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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 08:43 PM
Number of posts: 584

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"The president of the United States is blackmailable"

Guests on "Morning Joy" saying it straight out. And it needs to be said! Not only porn stars, but any of the myriad mobsters and criminals he's done business with or burned over the years...

Oh, the irony...

A despicable orange sociopath gives a lifeless, droning speech offering "thoughts and prayers" to the school shooting victims. His despicable party, purchased by the NRA, also offer thoughts and prayers. The despicable speaker of the house tells everyone not to do any knee jerk reacting.

We've really come to this?

How coked up will Snorty McDouchebag be on Tuesday?

I predict he'll be tweaked to the max, snorting away like a brahma bull. Because if he just reads written words, he'll be all glum and pouty. There's asshole Dump and there's...well...bigger asshole Dump.

Shouldn't the Orange Pustule be "lashing out" about today's news by now?

He got back to Washington hours ago only to find Melanoma not there(?). Like he'd care.

Surely he is laying in bed, jamming Big Macs and Fish Filets down his filthy gullet, hate-watching CNN and jacking his Cheeto to Faux.

These Pukes are a disease

And they're fucking liars. After all this anti-Democratic sputum they've put out this weekend, they still go on all the news shows -- even on MSNBC -- and lie and obfuscate and otherwise reveal themselves to be worthless, world-ending fucks.

Anyone who still attends to the Cheeto is a demon from hell. And a Pootie whore.

MSNBC's chyron mislabeled McLipless as a D

I know it's a mistake, but it still enrages me. The only D McLipless can be is a douchebag.

No, 55 minutes without imbecility does not mean Dumpie has transformed

That immigration meeting Orange Julius Caesar had with both parties today had some members of the media getting the vapors at his sane, sober leadership.

Bullshit. This phony is a phony. And a stupid grifter. Just because he plays nice nice and doesn't foam at the mouth or tweet frantically for an hour doesn't mean he's suddenly become majestic. He's still the same Dumpster and tomorrow morning there will be something else awful and insulting.

His mental facilities have nothing to do with it. He's hateful, completely self-centered, wants revenge on the world and is profoundly stupid.

Have they finally stopped the "presidential pivot" crap?

I haven't heard it in the media lately. Mainly because Dump's vile behavior is being accepted as the new normal. And don't you think the general hatred (and assaults) in the country will increase because the Dotard is allowing his Deplorables to think and say and do whatever the fuck they want?

I worry about 2018.

Oh my God! Worshipful Pukes and fake news!

I got home from work and I'm just now hearing the Pukes on MSNBC giving blowies to the Cheeto after the massive tax handout while he struts and preens and rails against "fake news." Where the fuck are we???

I lived through Shrub's raping of the treasury in the early 00s and thought it couldn't possibly get worse. But this is worse. This orange piece of shit just doesn't want all the money, he wants to tear it all down. And his filthy, corrupt party can't wait to comply. McLipless, that piece of shit Ryan, folders like Collins and Corker...I hate them all.

So Kacie DC is about to interview Carly Fiorina

Exactly why? Is she trying to become the sub-conservative on MSNBC? She keeps doing this shit.
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