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Why interviewing Richard Spencer was a risk worth taking

Source: Guardian UK

This journalist seems to diminish and demolish this Spencer idiot in a way that I haven't really seen from US reports - is it because he has an educated English accent or that US reporters don't ask the right questions?

It can't be that the US has black journalists every bit as astute or intelligent as our Gary; it has hundreds - might it be that he confounds this terrible notion that he represents a totally different culture/country where White Nationalism doesn't really exist - the UK has its problems regarding immigrants and black/any-other-colour-except-puce-white but not an any way as bad as the situation in the US.

The question is WHY reporting is so very different - you can see that Spencer was expecting a white reporter and certainly didn't expect that a 'mere' black could show him in his true nasty colours in so short a time with so few words. Trump would do well to refuse any UK interview since he would be equally shamed (if anything could shame him).

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/08/interviewing-richard-spencer-white-supremacist
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