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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,679

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How long is this piece of shit going to hold the nation hostage?

He and Coward McLipless and the rest of the Pukes need to go to prison right now. Fuck a trial. They're as guilty as hell.

And stop this unconventional candidate shit, CNN

Crook. Mob boss. Con job. Grifter. Any of those will do.

Ana Cabrera on CNN is trying to get someone to say that Dump's become more empathetic

Give it up!

Give. it. the. fuck. up.

Reach across the aisle????

GFY, Dumpster, you ridiculous piece of shit.

Proud of my party!

Don't give Sponge-ass Tinyhands anything.

Is Twittler shriekier than usual?

Or am I so sick of his voice I could explode? Disgrace...disgrace...

Now this is war

Us Democrats versus the Pukes. We knew it was gong to happen. but now it's here. 👹

Look at the news...listen to the insane hate. Look how they're doing shit they want to deny to us.

Time to go down, fuckers.

Yes, Katie Tur, the bar IS that low...

When a Democrat suggested that Pukes wouldn't react unless it involved murder or child molesting.

Why the fuck are all the networks calmly reporting on this Dump nightmare like it's only slightly weird?

This. is. fucking. danger.

There must be no summit

Dump shouldn't be permitted to meet Kim or anyone else. He is a national security emergency.

No, Tweety...

Nancy Pelosi isn't "as hard and as tough as Trump." Dump is a bully and a coward. Nancy is the real deal.
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