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Profile Information

Name: Fuckstick
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: Neverworld
Home country: Ditto
Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 3,115

Journal Archives

Oh, God. Here comes Dreary Donnie

Low energy, huh? You fucker!

Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was....same as it ever was...and look where my hand was...

We don't need a Coronovirus "update" every flipping day from the White House

Especially when Orange Anus just blathers out variations of his same themes and insults in his dreary-assed voice. Low-Energy Dumpster.

Wonder how the meeting with Governor Cuomo will go tomorrow?

Wow. Dump is going all in

For the kill. Shrieking at Cuomo and being a fucking asshole.

So the idiot has completely melted down

All he has left are insults and rage. What a worthless asshole.

"Completely bungled response"

Everyone is saying it now. Thank God! Orange Julius Caesar is toast.

The media needs to ask Dump

"Why are you running an entire country as shitty as your failed businesses?"

Thank you, MLB Network

Playing old games so we can see and hear real people cheer and be happy again.
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