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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Mexico
Home country: USA
Current location: Land of Enchantment
Member since: Tue Oct 3, 2006, 07:31 PM
Number of posts: 3,656

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Wish they would show Don Jr's video

of the rather jolly gathering of trump & his "in" crowd watching the gathering of rioters on TV. They are playing "Gloria" and Kimberly and Don Jr are dancing... trump is watching intently.. but hey.. there is a riot in the making...

( edited to remove the stuff snopes says is a mixture of true and not so true)

I just have to say something

I hate "smarmy" and most of the repubs being interviewed today on the news channels are the epitome of "smarmy"

I am also sick to death of repubs getting away with infractions..like Rand Paul.. if he won't follow the rules, eject the bastard.

I am frustrated with the coverage. When Chuck Todd & Andrea Mitchell come on I turn the channel, but CNN is not much better
I don't know if I will ever ever get over this horror show. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to be kind and empathetic. But I am furious that they have allowed the co-conspiritors to stay on the jury. I am livid that they are trying to normalize the coup..that I believe is STILL going on. ( Am I over the wire here? - it's hard to tell these days) I am so tired of being angry and frustrated.

I live alone so I don't have too many people to talk to, hence the rant on DU.

Thanks for reading this, if you did.

Also, thanks again for the hearts. When I say they lifted my spirits, I really meant it.

Wow I am blown away!

I started to write this thank you note to everyone who has been sharing hearts and discovered more hearts had been given to me!

It sure seems there is a lot of love going around here. Not that DU isn't supportive and mostly friendly all the time, but I feel a definite vibe this year, like something further is being shared. I read a lot when I come here every day, but feel pretty invisible most of the time, and when I got a heart my "spirits were lifted" and then there were more hearts, just out of the blue! I don't know really know anyone here, but I am truly feeling the love today.

Thank you Thank you

Wow..I am so touched and surprised

Usually, I feel like I'm pretty much invisible here, but some dear person gifted me with a lovely heart.

Thank you.. you really made my day!

Say his name - Eugene Goodman



This @NYTimes photo of @CapitolPolice
Officer Eugene Goodman facing down a mob by himself is breathtaking...

Here is a great song for #DonnyTheLoser

Just because you can
Doesnít mean you should
Just because you can
Doesnít mean you should
Just because you can
Doesnít mean you should
If it donít do nobody
Donít do nobody no good

Well you can push your luck with all your might
Or give up without a fight
Unleash a firestorm of fury and Wrath
That smack down every suckaí who dares cross your path
Run around town till your home gets wrecked
Whine and complain when you gitz no respect
But it wonít do nobody
Wonít do nobody no good

Just because you should
Doesnít mean you can
Just because you should
Doesnít mean you can
Just because you should
Doesnít mean you can
If you canít make it
Gotta lay back and take it like a man

You should live by the golden rule
Stay out of trouble and stay in school
You should never make promises that you canít keep
Eat 7 vegetables a day and get 8 hours of sleep
You should face your fears, embrace your flaws
And if you ask me why Iíll tell you just because
If you canít make it
Gotta lay back and take it like a man

Just because you can
Doesnít mean you should
Just because you can
Doesnít mean you should
Just because you can
Doesnít mean you should
If it donít do nobody
Donít do nobody no good

(Catherine Russell, vocals; Rob Garcia, drums; Neal Miner, bass; Matt Munistreri, banjo, guitar; Sara Caswell, violin; (World Village 2010)

IMHO, trump wont have any trouble testifying under oath

He has done it many times before and it looks like he hasn't had much of a problem with it. If they ask him to actually read something under oath, however, it may prove more problematic for him.

trump is a pathological liar. He believes his own lies because everything he says is absolute truth - to him. It has never mattered to him whether or not others believed him because 'others' do not matter to him and never have.

He has no interest or belief in consequences because they are always in his favor. If things don't go his way, he doesn't notice because he just bends circumstances to his will and continues his delusion that he is superior and in control.

trump doesn't recognize the Rule of Law as having anything to do with him. It is possible his testimony will not go as smoothly as it has in the past because he is way out of his league. He isn't the CEO of a company being sued, nor is he suing someone. He is the President of the U.S. being investigated for felony Obstruction of Justice, money laundering and perhaps even treason. It is also possible he is dealing with the beginning stages of dementia so his disconnects will be more pronounced than usual, especially under the pressure of sworn testimony. But that probably won't matter to him.

I could definitely be wrong about the dementia thing, but he has shown some of the symptoms for sure. Like when he was in Israel, and just stood up during his conversation with Netanyahu, blinking his eyes in confusion while wandering off. His handlers had to guide him gently back. His behavior seemed pretty suspect to me.

His mind may still be sharp as a tack but he could have ADHD, along with the ever-present galloping malignant narcissism, over-weening hubris and pathological mendacity. It is now pretty clear that trump has a sociopathic lack of empathy coupled with a blindingly incurious ego as well.

So, my unsolicited and amateur diagnosis is that our POTUS is one obscene mess.

There may be a part of his still functioning brain that is quite eager to stand alone in the brightest spotlight on the best center stage ever no matter the cost. Testifying in front of Congress and before the World will be ideal for him because this could surely be his "moment". If he is caught perjuring himself, he will just do what he always does, he will keep on lying because it works.

trump's moment in the sun and his chance to set a ratings record with an audience whose numbers might even be greater than Obama's could finally grant him his deepest, most passionate desire. This might be the most tremendous win ever and for trump it could be 100% worth it.

Just my opinion [img][/img]

This is an open letter (read angry rant) to Tom Smith and all others

who support him in his ignorant and demented ideas about women regarding the CRIME of RAPE.

Of course, I must also include (in no particular order) Eric Cantor; John Boehner; Todd Akin; Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan; Mike Huckabee; Terry England; Bob McDonnell; Tom Corbett; Scott Walker; Rance Priebus ;Dr. Fred Mecklenburg; Michele Bachman; Mitch McConnell; Cathy McMorris Rodgers; Rush Limbaugh and sadly, so many others with nearly unlimited access to what is facetiously referred to as the "Main Stream Media" The MSM has certainly done it's part in legitimizing the pernicious sexist spew coming from this barbarous collective.

Mostly, I write this letter to address the deranged Republicans in Congress who are collectively constructing a malignant web of lies to validate their on-going, insane and hateful evisceration of the Rights of Women. I will attempt to write this so that even they can understand:

For your information -

Having a baby as a result of a RAPE is NOTHING like having a baby out of wedlock. A pregnancy from a RAPE is not about "oops I had unprotected sex and got pregnant" ....RAPE is a CRIME OF VIOLENCE.


RAPE is a CRIME of MURDEROUS WRATH and HATRED, of ANGER and BRUTALITY, DOMINANCE and CONTROL. The only PASSIONS evoked in RAPE are RAGE toward the target and TERROR from the target. RAPE is only about SEX because the RAPIST uses his PENIS as a WEAPON.

Let me repeat this so that it will be very clear to you: A RAPIST USES HIS PENIS AS A WEAPON!!!!!!

There is nothing, NOTHING about RAPE that is 'sex as usual' and for you to suggest that RAPE is just 'another way for a woman to get pregnant' or that RAPE can be considered Legitimate or Non-Legitimate is beyond FOUL and REPUGNANT.

Your offensive idea that RAPE is not a TRUE RAPE if the woman becomes pregnant is repulsive and your smug pronouncement that a woman who becomes pregnant from a RAPE is not all that different from a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock is amoral and almost criminal in its recklessness and shows how absolutely ignorant and lacking in compassion and human grace you truly are.

You and all your ignorant contemporaries who insist upon spewing this LIE about RAPE make me sick, physically and spiritually.

It is clear you have no love or understanding of women AT ALL. And, by the way, if you are a woman who validates this insanity by ignoring it or making excuses for it then you are clearly delusional, possibly insane and have a deep seated hatred for yourself and for your sex. You should all at least TRY to get in touch with a glimmer of your higher consciousness or even just a remnant of conscience. But you may no longer possess either of those things after all the hatred you have cultivated in your own hearts and incited in others. You need to educate yourselves or you just need to go away.. you are not fit to be in any position of leadership.

SHAME on you

SHAME on all of you who perpetuate this absolute fallacy about RAPE.

And DOUBLE SHAME on the people who have voted for you or who are considering giving you their vote.

(Edited to add a name)
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