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Member since: Mon Jun 24, 2013, 10:06 AM
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the voice kids uk auditions 2017 applications forms on itv.com new show

so there is going to be a new the voice kids uk auditions 2017 with the applications forms on itv.com this is a new show and moved over from the voice which was previously on the bbc.

itv have bought the rights for the voice show and also decided to do a uk voice kids as well http://thevoicekids2017auditions.blogspot.co.uk/, i will post the link below to the itv.com website where you can apply for the voice kids if you fit that age bracket or apply for the voice uk adults or seniors if that is your age bracket.

still the voice usa have not decided to do a voice kids show even after all these years that they have been doing the voice usa.

that registration or application forms are available now on the itv website so you can already apply to audition, but they do not yet give a date or locations or venues of when or where the auditions for the new voice uk will be taking place, but best not to hamper too much as the application process is only open for so much longer if you are wanting to apply then the time to apply is in 2016 with the auditions probably taking place sometime this year or sometime in early 2017.



Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Sat Aug 13, 2016, 11:36 AM (0 replies)

x factor 2016 and 2017

well the old judging line up returns this year for the x factor 2016 with the classics louis walsh, simon cowell and sharon osbourne, that is the original judges for the uk x fatcor as the show started some 10+ years ago, i know a lot of americans do not follow the x factor after its ill fated run a few years ago of fox tv.

but the judges this year for the uk x factor make it well worth watching if there are any fans reading this, with the original 3 judges of louis walsh, simon cowell and sharon osbourne and a additional x factor uk judge of pussy cat doll nicole scherzinger.

keep up to date about the 2017 show here, they say it will continue into 2017 but who knows they said the same about the x factor usa and then it got cancelled, i am keeping a record on what is happening regarding the http://xfactor2017.blogspot.co.uk/ and auditions and application registration details and forms when they are back up online.

Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Sat Aug 13, 2016, 10:31 AM (0 replies)

american idol 2016 auditions is the last season ever end of a era

american idol 2016 auditions will be the last ever series of american idol, with auditions taking place this year in 2015, after then that is it, the writing was on the wall in some ways, when fox cancelled the x factor usa, any of other singing competition/talent competition's future was also in doubt as well.

and after well over 10 years, the american idol met a similar fate of other singing competition shows, though it was cancelled with a "farewell" season offering, not just cancelled out right after the american idol 2015 final, they said we are cancelling american idol, but after one more farewell season with the american idol 2016.

Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Mon Jun 22, 2015, 08:05 PM (0 replies)

then onto american idol 2016 auditions series should be continue

so this year has managed to be a decent season of american idol and this next year i think the american idol 2016 auditions should continue as well, there is nothing to replace the series with on fox since they cancelled the x factor.

some people said the american idol would finish this year that it would be the last season of the show, which would be a disaster if planned to audition next year, but i just cannot see the show finishing at all anytime soon, if fox cancelled american idol they would really be out of concepts for classic shows with a following.

they would lose all that following that has taken over 10 years to build up, and then replace it with a brand new talent show that probably would fail in getting popular anyway, so at the moment or next few years i cannot see any reason fox would cancel the american idol singing contest.

so if you are planning on auditioning next season then keep up the practice http://myamericanidol2016auditionsjourney.blogspot.com/

because its pretty sure there will be a season next year of the american idol.
Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Wed Feb 25, 2015, 01:09 PM (1 replies)

x factor 2014 uk do they know its christmas song

30 years goes quick, a lot of people kind of thought the lyrics in "do they know it's christmas" was a bit out of date, kind of like out of date thinking, like saying that africa is place were nothing grows, which is obviously not true and so on. not sure if the x factor uk version reworked the lyrics or not, not really listened close to the new band aid song to find out.

well it got to no,1 in the charts position not sure if it could also make the christmas no.1 as well, usually in the uk the x factor winner of that year also would get the christmas no.1 as well, but not sure if that will be the case this year because x factor does not have as good a ratings as it used to have, used to be the most popular show years ago, but not as popular anymore.

Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Sun Dec 21, 2014, 08:21 PM (0 replies)

the x factor uk is still going strong x factor usa cancelled

the x factor uk is still going strong and the x factor usa is cancelled, looks like you have a point, as i just said, because as my headline says, the x factor usa has been cancelled.

i think though the x factor usa was very miss-managed and made too fake and polished, this is why i think it failed to get the viewing figures that fox tv needed or wanted.

now simon cowell is back judging the x factor uk, it is to be hoped for his x factor uk sake that he does not re-brand it into a usa version.

he has got a few years to get this right though, the x-factor uk and britain's got talent are contracted to itv tv until 2016, simon cowell is judging and controlling both shows also!.


there was rumors that simon cowell is in talks with fox tv about possible relaunching the x factor usa auditions in 2015 but these rumors seems far fetched, even if true, but what might not be far fetched is for cowell and fox to bring back the x factor usa at a later date though.

so this was quite a big rumor or even true that cowell is in talks with fox tv about either doing something new or bringing back the x factor usa again.
Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Wed Apr 16, 2014, 02:38 PM (0 replies)

x factor usa i presume youtube video is not working bit like the show now

x factor usa i presume, youtube video is not working bit like the show now, x factor 2014 has been cancelled so no more of these funny audition videos, which is a shame, but the american public voted with there viewing time, and no one was really watching the x factor usa.

simon cowell did not have success with his x factor venture into the usa, he did do well when he was on the pop idol though, got a lot of fans from pop idol, or american idol as it is called more officially.

then he went for the big time and tried to launch the x factor and it all fell a little flat.
Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Wed Apr 16, 2014, 02:21 PM (1 replies)

the monkees first manufactured pop group like the x factor usa process

the monkees first manufactured pop group like the x factor usa process, back then though, it was taboo to make a fake pop group, so they made it look like the monkees where organic and friends.

but years later the monkees admitted they had been put together and made by producers to rival the beatles from the uk, so the usa record producers came up with the idea of manufacturing a usa version of the beatles, and that is what they did by creating the monkees, some of them could not even play there instruments to start with.

nowadays though with shows like the x factor usa you get to see how these things are done out in the open, it is all about the manufacturing of products with things like pop stars for the most part it would seem.
Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Wed Apr 16, 2014, 02:08 PM (0 replies)

the last great talent show the voice 2015 audition usa

so, with the x factor being cancelled, is the last great talent show the voice 2015 auditions usa?, there are only 2 really good singing contests left in the usa now.

there is the american idol, and there is the voice usa.

other than that there is america;s got talent, except america's got talent is not really a singing contest but more of a talent show, whereas the previous contests are focused on singing only.

the voice usa does not show auditions though, whereas the now cancelled x factor, one of its main parts of its series was the auditions section, the voice is different and does not televise the auditions section, though the voice usa does do auditioning, it just does not show this on its live shows/series.

so when the voice starts this year it will basically be all about the finalists, and you do not get to see all the funny and strange auditions that year, in that way the voice is quite a serious singing contest, when the others have a more light hearted approach it seems to talent searching.


Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Wed Apr 16, 2014, 01:50 PM (0 replies)

the x factor usa 2014 has been cancelled

yeah, probably one of the reasons why it has all failed and the x factor usa has ended now, they make the show, or made the show way too formulated, and the american public did not buy into this.

considering america is society or there mainstream media is very formulated, it is a wonder that the usa x factor did not work, but the x factor in usa probably really over did it, way too glossy, will american idol make the same mistake, because they have also had ratings trouble.

fox probably wanted to keep the x factor usa going but in the end the ratings were terrible, so the public spoke in that regard and the show got cancelled.

simon cowell has left, but has chose to return as a judge back at the x factor uk in 2014, so like people said if it fails he would go back to the uk which he has.

its true the x factor usa has been cancelled shame really, it never got as popular as the uk x factor, with a much smaller viewing audience, which is weird considering the size of the usa that there would be lower viewer figures there then in the uk.
Posted by theundergrounddemocr | Sun Feb 16, 2014, 09:23 AM (1 replies)
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