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Member since: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 09:57 PM
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Reasons why I hate the GoP and conservatives in general

honestly I wanted to name this a "reasons why I want to take a bat to the GoP and all their teahaddist supporters, but I figured that'd get tagged faster than a new train car in a subway.

1. they make any real conversation between men and women on gender issues impossible because:
2. every chance they get they fuck over women
3. are constantly trying to make slavery legal again (but this time for EVERYBODY)
4. are oblivious as to how a fucking economy works (I have only HS econ, but even >I< know this isn't how you do it!!!)
5. are a dick to children by making even the slightest possibly offensive thing to kids illegal and wig the fuck out over 'naughty words'!
-- this one I almost exclusively blame on "soccer moms" who wig out over everything. Monty python could not be made today and thats a shame if not a crime against humanity.
6. they hate everything NOT them.
-- yes I hate them, but that's becasue they cause suffering needlessly. there's no reason for the USA to be such a shit hole.
7. They made my country a shit hole!
- After living abroad I can never respect this country again, at least not until we attain the basic social level of Albania!
8. they rape and brutalize X
- nothing really to add. put a word in place of X, and it's either literally or metaphorically true
9. They're idiots ... and PROUD OF THAT FACT!
- I know eugenics is "bad and evil"... but seriously guys, can't we at least off anyone under 100 IQ points? they're most likely GoPers anyway!

ok that's my rant.
I hate what the pathetic SCROTUM did to all of us, not least to women (who will be affected first)
I hate what they've been doing to us for years, and I hate what conservadems have been doing to empower them.
All I want in my life is to live. To work and get paid commiserate with my 15 years in IT and assorted other skills.

And I hate that they make it impossible to have a rational conversation about gender issues. Every time things 'cool down' enough to start having a rel discussion about things that need to change on both sides, some bullshit like this pops up! It's impossible to reasonably ask for concessions when real bullshit is going on.. STILL and freshly!

Men have legitimate issues with women
Women have issues with men
and BOTH have SERIOUS issues with the gender power structure that has been forced upon us for generations.

and every time this bullshit comes down from Washington happens it makes any kind of reconciliation between the genders near impossible and it saddens me. becasue as long as we're divided on personal issues, it makes it that much more difficult to concentrate and work together on the bigger issues.

We have to get rid of the assholes in washington, and everywhere else.
We have to toss every last fucking conservative, democrat or not. They are nothing but damaging to this country.
Yes we start with the tea haddists, then the republicans, then we purge that scum from our own party. only then will we finally have the ability to improve EVERYONE'S position in this country and have that heartfelt, painful, but important discussion about gender equality.

A discussion that can probably only happen after, at least legally, everyone is equal.


I hope you all had a great 4th of july.
This is the kind of thing I think about on the 4th.
Our country is no longer great. at best it's 'meh' and it shouldn't be that way.
Posted by the_working_poor | Sun Jul 6, 2014, 02:57 PM (3 replies)

Am I the only one who is getting tired of "penis" analogies?

"oh he just has a small penis"
"oh he's just compensating"
"this is because of a small pee-pee"
et al

I'm honestly getting sick and tired of the common reply to some idiot humping his guns, driving a hot car, etc is "he has a small dick" and I can't be the only one.

Does that person probably have self esteem issues? likely.
COULD it be because they perceive their manhoods as being.. lacking? quite possibly.

here is the part I really am unsure about adding, but is it not true?

who berates men for having "unacceptable manhood"?

should we coddle these people?
no of course not. They clearly have issues.
But aren't we educated enough to look at the more probable root cause and to use less sophomoric terms than "he's got a small dick"?
Posted by the_working_poor | Thu Jun 5, 2014, 10:18 PM (20 replies)

Should Wonder Woman wear pants?

Story goes in the upcoming not-justice-league 'live action' movie, batman vs superman, Wonder Woman is supposed to be one of the (many) super heroes that appear.

Should she be in the traditional *ahem* shorts, or skin-tight pants?

My background on Wonder Woman... I've ALWAYS loved Wonder Woman. Hands down.
Yes there's that sex appeal (admit it she-geeks you have the same for batman or superman... or Mr Fantastic ) but it's not why I loved her.

She was smart and strong, and didn't always have to use brute force to win.
Same reason I like Batman.. yes there are times he just uses his brains.

I appreciate cunning and BRAINS in my super heroes (and heroines)

In the animated Justice League I loved the Wonder Woman focused episodes. I thought the look into Themescara was awesome. The back and forth between her and HawkGirl was awesome. That he is damn neat AS POWERFUL AS SUPERMAN is beyond kewl.

I have never read a comic for the pretty girl art. I have always read comics for the story (the art is the bonus, the the end all be all of a good comic). Granted the single BEST GI JOE comic ever was one done in the early 80's that had ZERO, 0, spoken lines. it was a beautiful story told through art alone.

SO.. why am I posting this here?
Why not, it seems like a reasonable beer and pizza thing guys would talk about.
Not everything we talk about here has to be life and death, right?
and this seems like a nice topic out female viewers would enjoy writing in on as well

SO... with or without pants?

Personally, I don't care. As long as the write her CORRECTLY (and being how man of steel was I have little hope) I don't care what she wears, as long as the spirit, if not the character itself is respected.
Posted by the_working_poor | Tue Jun 3, 2014, 08:57 PM (6 replies)
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