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Records shattered’ at Fukushima — Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” th


Looks like it has made a serius turn for the worst.

helping the right recover from their delusions

We won. But we should have learned by now that we can not long pause in our efforts or assume that the war has ended because a battle has been won. When you have them in retreat, it is time to pursue and advance. What is needed, in my estimation, is to advance a wide range of issues across an extensive front to entangle what resistance remains in a conflict as to where to selectively apply their remaining limited resources. This is the time to pursue a revamping of the election laws to ensure fair elections and to prohibit the potential for electronic voting machines to be used to distort the results. No voting machines without a paper receipt that may be used to validate the results. Prosecute those who have sought to subvert the election process. We should also pursue legal action against any religious groups that have elected to ignore the IRS rules, transforming themselves into political advocates while enjoying tax exemption. To fail to do this invites a serious erosion of church and state separation. Imposition of regulatory policies on banking in the form of reinstating the Glass-Steagall act is essential, for obvious reasons. Without it, we are forever held at risk of a economic institution that has been determined “too big to fail” and therefore able to dictate the economic fortunes of the country through simple mismanagement. To politically succeed through economic mechanism requiring only failure in business to ensure success politically is to allow those who advocate a privatization of the commons and a centralization of economic and political power to exercise political power beyond the reach of democratic processes.

Finally, we need to help the Republicans when they are in need. Their assumption that the center was always available to be moved ever further to the right has proven false and they need a mechanism to return to a more central and moderate space of political relevance, but to do this we need to provide them room in the center. To the end of assisting the right to find its way back into a more reasonable political grounding, we need to move further left. It is in their interest if we can accomplish significant progressive and liberal policy advancement and we therefore have an opportunity to move toward a progressive vision for the further of the country. A vision that includes environmental policies that might lead to a sustainable future and reversal of the advance toward the abyss that is the consequence of thoughtless indulgence in avarice.

It is a unique opportunity that now presents to us, but to take advantage of the opportunity we are required to deflect the potential for the right’s regrouping into any semblance of an organized resistance in service of the corporate interests for which they front, and to assist the right to move forward into a politically more successful middle ground. We can accomplish this by advancing the strategy of the left and in so doing provide a space for reason to be embraced again by the more policy driven centralist republicans. It is to our advantage to have the opposition succeed in pulling away from the shrill divisiveness and alarmists rhetoric that has become characteristic of the republican party since its embrace of the Nixonian southern strategy of implicit racism and catering to the simplistic ignorance of angry sentiments. We can help them in their recovery by advancing progressive ideas that have previously seemed too idealistic and hopeful to previously been accomplished. They need us to succeed in our progressive efforts, to afford them an opportunity to move into a position with more potential for relevance than the one evidenced in this last election.
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