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Yep, that would do it…

Impossible nail-through-wood trick

The Wooden Mirror…

Faux Granite Fail

No shit, Dude!


Funny how that works, isn't it?

We're waiting…

Marvel vs Star Wars…

Isn't over-security actually a sign of insecurity?

How can one feel secure while over-compensating for a perceived lack of security?

It would be clear that, as long as we feel as if we always have to maintain and increase our level of security, we'll never truly believe that we're secure at all.

In doing this, we create a self-perpetuating security apparatus, whose first duty is to justify its own existence. For if it were to actually create security independent of its own presence, then it would work itself out of a job.

As the security apparatus maintains its own legitimacy and provides the example of a lucrative model, then that would inspire an ever increasing and ever expanding need for its own application, even in ways that wasn't applied before.

Security, in itself, becomes the main reason for its own existence.

So unless we figure out how to diminish the need FOR security, doesn't that mean that we're NOT actually secure at all?
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