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yobrault1's Journal
yobrault1's Journal
July 7, 2024

Serious question about Biden and his campaign: if we want everyone

to move on isn’t this a great opportunity to do just that. The President has the largest megaphone on the planet, so instead of contrasting his message with all that is tfg, just move on. Start listing what Americans can look forward to and save democracy and codify roe v wade all while they bring back the middle class. Dems need to ask voters to let Joe finish what he started, he started strong for the American people, y’all need to let him finish even stronger for the American people. The other guy? He just wants to rob the American people of everything including human rights, freedoms and your democracy.

The only way to move on, is to actually move on. Most of us don’t follow msm it’s been bought by greedy billionaire sociopaths.

Just a thought from up north. Praying for us all.

May 17, 2022

Canada has to be there with you ready to support

if we don't we can expect this horrid future for ourselves. It's already begun with the Freedum/KluKluxKonvoy. I am Canadian but lived in Atlanta for 5 years and never came across the Klanfederate flag and that bloody flag was on my street in our nation's capital. Unacceptable.

August 31, 2021


it's the context that often gets blurred in the moment. Upon reflection, if you have a shit hand, you have a shit hand and you have to fold. Trump left a dumpster fire of a foreign policy which he ignited on the way out the door and Biden could either have re-invaded the nation, or ask for a more realistic timeline beyond May 1 and get the hell out of a losing proposition. It was never supposed to be nation building by the allied forces, it was a mission to route out Al Qaeda which they did years ago. It was time to go and Trump exacerbated the situation by releasing the Taliban leadership with Russia and China's prompting. If he was in office now, it would be much more of a shit show and there is no way 100+K Afghani's would have been rescued. It'll take time for the fog to lift for most reasonable people to see this. I pray it's before they need to.

October 10, 2020

Sounds like you provided safe, warm harbor

to them and they returned your kindness with companionship and affection. Sometimes that’s all one can hope for in THIS life. Peace be with you. 🙏🏾

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About yobrault1

Iím a Canadian 50 something afro-centric female who is just heartbroken as to what is happening to America. I lived in Atlanta for five years and love America. I hate seeing whatís happening and democraticunderground gives me a place to go where I can see real patriotic Americans desperate to save their country from the neofascists that have taken it over. In these times, YOU give my thoughts credence, my concerns validation, and my spirit hope! Iíll forever be grateful to you for that!
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