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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 4,242

Journal Archives

We should all care

A few hacks of Melania's jacket.

Next Melania's purchase - Of course I'm in love whith you darling :-)

It's the most resembling of all Trump's portraits.

Is it ever OK to put a child in a cage ?

Anyone knows when the next Trump rally is ?

Not sure if "S" is missed on purpose or not...

"Le Figaro" a French newspaper, published an article on Rachel Maddow

"Qui est Rachel Maddow, cette présentatrice américaine qui a fondu en larmes à la télé ?"

"Who is Rachel Maddow, the journalist who broke in tears on TV ?"


Frankly, not a very good one, they didn't even mention her diploma.

I've read some comments, there's a fair bunch of stupid ones !

Le Figaro is a right tendency newspaper. Not far-right, they are barely allowed here. Many of the commentators are just as educated and smart as Trump supporters...

I answered a few ones. It was more or less the same reply, so I picked the most complete I have made.

"La gauchiste comme vous dites, est juste sortie diplômée en sciences politiques de cette obscure université qu'est Stanford (péniblement classée 2ème à l'échelle mondiale) et titulaire d'un doctorat en philosophie obtenu à l'université d'Oxford. Pas de quoi fouetter un chat non plus, elle n'est que 4ème au classement mondial...

Elle est réputée pour l'extrême justesse de ses informations et de ses analyses.

Petit détail amusant, alors que Trump s'en prend régulièrement aux médias ainsi qu'aux journalistes, il n'a JAMAIS attaqué Rachel Maddow...

Et pourtant, il distribue assez généreusement les petits noms d'oiseaux vis-à-vis de présentateurs bien moins mordants.

Bref, elle ne sait vraiment pas de quoi elle parle n'est-ce pas?

Je donnerais cher pour être aussi nulle que Rachel Maddow, vu son bagage académique..."

"The leftist, as you say, has barely graduated in political sciences from the obscure university of Stanford (painfully ranked 2nd in the world) and holds a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University. Nothing to make a fuss about, it is only 4th in the world ranking...

She is well-known for her extremely accurate information and analysis.

A Fun fact, while Trump regularly attacks both the media and journalists, he NEVER attacked Rachel, although he generously calls names far less biting journalists.

She really doesn't know what she's talking about, does she?

I'd pay to be as bad as Rachel Maddow, given her academic background..."

Crime-infested breeding center

Trump supporters

Another pic of Duluth rally ...packed arena !!

To put things in perspective :

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