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Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2016, 04:31 PM
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web developer, agnostic reverend (for weddings - straight & LGBT), disabled veteran, swing-dancer, emcee, runner, schnauzer owner, banjo novice and hardcore liberal

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How the right-wing handed the nomination to Hillary, and then won the election

Could easily be the story if Bernie doesn't win and an indictment comes.

How? By inoculating Hillary supporters against the truth. The right-wing has beat up on the Clintons so much over the years, that any hint of wrong-doing by Hillary is just swept under the rug by her supporters because it's obviously just more right-wing smears.

For a Hillary supporter, it seems that there can be no open discussion. No consideration that she just might have done something wrong.

There is only one candidate currently with an active ongoing FBI investigation. There is only one candidate that deleted 30,000 emails. There is only one candidate that sent classified information to Sidney Blumenthal - and it's not classified after the fact.

This is in addition to not releasing transcripts, lying to unions about the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, having pay for play arms deals with the Clinton Foundation exposed by the emails and the list goes on. But no Hillary supporter will ever even consider that there might just be some truth in any of it.

If Hillary wins, who wants odds on how many Goldman Sachs execs are in White House

I keep hearing from Hillary supporters that the $675k money given directly to her for 3 speeches and $2.5million to her super-PAC aren't bribes and there are no expectations with them.

It was just due to her celebrity status. It was because other speakers are paid highly too. One person even said Trump is highly paid so she should be too.

I'm calling it right now. Who thinks there'll be a Goldman Sachs Treasury Secretary? What about the SEC?

I'm not on team blue just because I dislike the color red.

At some point, principles and facts should matter.

Until recently, I had no problem pulling the lever for Hillary if Bernie lost. While I saw her as a corporatist, I expected I would hold my nose because she'd be better than any Republican.

Then I watched her debate Bernie and blatantly lie about both his positions and hers. She (w/ Chelsea & Bill) claimed Bernie would do away with Obamacare and start all over. That $15 was too much to shoot for. Cherry-picking votes from omnibus bills that contained bad things she herself lobbied for. Excusing her own poor judgement with the Iraq vote. Saying that she told Wall St to "cut it out" and that $675,000 directly to her and $2.5million to her campaign is anything but a bribe while she exclaims that it doesn't influence her. The list goes on and on.

No my friends. Integrity matters.

What's been most painful is the incredible willful ignorance of Hillary supporters on this site. I've watched them block people that were only interested in actual conversation, but their candidate can do no wrong and its blasphemy to insinuate that she is anything less than the messiah. If someone quotes a news story or blog post, rather than discuss why it might be false or misleading they attack the poster, or the author, or anyone to avoid confronting the facts.

Granted Hillary has suffered at the right-wing smear machine, but that's served an even more insidious purpose now. It has inoculated Hillary supporters against any consideration against their candidate. Facts be damned, it's Hillary. Anything negative is just right-wing drivel and can't possibly be true.

No, I held myself up as a proud Democrat until this election. It was something to be proud of and I chose this team because it best represented my principles. Now people supposedly on my team are just like supporters on the other team - willfully ignorant and averse to any real consideration of facts. Listening to Trump supporters deflect anything said about Trump, it's the exact same on this forum reading comments in response to someone pointing out a fact like that there are people currently in jail for less than what Hillary's team did in handling classified materials or that millions in Wall St is not just given without expectations. Oh and then follow it up with red-baiting bs. It's disgusting.

Will I vote for Hillary this fall if she wins? I don't know. I do know though that it will be extremely hard to stomach now and her supporters do her no justice by their fact-shaming.

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