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strategery blunder

strategery blunder's Journal
strategery blunder's Journal
March 29, 2016

Question submitted by strategery blunder

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November 8, 2012

Hey Teahadists! You sold America a bill of goods, and last night We The People demanded a refund.

In 2010, you hucksters came in promising JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, because President Obama allegedly hadn't turned around the greatest economic disaster in about eighty years quickly enough. You promised that if you let the rich run wild, the economy would boom once again. (Well, you and your ilk been pushing that for the past thirty-two years, but that's besides the point.) And you managed to bamboozle enough of the people with your slick campaign ads, and bamboozle enough Democrats with claims that Obama Wasn't Good Enough, to slither and slime your way into the U.S. House of Representatives.

Last night, American voters determined that you sold us a bill of goods. You sold us a defective product. And we're returning you to the caves you slithered in from.

Briefly: You did nothing to create jobs; instead, you obstructed most every effort to create them. You got our nation's credit rating downgraded for the first time in approximately forever when you held our nation's ability to issue bonds hostage to continuing tax cuts for your rich buddies and campaign contributors instead of allowing such taxes to rise to previous levels so that the government could better finance its own expenditures, all the while claiming to be fiscally conservative, no less! (I'd like to see you deliberately hamper your own income and then try telling the bank who holds your mortgage/credit card accounts how "fiscally conservative" you are, and see how that works out.) Instead of doing squat to even attempt to fix the economy, you refused to give the President, who attempted in good faith to fix the economy and at least managed to staunch its bleeding without one bit of help from the likes of you, the time of day. Instead, you immediately launched into an unadvertised-for War on Binders Full of Women.

Last night, America made one thing perfectly clear. We the People want a refund. You teahadists sold us a defective product--your governance, or more properly, your lack thereof. We want our 2010 vote back.

President Obama became the first sitting president since FDR to win re-election with unemployment as high as it is, and he did so convincingly. No 2000 Florida-style recount required. You teahadists were all but a shoo-in to take the Senate majority, as We the People had to defend 23 seats to the Teahadist Party's 10, and yet not only did the Democrats hold their Senate majority, We the People expanded it. You teahadists managed to hold the House you slithered into, your last bastion of relevance in an election that otherwise made you completely irrelevant, but it certainly wasn't because We the People voted for you. No, it was because you used your 2010 election-under-false-pretenses to gerrymander the living litterbox contents out of the U.S. House and lock your slimy arses therein.

Among other things, we kicked Allen West of macacca fame (I probably misspelled that, but I guarantee this post contains fewer spelling errors than a typical Teahadist-penned sign) out of his cushy gubmint job. We returned Alan Grayson to his position representing the American People in the U.S. House. Congressman Grayson, if you at all happen to see this, congratulations on your return and give 'em hell!

For the first time in our nation's history, We The People affirmatively voted FOR marriage equality (what you like to call "the homosexual agenda," if I understand you correctly) in not just one, but TWO states, and I had the great honor of casting one of those votes. We The People further rejected writing your bigotry into the state constitution of a third, also for the first time in our nation's history. Yet, in spite of the passage of what you Teahadists deem "the homosexual agenda," if you went to bed married the night before Election Day, you're most likely still married now. Unless you've recently cheated on your wife. No, those ebil gays didn't destroy your marriage. If your marriage is destroyed, it probably has something to do with you. Stop scapegoating Teh Gay and take some of that "personal responsibility" you keep lecturing us about.

Oh, and We The People also dropped two nuclear bombs on the wasteful and largely pointless (unless you make big money running privatized prisons) War on Drugs last night, in the form of legalization in Washington State and Colorado. Find more productive things to do with our tax monies, please. Even paying down the Reagan/Bush Jr. National Debt would be a better expenditure of our tax monies than prosecuting a poor grandma who bakes a brownie for some much-needed relief from chemotherapy side effects.

So, Teahadists, you have a choice. You can join us in such things as basic governance and help us get the federal government functional again, returning the Republican Party to the realm of the sane, you know, like it was under President Eisenhower. Or you can continue to thumb your noses at the expressed will of the American People, and continue to use your last vestige of relevance to impede and obstruct anything and everything the American People might want to get done, thereby flushing the Congressional approval ratings even further down the drain pipes leading out from the toilet, like you have been doing for the last two years. And should you choose to continue down your present heading, you should be aware that you will make yourselves even more irrelevant to the American People.

Just a word of warning. Your gerrymandered districts won't last forever. By 2020, the electorate will be even younger and browner than it is now, and you will have had a further eight years to alienate your constituents.

Choose carefully.

P.S. Representative Grayson, if you happen to read this, I would like to encourage you to deliver this message, signed, sealed, and delivered by One American Voter, straight to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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