary."

In May of 2010, Browder was a 16-year-old tenth grader, walking home on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx after a party. "This guy comes out of nowhere and says I robbed him. And the next thing I know they are putting cuffs on me. I don't know this dude. And I do over three years for something I didn't do."

Browder's family couldn't make the $10,000 bail on the robbery charges, and he had a legal aid attorney. Browder is now represented by a civil rights law firm.

"Someone who did not know Kalief Browder, and simply told the police officer, 'Officer I was robbed two weeks ago and that kid did it', that's where it ended. That was the identification," said Browder's attorney, Paul Prestia. Browder said that at the time, the stress was overwhelming, and at some point he tried to commit suicide.


28 Common Racist Attitudes And Behaviors


Below is a list of 28 common racist attitudes and behaviors that indicate a detour or wrong turn into white guilt, denial or defensiveness. Each is followed by a statement that is a reality check and consequence for harboring such attitudes.

1. I’m Colorblind.

“People are just people; I don’t see color; we’re all just human.” Or “I don’t think of you as Chinese.” Or “We all bleed red when we’re cut.” Or “Character, not color, is what counts with me.”


Statements like these assume that people of color are just like you, white; that they have the same dreams, standards, problems, and peeves that you do. “Colorblindness” negates the cultural values, norms, expectations and life experiences of people of color. Even if an individual white person could ignore a person’s color, society does not. By saying we are not different, that you don’t see the color, you are also saying you don’t see your whiteness. This denies the people of colors’ experience of racism and your experience of privilege.

“I’m colorblind” can also be a defense when afraid to discuss racism, especially if one assumes all conversation about race or color is racist. Speaking of another person’s color or culture is not necessarily racist or offensive. As my friend Rudy says,
I don’t mind that you notice that I’m black.” Color consciousness does not equal racism.

The rest: http://www.stcloudstate.edu/affirmativeaction/resources/insights/pdf/28ToolsChange.pdf

I Want To Put On My My My My My Boogie Shoes...

Just To Boogie With You, Yeah!

Git In Mah Bellay!

Fun With Law Enforcement...

Top Ten List of Things I'd Do If I Still Had A Roof Over My House...

Actually, there's only one thing on the list, and it's telling you all that writing that thread title is it.

I still have a roof.

Praise Jesus!

If you guys don't hear from me tonight...

It's been nice knowin' you guys.
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