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Dems probe mine safety record at Trump nominee's company

Source: The Hill

Two Senate Democrats are seeking more information on the mine safety violations by a company owned by President Trump’s nominee to head the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

David Zatezalo was an executive at coal-mining company Rhino Resources from 2007 to 2014, a time when the company had frequent clashes with MSHA.

During that time, the company received two rare “pattern of violations” letters from the regulator, a miner was killed in a company mine, the MSHA fined and cited the company, it sought a court injunction after employees allegedly gave colleagues advance notice of inspections, and more, according to the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Zatezalo has since retired from Rhino and Trump nominated him earlier this month to lead the agency, alarming Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.).

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/352443-dems-probe-mine-safety-record-at-trump-nominees-company

Supreme Court opens its new term with a direct attack on workers rights

Source: Think Progress

The Supreme Court returns next Monday from its summer vacation for the first full term where Neil Gorsuch will occupy a seat at the far end of the Court’s bench. And the Court will open this term with a trio of cases that are very likely to immunize many employers from consequences for their illegal actions.

The three cases — National Labor Relations Board v. Murphy Oil USA, Ernst & Young LLP v. Morris, and Epic Systems v. Lewis — all involve employment contracts cutting off employee’s rights to sue their employer for legal violations.

In at least one case, employees were required to sign the contract as a condition of beginning work. In another, employees were forced to give up their rights as a condition of keeping their job. These contracts contained two restrictions on the employees: 1) a “forced arbitration” provision, which requires any legal disputes between the employer and the employee to be resolved in a privatized arbitration system; and 2) a provision prohibiting employees from bringing class actions or other collective suits against their employers.

Read more: https://thinkprogress.org/supreme-court-attack-workers-rights-a2c0bf3ab70e/

SO in the Equifax debacle hold on, its just fine and dandy, that my information was sold to a company, and that if there are 143 million of us that have a claim, my privacy is only worth what.....................

Election has consequences and who gets on this court:

This is a very good read on the why and how arbitration is being made by Chief Justice John Roberts ( see below);


John Roberts ---------------------------------sucks...

Sunday Talk Shows Ignore Catastrophe In Puerto Rico

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

On September 20, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, and knocked out power to the entire island of 3.5 million people. Puerto Rican officials have described “apocalyptic” destruction, and a dam is in danger of bursting, threatening to flood already devastated areas. Officials fear power could be out for months. Despite the extensive destruction, on their first editions since the storm hit, the five major Sunday political talk shows dedicated less than one minute in total to covering the growing humanitarian emergency.

Even though Maria first made landfall in Puerto Rico several days ago, ABC’s This Week, CBS’ Face the Nation, and Fox Broadcasting Co.’s Fox News Sunday all failed to mention the extensive destruction and the millions of American citizens without power or shelter. CNN and NBC’s Sunday political talk shows both mentioned the story but spent minimal time covering the devastation. On CNN’s State of the Union, Our Revolution President Nina Turner implored President Donald Trump to “use his energy to fight for our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico who have no power,” and on NBC’s Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd closed the program by telling its viewers how they could “help your fellow Americans in Puerto Rico” and displaying contact information for four highly-rated charities assisting recovery efforts.


Trump: Fans who booed kneeling NFL players are demanding 'respect for our flag'

President Trump said Monday that fans who booed NFL players who refused to stand during the national anthem were demanding respect for the country's flag.

"Many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday (which was a small percentage of total)," Trump tweeted.

"These are fans who demand respect for our Flag!"


Hey Trump FUCK YOU, they are just as stupid as you are and that flag.......................that flag means nothing, and if you don't know that it's the Constitution, that protects them, then leave the country and go and find a place called flag,its just as materialistic as you and them.
And by the way, I am getting kind of sick and tired watching my tax dollars, being flown over events, by military jets, and military personnel standing on a field waving a "flag", the size a football ball field for instance........................why do I have to see a jets, or the Black Knights jumping out of helicopters.........................why?

Portuguese children to crowdfund European climate change case

Source: The Guardian

Portuguese schoolchildren from the area struck by the country’s worst forest fires are seeking crowdfunding to sue 47 European countries, alleging that the states’ failure to tackle climate change threatens their right to life.

The children, from the Leiria region of central Portugal, where fires this summer killed more than 60 people and left hundreds injured, are being represented by British barristers who are experts in environmental and climate change law.

Supported by the NGO Global Legal Action Network (Glan), they are seeking an initial £35,000 to mount the case in the European court of human rights.

The crowdfunding bid was published on Monday on the platform CrowdJustice, which has raised millions to help bring citizen-led cases to court.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/25/portuguese-children-crowdfund-european-climate-change-case-sue-47-countries

World wide the children are smarter than we adults, they get it and here in the United States as a following on:


Trump blasts NFL anthem protesters: 'Get that son of a bitch off the field'

Donald Trump launched a sensational attack on NFL players who have kneeled in protest of the national anthem during a speech in Alabama on Friday night, challenging the league’s owners to release anyone who engages in the movement started last year by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’” the president said at a rally at Huntsville’s Von Braun Center in support of Republican senator Luther Strange, who is running in a special GOP primary election next week to remain in the Senate seat vacated by attorney general Jeff Sessions.

“You know, some owner is going to do that. He’s going to say, ‘That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it [but] they’ll be the most popular person in this country.”

Trump went on to attribute the NFL’s dip in television ratings to the rule changes implemented over the last few years to make the game less violent and limit head injuries.


I guess its time to go to a professional game and sit thru the song

FUCK YOU drumpf and I mean it with all sincerity, FUCK YOU

All hands on deck': protesters to target healthcare bill at rallies across US

Source: The Guardian

Activist groups praised John McCain for his promise to vote no on the Lindsey Graham-Bill Cassidy healthcare bill on Friday, but they warned against complacency as they said the fight to protect the Affordable Care Act was “not over”.

McCain’s pledge, which means Republicans can only afford to lose one more Senate vote in their quest to repeal the ACA, widely known as Obamacare, was met with celebration on the left.

But the Indivisible activist group urged progressives to continue with their frantic phone banking efforts and protests against the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Hundreds of people are planning to travel to Washington DC on Monday to protest against the legislation, which would dismantle the ACA and potentially strip millions of Americans of their healthcare.

The Center for Popular Democracy said people from across the country would be in the capital next week to take part in protests and demonstrations, while National Nurses United said nurses would join efforts to pressure senators to vote against the legislation.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/23/republican-healthcare-bill-protests

And if you do not know where to go or you close by to one of these events to remind these jerks that health care is a RIGHT and not a Privilege here is another information thread which can be used


Neil Gorsuch's views on abortion to be tested by supreme court filing

Source: The Guardian

An urgent appeal to the supreme court by Planned Parenthood has created an unexpected early test of Justice Neil Gorsuch’s views on abortion restrictions.

The court’s newest member has never spoken publicly in any significant detail on one of the most divisive issues he will deal with as a justice, and he gave evasive answers about abortion during his confirmation hearing before the Senate.

But on Friday, Planned Parenthood challenged abortion restrictions before the court for the first time since Gorsuch joined the bench, effectively compelling him to weigh in.

At issue is whether a law preventing three Planned Parenthood clinics in Missouri from performing abortions should remain in effect while the group challenges the restriction in federal court. Planned Parenthood previously convinced a district judge to suspend the law, but on 15 September, the eighth circuit court of appeals stayed the judge’s decision.

Planned Parenthood has appealed the matter to the supreme court. The court’s decision, and Gorsuch’s position, is expected to be published in a matter of weeks – if Gorsuch doesn’t first weigh in by himself. Because procedural issues like this one are overseen by an individual justice, and Gorsuch is the justice with jurisdiction over the eighth circuit, the power to block Missouri’s law, leave it in place, or refer the matter to all nine justices initially belongs to him.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/22/neil-gorsuch-abortion-rights-supreme-court-planned-parenthood-missouri

Court fees and fines target the poor, leaving them in a never-ending cycle of debt

Communities of color are hit the hardest by rising court fees and fines, according to a report released by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on Thursday.

The commission recommends that the Trump administration continue to discourage bad practices, such as using fines and fees to raise revenue, rather than improve public safety, because of the negative impact of the fines on low-income people and people of color.

State and local legislative bodies are responsible for setting court fines and fees for people who commit low-level crimes, such as misdemeanors and ordinance violations. According to the report, 47 states have increased these civil and criminal fees since 2010. State and local court budget reductions may play a role in increasing fees and fines.


The Vietnam Syndrome: How We Lost It, Why We Need It

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, American Embassy personnel who want to meet with their counterparts at the nearby U.S. military base have to travel a mere 100 yards. But they don’t make a practice of walking or driving. They go by military helicopter, reports The New York Times. The space between is too dangerous to cross on the ground.

It’s the sort of bizarre fact that might have emerged in Ken Burns’ new PBS series on the Vietnam War, illustrating our inability to turn South Vietnam into a safe, stable place. But it’s not the past; it’s the present.

The Vietnam War was the greatest U.S. military catastrophe of the 20th century. A conflict begun under false pretenses, based on ignorance and hubris, it killed 58,000 Americans and as many as 3 million Vietnamese. It ended in utter failure. Never in our history have so many lives been wasted on such monumental futility.


We couldn't and were not allowed to vote (eighteen) t one time, but we could be "picked" (drafted) to die------------------that was BS

It still pisses me off..............reinstate the draft and see how many families want there kid to go to war, and get rid of the mercenaries such as XE formally Blackwater
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