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underahedgerow's Journal
underahedgerow's Journal
November 1, 2016

"Dear Director Comey:

(This is a BRILLIANT letter, must read, and share on FB.)

Thomas Heyman
2 hrs ·

My Dad is absolutely quivering with rage about FBI director Comey's bullshit stunt letter about the latest email crap, so he has hit the warpath with this letter to Comey.
Feel free to share all over the place.

"Dear Director Comey:
I am an 81 year old retired lawyer and this is my fifteenth Presidential Election. In none of those previous elections has a director of the FBI taken an action this close to an election that could possibly change the momentum of the race. An action which, on its face, lacks any merit. In your own words, you made clear that you were unaware as to whether these documents "may be significant", or contained "classified information" . Apparently, you don't even know whether or not these emails are only duplicates of those which your staff previously reviewed. Further, from news reports, it appears that, at the time you sent your letter, you and your staff were aware that they had not been sent by Secretary Clinton ;and, that they had not been withheld from the FBI by the Clintons, the Clinton Campaign or the State Department. You also knew that they came from a device relevant to another investigation and arguably one that your staff should have been aware of when you were conducting your earlier email investigation.
Given the scant information you possessed, it is incredible that you would issue such an incendiary letter. News reports from reliable publications indicate that you sent your letter over the objections of Attorney General Lynch . Moreover, your letter fails to indicate that you followed the
Justice Department guidelines that require you to consult with the Public Integrity Section of Justice's Criminal Division before announcing an investigation so politically sensitive this close to an election. Failure to obtain such clearance is totally indefensible and makes the release of your letter a rogue action.
It is not my practice to write letters to public officials. However, this follows your self-righteous "dressing down" of Secretary Clinton in a press conference announcing that while the Agency had found that Secretary Clinton's use of a private email server had been very careless, the Secretary had not violated any laws that would justify further action. You chose to hold a press conference rather than simply releasing the report with its conclusions . That press conference, in and of itself, was a highly political act and I am sure was not cleared with the Attorney General. Now eleven days before the election you have undertaken action for which there is no precedent . Once I could forgive; but twice causes one to question whether the FBI is acting in compliance with the words of the aforementioned guidelines requiring the FBI to act in a manner so as to insure the appearance of its "fairness, neutrality, and nonpartisanship" in this election. I also wonder whether you would have acted so cavalierly if the target had not been a woman and the attorney general not been a woman as
Yours truly
Thomas V. Heyman, Esq."

October 31, 2016

So, if trump wins and then gets sued, goes on trial for fraud, rape, etc;, and gets impeached,

booted out of office, fired, etc.... Is PENCE then the new President?

What happens? Clearly pence isn't fit to serve.

What sort of hell would break loose? Could we have a do-over election? Would it be like Brexit -- which happens to be my favorite popcorn inducer. 'Wait, wait, yes we voted but we didn't REALLY want to leave the EU, we want to vote again, please!'

In all seriousness, we all know trump isn't fit or competent to serve, and he won't last until February 1st. I know the there is technically some sort of back up plan. Who is it meant to be? Is this some sort of HUGE power play by the gop?

October 4, 2016

Ok, I'm comparing Trump to ISIS. See if this is legit or if I'm the one in need of medication....

I've observed on a broad level that the people who are flocking to ISIS are basically, for want of a better phrase, and (advance apologies to all the sane minded people with disorders and psychiatric issues)


Of course they are. No one in their right mind would actively seek out suicidal, violent murderous and torturing practices en masse. I think we can agree on that.

Well, in spending way too much time on trumpster based boards and sites, etc.... I've observed a few things... First, there are an inordinate amount of foreigners on trumpies' FB pages all bellowing their brave support for trump. From south africa, england, india, russia, etc.. And they're all basically unhinged, with very strange personal pages and comments.

Second, I have yet to come across one single literate or well spoken person that supports trump, from any nationality. Ok, there's one guy who's like off the charts, but he's a lot like trump, talking fast, writing fast, spewing repeated nonsense from the paranoia pages. He's smart but clearly from the realm of 'in need of serious medication and currently self-medicating' (again, no offense to any of our friends).

So, I draw the comparison that these types of behaviors that we see in trump and in the isis f*ckwads attract a very specific portion of the population that is compromised in a peculiar psychiatric way, and not in a good way at all.

How do we react to this, address it and counter it? What does it take to get through to these people or to literally stop them?

FFS it's taking bombs to get rid of ISIS... how do we squash this among semi-civilized societies?

September 30, 2016

Do you use AVG? They used to be awesome! I used their free version for many years,

you couldn't pay me to use the paid ones like norton, too messy.

Well AVG finally let me down. It took over my new PC and locked me out with this whole watchdog thing, locked the beast up solid.

Used my laptop, did a quick search and AVG is blaming Windows 10, windows 10 is blaming AVG. All the boards I checked said get rid of it.... So I've taken it off my laptop as a preventive measure, and I'm now using workarounds to try to get it off the infected PC. The reboot still appears to be stuck, so I still have more work to do it seems, but I'm getting there.

All I can say is take it off your system before you get the black screen of death.

The most important thing is to use the AVG Removal tool! Download it and use it, do NOT try to just uninstall the AVG files... That will send you into a whole 'nuther universe of internet fixit hell.

Yeah, I know it was free, but it was great while it lasted.

September 20, 2016

Hi All, I'm looking for someone in Great Falls, Montana. It's urgent and important.

Long story short, my friend in Los Angeles died suddenly last week of a heart attack. He was not close to his family, 2 sisters Laura and Betty Jo, and his brother Ronnie W. Morgan, whose last known address was in Great Falls, Montana or thereabouts. His mom's name is Louise and she is elderly. Ronnie should be about 50. (My friend who died was Brent Morgan of Los Angeles)

There is also a grand daughter named Adrienne Christianson (with an O) that left a note on the grandad's obituary, of Great Falls as well, but that was 9 years ago.

We're desperate to find them. The coroner has tried with this info and came up with nuthin'.

None of them have any social media presence, which isn't a surprise. My friend didn't either, having only just got on FB last year, and a mobile phone just a couple years before that, under duress. His phone has been accessed with no luck in the contacts, and no entry is allowed into his flat without a relative, under orders from the coroner.

I can't access any public data bases as I'm overseas. We could use some help!

Please, and many thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas or can dig a bit on a local level for some info. I'll take ANY numbers for Ron W. Morgan in the Great Falls area that someone can get from the white pages.

Thanks thanks thanks!!!

September 17, 2016

Here's the thing: As long as trump focuses on Obama, he's not staying on the message

he SHOULD be on, which is for his trumpanzies to get out and register to vote for him.

Keep those morons distracted with flying batshit moonbeams and birth certificates, keep them enraged and posting stupid memes about Secretary Clinton, and they'll forget to vote.

Democrats still outnumber the Republicans in the USA. Keep shoving pretty sparkly bumper stickers, posters and memes in their stupid faces and they'll forget the most important aspect of the whole game until it's too late.

Those republican morons are too stupid to figure out how to register to vote. That's not a bad thing.


'no offense to any republicans out there'


September 17, 2016

Public Service Announcement. Wednesday I found a post on FB about a long-time dear friend

who suddenly died at home.

He was youngish, just 51. In great shape, went to the gym regularly, didn't smoke, drank socially, ate well, had a lovely, non-stressful job, and a calm, joyful lifestyle with many great friends. As a gay man, he was very well loved by his friends and colleagues, and known for his smile and quiet humor.

He was found when his neighbor and friends heard his dog had been whining all night. A couple of the neighbors and friends had the police help them to enter the apartment.

He was dead in his bathroom, had a heart attack on the toilet. Apparently, as the cops said, this happens more often that people think. (I even suggested to the friend that found him to perhaps keep that bit of info on the down low, although we KNOW the deceased would have appreciated the irony of it all.)

Well, this is why people die on the toilet, far more often than you think: http://everything2.com/title/Why+people+die+on+the+toilet

That being said, we are finding it nearly impossible to track down his mother, sisters and brother. They're not present on the internet in any fashion. We had only convinced him to get on facebook just 2 years ago. He only got an iphone when his employer 'made' him. His mother moved sometime in the past 6 years and he didn't update her contact info with his employer.

The coroner won't let his friends into the apartment, it's been officially sealed, to get to his iphone, which we hope has his family contact numbers, or to even find a phone book with updated contact info. The coroner policy is to only allow entry with a family member! But, we can't find the family members without entry to the apartment! Bit of a vicious circle there....

So I dug as deep as I could on the web to track down names and last known locations of his mom and sisters and brothers, and at least that info, and have passed it onto the coroner for now, figuring they have access to municipal records that a normal citizen wouldn't.

We've put out a request on his FB page for any info his friends might have, with little results.... It appears his friends really were his family.

I also suggested to his close friend that perhaps a branch might accidentally break a window, and to make sure the branch is wearing gloves if that unforeseen incident takes place.

We also believe he's died without a will, but he doesn't have much in the way of assets, he was a modest fellow. I checked with our mutual friend who used to do his taxes and stuff, and she's never done a will for him.

All of his worldly goods will go to his mother, which isn't a bad thing, I suppose, but she may not have the resources to take care of what all needs disposition. We're hoping she or his sisters/brothers will turn it over to the friends that were his family. I'm thinking his family may not have 'approved of his lifestyle' if they were that off the net/grid.

So, there's some lessons here, DUers. Make sure your contact info is up to date in case of an emergency, and that your friends and family have cross information for each others contacts. Make sure a neighbor has a key, or knows where one is.

At least put your basic wishes in writing, and if you have a genuine estate of any value, make sure it's dedicated to the right people. Better yet, put together a formal will that is very specific.

Lastly, eat your veg, get that toilet step, or take those vitamin E capsules!

September 12, 2016

If you are on FB and want to have some fun, there's a page called 'Trump Wall' filled with the most

ignorant, paranoid and delusional people on the planet. Or at least in Uhmurrikkka.

Good times, good times. You don't have to 'like' the page to post, and it's mildly entertaining to.... well.... slap them around a little bit with facts and reality.

They're getting very, very hostile towards Clinton.

The owner of the page has a number of pro trump fb pages that all lead back to the same right wing, meme-oriented silly paranoid sites that he seems to run. Nothing terribly aggressive, just.... annoying AF.

I'm mildly suspicious that the fb pages and websites go around full circle to a couple of trump staffers. Anyone with expertise in the internets might have a look-see. I got as far as whois and couldn't go beyond that.


August 8, 2016

"Never forget your kids in the car again". We were just talking about this a couple weeks ago,

I think. About the problem of children being forgotten in the car, and dogs too.

Looks like Waze has gotten into the game. Problem is, I don't like waze, but it seems popular in commuter-based cities.

What do you think? Will this one catch on?

From my buddy at daily caviar.

Waze updates their already popular app with a cool feature Reminding Drivers Not to Forget Their Kid (or dog) in the Car


August 7, 2016

Harvard Republican Club Publicly Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump

For the first time in their history, the Harvard Republican Club said they would not be endorsing the GOP's presidential nominee.

They've posted publicly their letter all over social media, and it's bona fide... Just wow.....

More at Daily Caviar


This doesn't bode well for the donald, but it's great news for the effing planet. Hell, the whole universe. Oy.

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