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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 318

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Suggestion: Dual icon system to help recognize who's worth listening to

As it works now, my (optional) avatar and name are linked to the information I provided, basically a representation of myself as I am willing to be viewed in public. However this does not really provide sufficient basis to assess my reputation.

I think it would be more helpful if there were two icons for each person. One should be the self-representation, and the other should be a reflection of public reputation. The self-icon is basically what DU has now (and would link (as now) to the same data), but the other-icon would be a standardized representation of how other people see me (or you), mostly based on their reactions to the public comments. The link from the other-icon would lead to the detailed analysis of the numbers and also to links to the actual data. By analyzing the actual data it would be possible to detect such problems as circles of sock puppets trying to raise each other's reputation.

The underlying reason for this suggestion is really to save time. It should be possible to quickly and easily figure out whose comments are most worth reading. I actually think there are many dimensions of public reputation and people should be able to filter or favor various dimensions, but let me use an extremely simple dimension as an example: Age. The older an account is, the more likely that it is not a fresh sock puppet, and therefore I would like the option to say that any excessively young accounts will not be visible to me.

This can be coupled with a system to help the trolls discredit themselves. Again I confess that my objective is to save my own time. I think that some of the trolls are actually paid to use their time to waste mine. Lots more details of this suggestion available upon polite request, though I'm not expecting many such requests (and even though I'd be willing to chip in some money to help implement such features).

Another and broader suggestion would be related to funding based on helping to solve various problems. However, right now I think Democratic Underground isn't worth the efforts of typing up that suggestion. Part of that assessment is related to the troll problems my main suggestion is intended to help address.

Born to run--run away with OUR tax money!

The Boss should update "Born to Run [Away]" to cover the suicide pact between #PresidentTweety and the #BolshevikRepublicans.

I'm sure there are some Bruce Springsteen fans around here. His fans are everywhere, but does anyone have an actual channel for suggestions to the Boss? Unlike the Donald, the Boss actually cares about America and he's also done some great songs about our political problems. Boy, have we got problems now!

I better add a bit more context, eh? Woke up thinking that the fake tax reform is a suicide pact (okay, not a "rap" ) between #PresidentTweety and the #BolshevikRepublicans. Maybe I'm stupid, but I believe in justice and I think the voters are going to judge them REALLY harshly in less than a year. The REAL Republican Party is already dead, but it's going to get completely buried next year.

So why did they do it? Obviously they are taking our money and running away.

Which brings me to yet another Constitutional Amendment we need. There are already two places where the Constitution talks about NOT increasing their "emoluments" during their term of office. The one in Section I, Section 6 covers Congress, and in II, 1, 7 it says basically the same thing about the President. The Founders were pretty smart and part of the proof is that they deliberately used the broad term "emoluments" to cover ANY form of loot, and it OBVIOUSLY should include tax reforms that provide YUGE profits for the congress-critters and the so-called president.

Given what lying lawyerly bastards these professional politicians are, I think it would need to be worded in two parts. (1) NO congress-critter can vote on any tax bill until its financial impact has been estimated and reported to the public, and (2) NO favorable changes in tax laws can apply to the congress-critters who voted for them, but they must continue paying their OWN taxes under the tax laws that were in effect at the time of their election. For LIFE. Just to block them from the quick retirement route to profit after gutting the government.

I was going to suggest that the congress-critters should merely be required to disclose the personal effects on themselves of their changes to tax legislation BEFORE they voted on any tax laws, but... I realized that could only work if they had a sense of shame and today's so-called Republicans have NO shame or even the vaguest sense of what shame might be.

Would the Bolshevik Republicans backstab the Donald for the 2018 election?

Seriously wondering if the #BolshevikRepublicans will impeach #PresidentTweety next year.

Then their 2018 campaign slogan will be "We impeached Trump!"

#TrumpSinking #PutinLaughing #Me2Sad

Satire crossing the line to not funny

Satire of the sharpest bite. Hard to laugh when it cuts too close to the truth.

Background reality: Nixon's Southern Strategy is alive and sicker than ever. However #PresidentTweety has "special reasons" to hate female victims of sexual predators, even if his own reputation as a "successful" "ladies' man" is YUGELY inflated. Yeah, I think the Hollywood Access tape really happened and he said it, but he was lying (again and as always) and in reality Trump is a YUGE coward and fell far short of the sexual predations of such REAL monsters as extremely ex-judge Roy Moore and no-longer-funny Bill Cosby.

The Donald is still quite sincere in wanting Moore. It will help keep the #BolshevikRepublicans in line and convince them that Trump's brand of anti-American fascism is a "winner" in the voting booths. (If you call what they do in Alabama voting.)


Does the google blacklist Democrats (or democrats)?

What if the google blacklisted you?

Point the zeroeth: "With great power comes great responsibility", but the google is a "properly" programmed soulless corporation of the most inhuman sort. All the google anthropomorphically "wants" is all the money in the universe, and damn the responsibility.

Point the first: I strongly believe that I have been blacklisted by the google in the past. As a result, I was unable to use certain services for various periods of time. The longest "outage" lasted for years. (DAUPR. But why do you care?) There are certain google services that seem to work badly now. Just bugs or "negative personalization" for an "enemy of the state of the google"? Maybe I'm just too stupid (and paranoid?) to figure out how to use the google properly? (Or maybe you're next?)

Point the second: How can you or I tell the difference between being deliberately blacklisted and "bugs" in the "personalization" of your Google account? Maybe some of your email is just being incorrectly filtered as spam? Or maybe the google has "decided" you shouldn't be talking to certain people? Perhaps the google is trying to prevent the use of google services by criminals and you just got swept up in the net by a programming flaw? Or maybe the google machine "suspects" you of the ultimate crime, acting so as to reduce the google's profits?

Point the third: I like freedom too much. The thing I most dislike about the google is how hard they work to eliminate any non-google choices for the sake of profit maximization and cancerous growth. Cancer always kills its host. (Perhaps that's what happened (or is happening) to America?)

Point the fourth: How would you know? Perhaps by comparing notes with other people, but "true friends" of the google might not tell you the truth (the whole truth, and nothing but the truth) about how the google truly works. (Compare to Apple fanbois?)

Pledge of Allegiance for the age of Trump

Corrected and Updated Pledge of Allegiance for today's America:

"I pledge allegiance
to the Donald
for the greater profits of the Trump Organization,
and to the Putin
whom he fears,
half a nation
under #PresidentTweety,
with lip service and judges for all #BolshevikRepulbicans."

Remember when ol' Honest Abe wanted government of the people, by the people, for the people? You must be lonely. Thanks to Trump and the newfangled #BolshevikRepublicans, we're now having an uncivil war between their government of the corporations, by the lawyers, for the richest 0.1% and #PresidentTweety's government of the Donald, by the Donald, for the Donald.

Me? Us? We're just a bunch of peasants. Losers.

Want a laugh? Call your congress-critter and try to tell him you matter more than the dark money from YUGE and EVIL corporations that are funding his next campaign. The Koch brothers matter. We don't.

P.S. I recently finished reading the excellent book Dark Money. Strongly recommended.

#PresidentTweety is NOT leading the USA. Who is he leading?

A few of my candidates:


According to Trump, they were all the same in Charlottesville and there were "very fine" people mixed in there, too. Nazis and pacifists and racists and whatever-the-heck is the opposite of racists. MANY sides! Gotta wait for the facts! Gotta check the facts before tweeting!

Oh yeah, I suppose I better explain the alphabet soup? Confederate States of America, United Racists of Amerika, 4th Reich, National Rifle Association, Ku Klux Klan, Goldman Sachs, Fox "news", Professional Golfers Association, Banana Republic of Putin, Grab Our Pussies, What The Fuck.

You have any interesting candidates to add?

P.S. Sometimes there is only ONE side that counts.

Who else called the White House according to the Donald?

Trump says that Sigmund Freud called. Very friendly call just to reassure Trump that there was nothing wrong with his mental health. Siggy even said he loves Trump almost as much as Trump loves himself!

What will General Kelly do when he learns Trump is a bigger crook than Nixon ever was?

Follow up question is probably "Will he put country first?"

Also wondering if there are any on-the-record statements from any of Trump's pet generals regarding Ford's pardon of Nixon. If so, I'm betting that none of them were against it. Probably one of Trump's main tests for anyone he hires.

Trump's plan to give Putin YOUR voter data!

Here's my theory of the REAL reason Trump wants the voter data:

It's becoming increasingly clear that #PresidentTweety owes "HIS" new house to (1) Fake News attacks on Hillary Clinton and (2) Putin's hackers who propagated the FAKE news.

A lot of this was micro-targeting, which will be GREATLY improved in 2018 after Trump gives Putin all of the voter data. The Donald is such a nasty child that he was probably planning to pay Putin back personally by handing him the data at their coming meeting.

Or maybe it isn't the nastiness. Maybe it's the fear because Putin has already started leaning on him? Should we hope Putin busts a kneecap for being late with the payment?

Trump is now CLEARLY impeachable for attacking the First Amendment of the Constitution. It's right there in the presidential oath. I'm certain that blackmail against the First is clearly a "high crime".

In theory, the so-called Republican Party could help save the country, but they lost their souls long ago. They sold them for cheap political victories, and along the way they destroyed America and made it possible for such TERRIBLE and incompetent leaders as Dubya and Trump to occupy the White House.

How? They had to destroy a lot of critical thinking to do it, but that's exactly what they did to America's public schools, beginning back in the Reagan years. Divide and conquer is great, like Julius Caesar said. Split the public schools into a FEW good ones and a LOT of terrible obedience schools you wouldn't send your dog to.

We wound up with a country where NASA has to deny building a secret Martian space colony of enslaved children, because there are now some voters who are ready to believe that FAKE news. We are so phucked.
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