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Member since: Wed Jun 8, 2016, 02:26 PM
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Just saw Boris Epshteyn on San Antonio Sinclair station

He (Russian born Republican) basically said that Trump needs to revoke the security clearance of all the people on his list and more. Now we have Faux News, AM hate radio and Sinclair. When are rich progressives going to start buying media companies and local TV stations? We continue to lose the media wars.

I know it is a long shot but Go Beto Go

We were handing out fliers at our little town today for Beto. He is coming on Thursday to speak in our little town.


America's white population shrinks for the first time - U.S. Census Bureau

The number of non-Hispanic white people in the United States decreased for the first time in the nation's history between 2015 and 2016, according to new figures released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. The data show the nation's white population is aging rapidly, as Americans delay their decision to have a family and as the flow of foreign immigrants from European countries ebbs. At the same time, minority populations are growing much faster, hastening a demographic shift that has been decades in the making.
The average non-Hispanic white American is 43.5 years old, according to the new data. The average Hispanic American, by contrast, is 29.3 years old.....

As a white southern male, this makes me happy. Faux news base supply is shrinking. Keep it up trump


Could this be the largest audience

to watch the end of a college elite eight basketball game?

Gillespie just took it on the chin

Oh wait he doesn't have one.
Posted by texasfiddler | Tue Nov 7, 2017, 08:39 PM (0 replies)

I feel really bad for Houston

We survived the eye of Harvey. It is was a blessing for us that it was slow moving as it weakened to a Cat 2 by the time the eye wall passed over our place early Saturday morning. We had more damage when the wind blew from the opposite direction after the eye passed by. It was weird to see all of the birds and seagulls stuck in the eye. We live just southwest of Victoria about 45 miles from the coast. Now the slow movement is a curse for Houston. I am glad I built the house the way that I did. The house was complete in 2001 and it has experienced two hurricane eye walls. We lucked out, I would not want to experience the Cat 4 winds that Rockport experienced. I hope this is the last one for a while. I expect to be without power for another week or two. I have a generator and my family is staying with us to have a some air conditioning and hot showers. Now it is Houston that is suffering.

In honor of today's inauguration

I have given the largest donation I have ever given to two of my favorite environmental organizations. I feel very patriotic.

Coal is on it's way out in Texas! Period!

How do I know this?

I have worked as an electrical engineer in the belly of the beast for ten years now. Although I deal with many fossil assets, my office is located at a coal plant. I have personally benefited from the deregulated ERCOT market for quite a while. A lot of money was made in ERCOT during the buying and selling of power plants during the early days of deregulation. Of course non of it for the benefit of consumers, the environment, or the facilities themselves. The whole system was set up for profit of the cheapest power producer. When governor GWB approved the deregulation of the ERCOT market, wind and solar were not even an economic player in this scheme. Now they are. Rick Perry loves big projects. He pushed the Trans-Texas Corridor, Coal Plant Fast Track, CREZ wind development, etc... The only one that has proven to be economically viable is the CREZ wind development project. I know he would like to take credit for the Fracking boom in Texas as well. But I am not going to give him that much credit.

So here we are in Texas. Almost 18,000 MW of wind installed. As the CREZ lines max out, we will see a 15% average (40% peak) wind contribution to the ERCOT market. Now solar is about to take off. ERCOT is forecasting a 5-15% average solar contribution in the next 5-10 years. Natural Gas producers are licking their chops. As coal plants shutdown, renewables and gas plants take there place. I am sure that a push will occur to keep coal plants operational in Texas, but the natural gas industry is very strong in Texas. Natural Gas will make sure any potential fossil subsidies are "fair" to them and coal will still lose.

ERCOT has requested a lot of data from us in recent years. It has definitely kept me busy. They have requested specifics on our voltage regulators, tougher VAR testing, turbine frequency response testing,power system stabilizers, turbine/generator inertia data, etc. They are solidifying the models. The models have to be very accurate in a deregulated market with this much change occurring. They know what is coming.

Meanwhile, I am doing my year-end fuel reports. The last two years have been dismal for the coal assets. In addition, the renewing rail contracts are increasing because of a lack of demand. It is a bad feedback loop for coal.

It is actually an interesting thing to witness. Meanwhile, the folks that approved all of this are fighting regional haze and the clean power plan. Good luck with that. It gives them something to do.

In a nutshell. Happy Holidays!
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