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Don jr's email made into catchy folk song

Don Jr's email made into a catchy folk tune


future generations will look back

...on history and be amazed at how barbaric we were/are. The meat industry only exists because of the lack of transparency. If the public at large could see what goes on in the dark the "industry" would be doomed.

We have compartmentalized our minds to such an amazing extent, a fact which is interesting in itself, setting aside the issue of barbarism. What else have we blocked out of our consciousness? Why are some animals, such as dogs and cats, placed on pedestals (while on the other side of the world they made be boiled alive for better flavor) and animals such as pigs, who are said by many in science to be smarter than dogs and cats, are subjected to horrific torture at the hands of factory "farmers" all to just provide an inferior diet to clueless humans?

Why do we think we need to confiscate the offspring of cattle to kill them for veal or cheese, then confiscate mother's milk so we can drink a food, well into adulthood, that not only doesn't belong to us but that also isn't good for us and can only be made safer by removing it's ingredients and diluting it with water?

I agree with you that it's going to go on for quite a while because the denial is so strong. I was a meat eater until my upper 20's and didn't go completely cruelty free until 2006 when I gave up dairy and eggs, etc..I know it tastes good and all that but after years without, I have discovered so many better, healthier things to eat and when i look back I am amazed at how small of a menu we used to eat from as meat eaters. Nearly every meal centered around one of the four or five "meats" and there was very little variety.

Now we eat all kinds of different and interesting vegetables arranged in many different recipes and we discover new ones regularly. In the process, my cholesterol has dropped 101 points. (ALL dietary cholesterol comes from dead animal carcasses or bodily fluids). It's going to take some real doing to crack through the staggering denial,and we're being labeled terrorists in some cases for trying to "out" the industry, but I agree with thinkers of the past like Leonardo Divinci and Henry David Thoreau and others that believed that some day the madness will end.
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