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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,121

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The One Child Predator that you wouldn't mind having around

Don't you like me anymore?

The GOP's future leadership...


Fuck it, that's MY song!

All there's left to do is just to turn off the internet and go home...

Remember that conversation...

That we were all having in GD about what Racism is and isn't? Well guess what… The EXACT same conversation is playing out in The Discussionist. And those guys aren't dealing with it at all very well:

It started when some guy decided to insert his own prejudice against Black people into a thread about Detroit's birthday. Since it's my hometown, that's the only reason why I paid attention to the thread in the first place:


Well, after a back and forth with Mr. Racism Guy, realizing that he was failing to get his point across to me, he bounced and started his own thread, bitching about me being mean to his poor widdle racist ass:


These guys aren't very smart at all, that's for sure.

Get the screen cleaner...

When it comes to dealing with wingers, it's clear that definitions vary greatly

I don't know how anyone recognizes this country anymore...

The ONE video that I'd use during ever exchange with those winger fools on the Discussionist…

If given the chance.

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