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Member since: Mon Feb 22, 2016, 07:46 PM
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Do you know a really rich person?

You might ask what does this post have to do with the primaries?

I'll tell you.

For 17 years I worked in an industry where I handled peoples prized possessions on a daily basis .
I won't say what I did but these ranged from 1 million up to 80 million

I would talk and engage with these owners on a daily basis . Most were polite but the one thing EVERYONE OF THEM
had in common was they didn't think of them selves as equals with us. They had no idea or could comprehend
the personal struggles we might be going through whether it was to make your next car payment , pay for a funeral,
make your mortgage payment , pay your rent , pay your deductible on your hospital bill , pay the garage for repair
on your car when it breaks down. I could make a list of things but you get my drift on this.

They live in a different world than you or I. Life is different for them.

Now you might ask why is this relevant to post in this forum?

Hillary Clinton does not understand regular people anymore . Maybe she did many, many years ago but not anymore

She is the same kind of person I had to deal with every day. We have a person also running that I feel does connect with me.
Does understand what we are going through on a real life daily basis .

Lets get this done

Lets move away from the 1% just this once folks. Lets elect a man with honor and integrity .

Posted by togetherforever | Sat Feb 27, 2016, 01:40 PM (260 replies)

Dog owners please enter . Am I wrong about what happened today??

I 'm walking my dogs on a trail that is for the most part off the beaten track.
It's not a specified walking trail for dogs or anything for that matter just a trail in the woods
that leads to an old forgotten camp ground .

My dogs are playing , sniffing around having a good time and I'm just sitting on a rock looking at some beavers.

I suddenly hear a scream and do mean a scream! (get away from me ,leave my dog alone )

I jump up and see a woman with a dog on a leash standing there screaming at my dogs and now at me.
I say to her calm down my dogs are both friendly or they wouldn't be off leash.

I call my dogs back over to me and now she's screaming at me yelling there's a leash law you know.
I tell her the reason people come down to trails in the woods is so they can let their dogs off a leash .

I say you drove past 2 specified dog walking trails where everyone does keep their dog on a leash to come here
and are now surprised that you ran into a couple of dogs off a leash.

Would you have handled it the same way or would you have put your dogs back on a leash. I refused and went back and sat on the rock ignoring her .
Posted by togetherforever | Fri Feb 26, 2016, 03:04 PM (214 replies)

My question to Clinton supporters

You seem giddy because of the recent poll more women support Clinton than Sanders.

Is it more important to you to see the first woman President or is it more important to you
to have a President that is not owned by banks and Wall Street?

Posted by togetherforever | Fri Feb 26, 2016, 08:30 AM (66 replies)

Who would you trust more if they told you their belief on a topic ?

Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders

Doesn't matter what the topic is.

Myself I would trust Bernie .

I don't think Bernie would tell me what he thinks I want to hear.

He would tell me his true belief whether I liked it or not.

Hillary on the other hand would tell me what she thinks I want to hear.

Posted by togetherforever | Thu Feb 25, 2016, 05:08 PM (7 replies)
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