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Name: ebaer
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: WI
Home country: USA
Current location: out of doors
Member since: Tue Jul 11, 2017, 11:39 AM
Number of posts: 20

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Joe Walsh is playing the foil.

Joe Walsh is playing the foil.

It seems like an easy thing to see through. Maybe it's because I've heard Joe Walsh on the car radio. I know his brand. His outrage and disgust regarding tRump seems sudden and suspicious. To those that may not have ever heard of him before, he might sound almost reasonable. He might be saying the things that many of us have been thinking for a long time.

But I'm not fooled for a moment. That's not how thing work on the right.

It's a setup. Walsh is going after tRump like a heel going after a face. It's classic kayfabe.
They'll have debates which will coincidentally occur right after the Democratic debates to strategically gain back the news cycle. There will be lots of yelling, boasting and name-calling. There will also be whatever Mr. Walsh has to say, too.

The tRump can't stand having Democratic debates going on without his being involved somehow. He needs that attention. He needs to barge into the process. He needs to have an audience watch him put someone down.
Walsh might be the proverbial rat leaving a sinking ship.... but I think it's more likely he has stepped up to take punches from the champ before the big fight.

Walsh is not there to win and he knows it.

I used to listen to right-wing radio.

I would often listen to right-wing radio while driving truck for a living. ( I recommend it to those who can stomach it, but it's not for the easily queasy. It can make you damn mad.)
So, I was thinking back to the 2008 primary season. Limbaugh had this thing called " Operation Chaos" where he told Republican primary voters to cross party lines and vote on the Democratic ticket. It was a way to screw with the results and put his thumb on our scale. Early on, Hilary looked to be the overall Democratic favorite, so Limbaugh told his followers to vote for Obama just to mess things up. I guess he thought that a black man with Hussein for a middle name didn't have much of a chance in the long run.

But that's the game on the right. Try to control the variables and run the show. Free and fair elections should be neither. Taint the water. Poison the well. Use every trick in the book with the intention of picking your opponent and disqualifying your strongest rivals.

I wonder if Limbaugh's little game gave BHO the early momentum he needed to become one of the best presidents of my lifetime.

Hey, I'm new here...

By way of introduction, I am a new contributor. Let me just say that I rely on this site for my sanity ( which remains questionable at times ). There are lots of great posts and threads to appreciate here. Thanks to all who contribute and add to the discussions.

I live in Wisconsin on a small hobby farm with chickens and gardens. We are one of the states that tossed out the REDS this last election. Now those same REDS are trying to put limits on the incoming BLUE elected officials. Imagine that!
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