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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston Mass
Home country: USA
Current location: Kapolei HI
Member since: Fri Aug 15, 2003, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 4,105

Journal Archives

"Moscow Mitch"

"Morning Joe" Scarborough.. x-republican ..all sins forgiven.

Good job.. Lawrence O'Donnel counted 16 times ya said it... ..it worked..

Hey trumpie...Lee was NOT a great general.. and he LOST ..after killing thousands of USA citizens.

He was evil. Like you.


"Lee's strategic foresight was more questionable, and both of his major offensives into Union territory ended in defeat.[4][5][6] Lee's aggressive tactics, which resulted in high casualties at a time when the Confederacy had a shortage of manpower, have come under criticism in recent years.[7] Lee surrendered his entire army to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.

I just saw the Democratic leadership coming out of trumps PR "powwow"

..and speak to the press...

For too many years and too many times they would give in for the greater good... giving the pubs so much.

I am proud to see them hold their ground this time. Proud to be a Democrat. Their message to the press was clear and articulated. You do not hold a country hostage over a debate on border security.

I am being affected by this shutdown. I could end up financially destroyed. Homeless.

Please do not give this little (I am all alone in the white house on Xmas) baby his candy no matter how much he cries.

Let the world know there is no art in his deal. He can fold his arms and pout all he wants. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

I know many here have differing opinions on Comey....

But the way he passionately spoke out today ..unusual in intensity for him. Especially how he called out faux news and noted the fact the potus is calling people "rats" ..telling it all like we know it was ..without a flinch and pure conviction. Calling out the pubs and their endless baseless closed door hearings...same questions asked same answers given (while we face a gov. shutdown)

It was simply amazing ... and even if you hold a grudge against him. I believe he deserves some credit and redemption.

Simply put it made my day.

What are Evers options in fighting the stripping of his powers ? Does he have any?


I do not live in Wisconsin but I have been unable to find out what if any options he has except the mention of court action... and on what grounds?

I presume the state has a constitution... but I know nothing of these matters.

Will the pubs get away with this ?? Thoughts?

Blast from the past: APNewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed October 26, 2017

Same guy..same crooked liar

October 26, 2017


It’s not clear who ordered the server’s data irretrievably erased.

The Kennesaw elections center answers to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brian Kemp, a Republican running for governor in 2018 and the suit’s main defendant. His spokeswoman issued a statement Thursday saying his office had neither involvement nor advanced warning of the decision. It blamed “the undeniable ineptitude” at the Kennesaw State elections center.


Most of the republicans are about to be swept out of power and into extinction. Mark my words..

Forgive me in dropping seeds of positive thinking... and believing thoughts have power...

I know how a lot of us feel... I cannot write it ... I would sound like them.

-We have the majority popular vote...
-The media is more on our side then in the "W" era ..they call out Trumps lies daily...
-Even Chris Mathews "tweety" sounds liberal now.
-He has not started a war ..yet
-People hate him ...he attacks everyone... press is not on his side...
-His base is small and ignorant.
-fooled a lot of them to get elected...now they see their mistake..
-Polling is showing a big win for dems.
-he has been mocked endlessly on late night comedy
-a lot of republicans are saying to vote dem
-people want health care and now that they know what Obama-care is they love it...
-pubs are running on nothing but a bunch of women and children escaping brutal regimes...
-pubs are stupid... they are no masters at politics...you can only lie so much ..Peter and the wolf..
-The face of the pubs is ugly..
-women are really pissed off

News is blocking his message ..and we are reminded of school shootings and right wing nut crazies...

We will take the house at the very least and perhaps sweep the senate of the scumbags as well..

-Mueller ..lets not forget about him...

History always shows the midterms against the party holding the presidency...

Much more...

We will win... and stop this horrible abomination of a president that makes "W" look like a good guy.

The woman I love to hate ..another classic SNL clip... don't let them get you down.. laugh at them

(229) Kellyanne Conway - SNL - YouTube

Mocking them is the best medicine.. the comic energy gives us ..power ..SNL Kellywise

(229) Kellywise - SNL - YouTube
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