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Comey: Its possible that so-called pee tape is real

Source: The Hill

Former FBI Director James Comey admits in a new interview that he doesn't know if the so-called "pee tape" — one of the more salacious items in the "Steele dossier" — exists.

The "golden showers" allegation, which first surfaced in the unverified dossier created by former British intelligence operative Christopher Steele, claims Trump ordered two prostitutes to urinate on a bed once used by the Obamas at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.

In excerpts from an interview airing on an ABC News "20/20" special this Sunday, Comey says that its "possible" that the alleged incident occurred, and that he was careful not to tell Trump whether he believed the allegations or not.

“I honestly never thought this words would come out of my mouth, but I don't know whether the current president of the United States was with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013,” Comey told ABC. “It's possible, but I don't know.”

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/382976-comey-its-possible-that-so-called-pee-tape-is-real

READY TO STRIKE? USS Harry Truman strike group armed with cruise missiles being deployed in Med

Source: The Sun UK

THE US President is widely expected to green-light revenge attacks on the President Bashar Assad regime in the coming days supported by Britain and France.

AN US aircraft carrier is on its way and a guided missile destroyer is reportedly lurking off the coast of Syria amid calls for revenge for Assad's poison gas attack.

It comes as Donald Trump renewed his vow to decide on his military response to the outrage which left scores dead “probably by the end of today".


Meanwhile USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier strike group was on its way to the Syrian coast armed with cruise missiles and an array of warplanes.

Yet it emerged today Russia has started jamming US military drones operating over Syria seriously affecting America's ability to strike targets.

Read more: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6019299/uss-harry-s-truman-missiles-deployed-mediterranean-syria/

Trump tweets Russia started anti-US campaign long before he ran for president

Source: CNBC

President Donald Trump claimed in a tweet Friday that the latest indictment issued by special counsel Robert Mueller showed that his presidential campaign "did nothing wrong" during the 2016 election.

"Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President," Trump tweeted as he departed the White House for south Florida, the location of his private Mar-a-Lago club. "The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!"

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/16/trump-tweets-russia-started-anti-us-campaign-long-before-he-ran-for-president.html

Trump sees Nunes memo as a way to discredit the Russia investigation

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump continues to tell his associates he believed the highly controversial Republican memo alleging the FBI abused its surveillance tools could help discredit the Russia investigation, multiple sources familiar with White House discussions said.

The President continues to direct some of his anger toward his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In phone calls last night and over the past days, Trump has told friends he believes the memo would expose bias within the agency's top ranks and make it easier for him to argue the Russia investigations are prejudiced against him, according to two sources.

Trump was upset Wednesday in the wake of the FBI's statement challenging the release of the a controversial memo crafted by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, led by Chairman Devin Nunes, a Trump ally. The statement was issued just hours after the President made clear he wanted the document public.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2018/02/01/politics/nunes-memo-donald-trump/index.html?adkey=bn

Trump will extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping Obama-era nuclear deal alivefor now

Source: CNBC

President Donald Trump will, for the final time, waive sanctions against Iran, extending the life of an international nuclear accord that the commander in chief disavowed three months ago, according to senior administration officials.

The waiver marks the first time Trump has granted sanctions relief since he told Congress in October that the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is no longer in the country's national security interest. Trump has called the accord the "worst deal ever," but he's declined to scrap it while Congress prepares legislation to modify the agreement and his administration marshals international support to increase pressure on Iran.

The nuclear deal, hammered out in 2015 by six world powers, lifts crippling sanctions on Iran's lifeblood oil and gas industry and the broader economy. In exchange, the Iranian regime agreed to limits on its nuclear program and allowed inspectors to monitor its facilities.

Trump risked sparking a diplomatic crisis with France, Germany and the U.K. — three parties to the deal — and the broader European Union if he refused to issue the waivers. Restoring sanctions against Iran, OPEC's third-largest oil producer, also threatened to roil energy markets and put a freeze on billions of foreign investment into the country.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/12/trump-will-extend-iran-sanctions-relief-keeping-obama-era-nuclear-deal-alive--for-now.html

CNN: Trump took 'victory lap' after remark, official says



President Trump spent his Thursday night phoning aides, allies and friends, asking them how they thought the “shithole” remark was playing out in the press.

One White House official referred to this as a “victory lap.”

Ex-CIA director: Trump shows 'qualities usually found in narcissistic, vengeful autocrats'

Source: The Hill

Former CIA Director John Brennan slammed President Trump in a tweet Thursday, saying the president shows "qualities usually found in narcissistic, vengeful autocrats."

Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump, posted the comment shortly after joining Twitter on Thursday. He condemned Trump's tough stance against critics of his declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"Trump Admin threat to retaliate against nations that exercise sovereign right in UN to oppose US position on Jerusalem is beyond outrageous," tweeted Brennan, who led the CIA under former President Obama.

"Shows @realDonaldTrump expects blind loyalty and subservience from everyone—qualities usually found in narcissistic, vengeful autocrats," he added.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/366078-former-cia-director-trump-shows-qualities-usually-found-in


State Department tells refugee agencies to downsize U.S. operations

Source: reuters

(Reuters) - The U.S. State Department has told refugee agencies it will sharply pare back the number of offices across the country authorized to resettle people in 2018 as President Donald Trump cuts the number of refugees allowed into the United States.

The announcement was made at a Dec. 1 meeting in Washington with State Department officials and representatives from nine major refugee agencies, several executives of the agencies said.

Advocates said the decision is likely to lead to the closure of dozens of resettlement offices around the country, potentially leaving some refugees without access to services that help them integrate into American life. Several state refugee coordinators said they had also been made aware of the closures.

Refugee resettlement in the United States is handled by nine non-profit agencies that receive funding from the federal government for some of their refugee work. They partner with, or oversee, hundreds of local offices in nearly every state that help new arrivals with basic tasks like enrolling children in school, arranging doctors’ visits and applying for Social Security cards and other documents.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-refugees-exclusive/exclusive-state-department-tells-refugee-agencies-to-downsize-u-s-operations-idUSKBN1EF2S5


HIAS Chicago to close Refugee Resettlement Program

After nearly four decades of service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Chicago has been directed by the U.S. State Department to shut down one of its signature programs, refugee resettlement.

The move, one of dozens of similar closings and consolidations across the country, is a result of decreased numbers of refugees coming to the United States. Earlier this year, the administration set a cap of 45,000, down from 85,000 actual resettlements two years ago.

Since the late 1970s, HIAS Chicago's program has resettled thousands of refugees from the former Soviet Union, Bosnia, Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, and Syria. The agency connected them with safe furnished housing, employment opportunities and education for their children, and set them on a path to successful integration into their new community.


"As saddened as we are to see our program end, we are deeply concerned about those individuals and families awaiting their turns to come to the United States. Those who have been waiting years or even decades will now need to wait even longer to find freedom."

House Republicans prepare to wrap up contentious Russia investigation

Source: NBC News

WASHINGTON — As House Republicans make the case for special counsel Robert Mueller to end his investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, they appear ready to bring their own intelligence probe to an end.

Senior Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee tell NBC News that they hope and expect to draw their year-long investigation to an end in the coming weeks, saying they have largely completed all interviews relevant to the narrow scope of inquiry Democrats had agreed to last spring.

The committee has conducted interviews with key witnesses almost daily this month, sometimes seeing multiple witnesses on a single day, as they eyed the finish line. Though Democrats say they have requested as many as 30 additional interviews with new witnesses, none have been scheduled beyond the end of this month.

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, one of the GOP leaders of the committee’s Russia probe, told NBC News that it is in the public’s interest to finish as quickly as possible so that they can issue a final report. He accused Democrats of wanting to prolong their work for political reasons and even downplayed the significance of the committee’s work, saying that it was the Justice Department investigation led by Mueller that would produce the most definitive final product.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-republicans-prepare-wrap-contentious-russia-investigation-n830561

April Ryan: Omarosa fired by Kelly, escorted out of White House

Source: The Hill

White House aide Omarosa Manigault may have been escorted out of the White House shouting profanities after being told of her firing by chief of staff John Kelly, according to a report by American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan on Wednesday.

"Omarosa did not resign. She was even escorted out of he building and off campus," Ryan reported, citing multiple sources.

"She was very upset and said she wanted to speak to the president. According to sources, Gen. Kelly said the president was already informed and he signed off," Ryan said in her report.

"Sources say General Kelly did the firing and Omarosa is alleged to have acted very vulgar and cursed a lot and said she helped elect President Trump," Ryan also tweeted. "The word is a General Kelly had it and got rid of her."

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/364729-april-ryan-omarosa-fired-by-kelly-escorted-out-of-white-house
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