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Member since: Fri Jun 3, 2016, 06:27 PM
Number of posts: 79

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Poll Numbers

Come on. We need to get our there and get these polls numbers down. This idiot does not have a right to a 44% approval rating.

Call on Manafort Trial Judge to Recuse Himself

Judge T.S. Ellis has made remarks in court accusing the prosecution in being more interested in getting after Donald Trump than in Paul Manafort. This is absolutely inappropriate and should grounds to demand that Judge Ellis recuse himself from this case. The statements are so obviously blatant and biased that the only reason they do not come as surprise is exactly because we are living in the Trump era. This is an absolute shame, and his behavior is a mockery of the oath he was supposed to have taken as a judge. Something needs to be done about this pronto.

New Name for Donald Trump.

Has anybody thought of calling Donald Trump Traitor Donald? It's sort of a take on the names he's been giving other people. I thought of "Traitor Trump" to, but given the fact that he usually uses first names, I thought Traitor Donald might be more of a comeuppance.

Where are the New Books by Progressive/Liberal/Democrats?

We are already over a year into Trumps presidency, and I still see no books by high profile like minded people that are meant to rally the troops into taking down this presidency. Early on, I saw one by Elizabeth Warren and there was a reprint by Bermie Sanders. And then, of course, there was one by Hilary explaining why she lost. I am going berserk. Republicans always have books out, even when their guy is in the White House. When Rush Limbaugh published his book, it was like a calling card for Republicans. And they used it as an excuse to annoy Democrats. And this was during Bill Clinton's presidency. You know, the one in which when he lost congress, Republicans actually got a crap load of what they actually wanted, and then spent the rest of the time complaining about how horrible they thought the Clintons were? I am of course, totally understanding the predicament that Clinton was in. The Republicans were masterful in attacking him once they got going. Which outlines the point. Somebody needs to stop just writing about single issues, or even baseball, and step up to the plate and write a cultural phenomenon that helps us blast these people out of the water. My dream is for one by Rachel Maddow.


We should probably already have caught up on this, but the right is already starting to demonize the term "woke". I suggest the best way to combat this is to start deciphering their terminology and use it against them as well.

The Best Way to "Persecute" a Christian Republican

Do you want to know the easiest way to persecute a member of the religious right? If they ask you to join their church, tell them you are not interested. From their point of view, that would be sufficient.

What I Think Has Just Happened.

With the Alt Right inspired riots, the sad resulting deaths and Donald Trumps worthless response, I think one thing has
happened that years of progressive/liberal talking points couldn't have done. I think these events have made Right Wing
Identity Politics blow up in Donald Trumps face. And nobody is more deserving of it than Donald Trump.


I recently read on CNN that there are some divisions going on between Bernie Sanders and other members of the Democratic Party; what I think is labeled the establishment, over charges of racism. I don't wish to attach any names
here at this time, because I think there is another issue behind this that needs to be addressed. The fact that Donald Trump will undoubtedly try to capitalize on divisions. Another fact is that Bernie Sanders supporters have been
unfairly stigmatized and blamed for Donald Trump's success. That has caused further friction between Bernie Sanders supporters and other Democrats, which Donald Trump will also try to capitalize on. See the problem? Now, I don't think
that very many of us see the election of Donald Trump as an acceptable outcome, so may I propose that Sanders supporters, Harris supporters, Booker supporters, Biden supporters or whoever else is competing or may be the last two
standing, should come up and agree upon some kind of method or strategy to block or fumble Donald Trump's of doing this in a way that not only allows for all involved "except for Donald Trump, of course" to keep their integrity and dignity, and for us all to remain victorious at the end of the election. It may be a good idea to come up with a strategy that can be used during the various midterm elections. Maybe some kind of under the table or tag team type strategy that would drive Trump and his supporters up the wall, instead of us going up the wall ourselves.

A Way to Hone our Message

I know we can't just be the party of resistance, but part of the job of getting our message out is how we paint the
opposition. I believe a key way to do this is by zeroing in on what has become a core belief of the Republican Party, specifically those on the top who support Donald Trump, because I believe it has hurt us when we have tried to saw
Trump's foundation off by stigmatizing those who support him who are at the bottom. The core Republican belief that I
am speaking of is the belief that people's moral worth is based on their income and how much they have in their bank
account that is not from social benefits such as SS DI and Medicaid. This is directly behind the Republican agenda to strip
people of these benefits. This belief is tied to a philosophy called Objectivism, which was popularized by author Ayn Rand
and is held by Trump supporters such as billionaire Robert Mercer, a man who, according to an article I read in The New
Yorker, sees more worth in cats then in welfare recipients. We need to expose this to the ordinary people of America, many of whom voted for Donald Trump, and who we can, and I do mean can, convince to vote Democrat if we also
set out a progressive economic message that is populist as well. And by populist, I mean not in the way that degrades their neighbors, and they have neighbors all over the country, but one that shows them the value in themselves and
those around them. If we do that, we can crush the Republicans two years from now and another two years beyond that.
We can also defeat the one percent ideologues that put them in office.

Political Correctness?

If Mexico loses a war and wants to complain that the U.S. stole Texas, then they are accused of trying to rewrite history and of political correctness.

If the Native American Indian loses a war and wants to complain of atrocities like the Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee, then they are accused of try to rewrite history and of political correctness.

If the Japanese lose a war and want to complain about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then they are accused of trying to rewrite history and of political correctness.

If the South loses a war and you don't allow them to rewrite history, then you get accused of political correctness.
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