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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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We know what it costs for Trump to go to his estate in Florida but....

How does his wife get there? Does AF1 go pick her up every weekend? Do they fly her down in another gov. aircraft? Just wondering.

So Texas wants to texit.

Well don`t let the door hit in your ass. Just remember, that when the next disaster hits, you are on your own. Don`t ask for help from the rest of us and our government. Remember our government is no longer yours. You no longer have to follow our laws. Carry all the weapons you want. Frack the hell out of every piece of land you own. Remember everything you produce and export to the united states will have a tax on it just as if it was coming from another country. Oh, wait you are another country.
If Mexico tries to invade your country, make sure you replace every gun, bullet, airplane, tank and what every else will be removed by your former country when you decided to go rogue. And make sure you buy a few ships to protect you shore line. Baseball, football, basketball, well you will have to get used to playing each other as currently our pro teams as well as collage teams do not play foreign teams. Jerry Jones would not like that to much.
Everyone coming in and out of the country of Texas will need a passports so set up entry points to enter and leave your country. You might as well get your federal roads repaired before you check out because they will be quite expensive to repair on your own. Make sure you get your own banks set up and print some money for your country to use. I am sure there is more but if you come up with solutions this than you might have a chance to make as the country of Texas or whatever you want to call yourselves.

Taking a bullet

All the right wing talking head crackpots are on the video where the cop says "don`t worry I will take the bullet before you do". Hannity says "who would you rather be in a room with,someone not armed or a trained shooter like me". All these fuck sticks who never served there country for a day or have never been in a position of being shot at would piss there pants and cry like a baby when the first shot was fired. They can talk like this when they have someone who will "take the bullet" for them.

Congress scheduled to be in session for 111 days next year.

An average of 2 days a week. When will we start paying them for only the days they work?
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