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unflapped's Journal
unflapped's Journal
March 13, 2016

Pro-Bernie/Anti-Trump song parody of U2's "With or Without You"

Here's a song parody of "With or Without You" that puts forward the notion that Trump has already made America a less tolerant, more brutal place to live. Here's to hoping it's fleeting. Here's "With or Without Trump":

March 13, 2016

Hey, what's up? I'm Matt.

Hey! My screen name is unflapped but my real name is Matt. It's cool, call me whatever you want.

I'm a political junkie. I've been a left-wing activist since the 90s. I've knocked on more than 100k American doors and called 100k more. I eat dirt. I roll around in it.

Now I have a new baby and I'm staying at home with her, which limits my ability to stay dirty but not for long. Until then, I'll be hanging out at DU as much as I can.

Oh, and I'm a stand-up comic. I create various works of comedy and I'll post some of the political stuff here, hoping you like it.

Thanks for existing and for having me!


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