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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 927

Journal Archives

Another Puke on CNN

Trying to have it both ways. Chris Stewart bobbing and weaving. Said "I love the president."

Fuck Issa

Lying sack of shit on CNN.

Who the fuck says he's a "stable genius" twice?????

Clearly a brain dead, bloated moron! Jesus.

Come on, CNN

Normalizing Dump as he gets ready to meet the Queen. "A marquee moment." Barf.

This fucker is the Manchurian Candidate

The way he's bashing other countries against each other. He's too fuck stupid to mastermind it by himself. And he's going into a private meeting Monday with Poot. How do you think that'll work out?

We're fucking doomed.

David Cronenberg could make 'Naked Lunch 2'

Utilizing an actor made up like Dumpster (not Dumpster himself; it'd only feed his ego). He'd have that tiny orange anus mouth and that extended, stretched-out version of the other organ on his neck (I'm not going to get graphic here in order to not be banned, but you know what I mean). After all, aren't we already in Interzone?

Time to snort the bug spray. It's a Kafkaesque high.

"Germany is dependent upon Russia"

Uh, Dumpster. Ever heard of deflection?

"I'm rubber, you're glue
Everything bounces off of me and sticks to you."

Teflon Don the Con. Amazing.

The movie poster I'd like to see!

MSNBC keeps playing clips of last night's rally

To illustrate points. This piece of shit is the devil incarnate and needs to be stopped now.

Plus, I'm sick of Tiny Hand's high-pitched squealing.

Kingston actually said something negative

About Dump on CNN! Albeit mildly. He's still a toadie.
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