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Member since: Wed Oct 15, 2003, 09:33 PM
Number of posts: 2,849

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How do I make a post?

I keep getting asked to serve on some type of jury. I think before I answer that I should know how to actually make a post. Amirite? 🤘🏾

Really wish at least a dozen would drop out, stop wasting money

and campaign for Senate, Governor, House and state legislative races. The latter are the absolutely most important and would truly benefit from those with a "celebrity" status.

Oh Yes. A kitten.


Congraulations to Portland for winning the 2018 Restaurant City of the year, with good reason. I have a few friends in Maine that have little time ut that do this! Pass it on? www.postcardstovoters.org

Anybody get through 35 radiation treatments for tongue/palate SCC HPV-16 type?

Treatment 17. They keep telling me that side effects will get worse. Just to warn me. This already sucks very, very badly. Uncontrollable mouth sores that blister, pop and bleed. The pain is so bad I scream and am constantly crying. I pull thick rope like threads of blood and mucous out of my throat because I can't spit. They say it's all normal.

have no idea how anyone gets through this. Would have been nice if the told me NOT to use Aquaphor hours before treatment. Cause a serious rash and INCREASED radiation intake. I'm going through a bottle of Lidocaine daily, and docs said triple the pain meds. I can't even swallow water. So after each treatment they give me an IV and a two hour water infusion through the tube.

Not sure I will get through four more weeks of this. I can't sleep either. Or think!

Medicare approved my formula and syringes though! I add several tablespoons of avocado oil to and four TB of honey (not raw) to each can to get them to 950 calories each. 325 + 240 + 390 Mix really welleven warm up if necessarythen infuse slowly over a 45 minute period. The 500 mil warm water.

This week I'm going to nail the oncologists on exactly what criteria he uses to say I'm responding well.

14 years on.

I think it's been 14 years. But I saved all my posts from DU in a separate journal and started reading some. If I had been removed from all interaction since then I would not believe what is going on in this country. I would not believe that this is the same country I was born in, and grew up in. And as someone that was really involved in developing new applications for the Internet I would never have believed that the impact of social networking apps would be so corrosive.

What hasn't changed at all, though, is what Republicans believe and often say, and what they are wiling to do to the truth and our Democracy to get power. This may be hard to believe but there was a time when Chuck Grassley, for example, would have never have associated with someone that actually was trying to collude with the Russians against Hillary Clinton - or any American.

It's tiring to follow. The pace is dizzying and tiresome. I lived through the Nixon era. This is so much worse and absolutely evil. Responding on social media may let people believe that we have done or accomplished something. I'm worried that unlike before once something falls off the media radar that the public will just forget. We are currently being set up to believe that the Russia investigation into Trump's crimes against this country and our Democracy never happened.

14 years ago you still hit the streets. We need to do that in every CD in every state now in response to the tax fraud scam that Republicans are calling a bill. The cuts in Medicaid and Medicare alone will lead to deaths and enormous suffering. And no middle class or working person will ever get anything from it. Poor people will suffer greatly. This is the repeal of Obamacare, the death of Medicaid, severe damage to Medicare and an outright assault on everyone except the white, male 1% in this country.

We need to hit the streets again. I'll bring my cane this time around.
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