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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 06:23 PM
Number of posts: 581

About Me

I speak what I believe is the truth and others need to know. Some members here, don\'t want to hear the real truth, but would prefer to hide messages they think not appropriate. Yes censorship exits on DU too.

Journal Archives

I am outraged at the huge debt that the House just passed, Over 600 billion of debt, none of it

paid for. The Republicans say they are against debt, but over and over we see they create the biggest debt for our nation. When will the voters be outraged at the LIES they tell out about debt. Speaker Ryan and McConnell are the biggest debt producers we know. Yet the Republicans say NAY to bills that would help the people. Where do you stand on this debt bill?

Leader Mitch McConnell continue to block the 9/11 heathcare bill in the Senate.

Source: Its shown live on TV today,

The 9/11 victims are in the hallway of Senator McConnell today, asking that he finally pass the 9/11 healthcare bill. Many have cancer and other life threating illnesses and need financial support. Why is McConnell against any kind of healthcare?

Read more: Link to source

The Republicans Presidential candidates say they want to improve the economy. If I

remember they destroyed the economy and jobs under G. Bush. None of them have the competent to understand how the economy works. Yes, they know how to make their billionaire friends more profits.

Scott Walker’s Long History of Dirty Tricks

Source: Daily Beast

The Wisconsin governor’s years of questionable ads, campaign finance trouble, and multiple investigations haven’t taken him down at home yet. But what will 2016 voters think?

“Scott Walker is politics incarnate, with an unslakable thirst for political power and an eye on the next election,” said Mike Browne, the deputy director of One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group. “Throughout his nearly quarter-century career running for office, he’s shown he’ll do whatever he thinks he needs to do to win, letter or spirit of the laws be damned.”

“The blatant disregard for campaign finance and ethics laws we’ve seen from Scott Walker over the entirety of his career in elected office is unprecedented in Wisconsin politics,” said Melissa Baldauff,

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/05/18/scott-walker-s-long-history-of-dirty-tricks.html

This is a good article on Walker that has not been told.

URGENT: The beating of a black man by the Inkster, MI police dept.

This beating and arrest was pure cop abuse. I have reviewed the video several times and it show the cops planting a plastic bag of cocaine under the front seat of the black man car. This charge is still against this man. Clearly you can see the cop pulling the plastic bag out of his pocket and putting it under the car seat. This is a direct violation of the INKSTER COPS. The Inkster, MI police chief and the arresting cop have had many previous charges placed against them, beginning early 2000. Yes they still seem to be employed.
Inkster black population is about 70%, yet they are controlled by whites. When will the black people wake up and understand it is important to vote. Get a city mayor, council and police department that is representative of them.

When will the DOJ step in and start a criminal investigation against INKSTER. Currently the MICH state police is in charge of the crime.

This same situation is happening across the nation. the cops are murdering and beating black people for NO reason. When will the public and communities force changes in police departments. The police Unions are the worst to offend killer cops. When will the Republicans Governors disband Police Unions like they have all other in their states.
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