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Member since: Mon Oct 10, 2016, 11:15 AM
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the end of email

considering how easy it is to hack into private email these days, is it about time we go back to communicating the old fashioned way? The world seemed to get along just fine prior to 1996 without email.

It wasn't until 2001 before it became mainstream. This whole email hack and just how easy it seems to be to hack into anyone's account, why on earth would public officials with sensitive or confidential information even consider using it?

Hate is a very strong word!

Hate was a word that I've taught my children to avoid using if at all possible, instead, use the word dislike.
Despite what I've taught my children about what the word hate means and what it implies, I can honestly say that I have hatred in my heart for the entire Republican Party.

This hatred has manifested itself over the last 8 years. Beginning with the Election of President Obama, the right wing has created a divided America.

This whole "take back our country" rhetoric was nothing more than a smokescreen for what they really meant. What they really wanted to say was "NNITWH" When Trump spouts off how he wants to"Make America Great Again", what he's really saying is that America needs to be set back to the days when racism, homophobia, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, and white nationalism was just normal and excepted.

The Republican party has created this "Monster", this divided America, and I can honestly say, without any reservation, that I HATE EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN IN THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE. I do have one exception though, for a Republican, John Kasich ain't half bad, the rest can rot in hell!

So, to my 4 boys, I apologize for having to use the word hate, and I hope you'll forgive me!

Donald Trumps hired guns

We all know just how vindictive Donald Trump is and just what a sore loser he is. He will do anything and everything to destroy anyone he sees as a threat. Could it be possible that he is the one behind the never ending email hacks of everything Clinton?

I honestly feel that he is the man behind this campaign to destroy Secretary Clinton's run for the White House. Intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia is behind this, however, I have a feeling Trump is the one calling the shots.

Something just isn't making sense!


After nearly 8 years of absenteeism, I'm back. Formely known as the tenaciousradical. If not for DU, The Smirking Chimp, and The Rude Pundit, mentally, I would not have survived 8 years of G.W. Bush. The top 10 conservative idiots and all the like minded peeps here at DU, simply put, you helped me keep my sanity.

Shortly after President Obama was elected the first time, I needed a break. Knowing what was sure to come, Republican obstructionism to everything he would propose, had i stayed, I would have most likely had a nervous breakdown. The little bit of right wing nonsense I was exposed to over the last 8 years, helped me keep my sanity. Limiting my exposure to the hatred they had for President Obama, i KEPT MY HEAD CLEAR.. Exposure to the likes of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and the flaming, bag of shit named Dick Cheney, who would occasionally come out from under his rock, well, it was enough to make me puke.

So after many years of being surrounded by a geographical sea of red, I chose to be surrounded by a sea of blue. I moved to Hawaii to decompress, it worked. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has given me an appreciation for G.W Bush. Donald Trump is a freaking mad man, every bit as evil as Dick Cheney

Once again I find myself needing the therapy that only the people of DU and The Rude Pundit can provide. Its refreshing to once again be surrounded by so many intelligent people. People who know just how toxic and dangerous the right wing has become.

Never in my life have I been more disgusted with a Presidential candidate. His character first and foremost, should have disqualified him from even being considered a viable candidate. The fact he's as dumb as a box of his very own hair, cements that fact. I get great joy in watching his ego destroy not only him and his candidacy, but to watch the Republicans being consumed by his big, fat, ego, gives me a mental orgasm!

Watching Hillary Rodham Clinton pound this bully into the ground, well, it's fuggin delicious.

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