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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Carolina
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun May 31, 2015, 01:22 PM
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"What is the end goal?" A conversation with my formerly Republican brother in law.

Hello, I wanted to include DU in this discussion that I had with my brother in law the other day.

A background on him, he's of the traditional mindset of the Republican party. He is NOT a bad Republican, the ones we've come to understand make the majority of the party today. No, my BIL is learned, and is rooted in the traditional "less federal power, more state power" ideology. He is gay. He believes that everyone should have equal rights, same as we do, it's just that the states should have more power than the federal.

He believes that the rich take too much and should be taxed more. Basically, he felt Bernie Sanders was the best choice for us. And ever since the most recent election he had certainly understood that the GOP as it is today is NOT traditionally conservative or Republican by any definition. It's something else. So, knowing that, drop your swords and put out the torches.

Basically, I asked him this... "What is the end goal of today's Republican Party? Their policies will kill millions. It will only make things infinitely harder for the middle class and lower while empowering themselves. What are they striving for? I've often wondered, are they saving all this money to build a spaceship and leave us all to die here? But I know that sounds stupid. Bernie Sanders stated that it was a greed that he couldn't understand. That they are addicted to get more money than they could ever use. What is it?"

My BIL then said this.

"Bernie is not far from the truth. The truth is, it's more than greed. They're literally psychopaths. This really does come down to the conclusion that they are devoid of empathy. They don't really have emotion. They get to that level of power because of the way they are, and they surround themselves with one another because that's in their nature. They don't have an end goal because they literally don't have that foresight. All this is, is self gratification for the short term and they can't see ahead because they simply aren't capable of it."

It was a depressing conclusion to say the least. But I can say this. If they all lack empathy and surround themselves with one another, they'll surely implode and eat their own. That's just a fact.

Fellow DUers, what do you think? And do you think there's an end goal or is it just short-sighted self gratification?

Got antagonized today...

And now it's rolling downhill.

Suicide and abandonment of hope permeates.

Playing For Honor right now

Anyone want to join me? Team Samurai for the win!

Does anyone know the answer to this? Why is the right opposed to globalization?

Honestly, when I think about it, if globalization lead to the elimination of all nations and we just became one citizenship of planet Earth, what would be the problem with that? Aren't we all in this together anyways?

Now maybe I'm naive and a lot of you oppose it as well and I don't know what I'm talking about. But I'm just trying to seek a greater understanding.

UPDATED TO ADD: So basically xenophobia?

Heard a Trumper's theory on how Trump will destroy ISIS.

It's as easy as this everyone.

Russia isn't the enemy, and we need to join up with them to eradicate ISIS. Their military is huge, so is ours and once we get that together, BAM, it's done.

Man, we're just so dumb! The solution was right there on our noses! Just eradicate them! Then, world peace.

So my wife and I just did our first session at the local planet fitness

And mentally, I feel so clear.

I can notice it as clearly as I first noticed the effects of veganism.

There's no odd thoughts invading. There's no paranoia. No self hatred. No anger. Everything is clear.

And everything makes sense.

That was good for me. So good.

Going to the gym with my wife for the first time in our lives. UPDATED!!!


jk I feel great! My wife and I actually enjoyed ourselves and got past the anxiety with plenty of laughter and support.

We felt good as we left, didn't feel like poop. So we must have done something right.

One problem though was that a few too many men leered at my wife a bit much and it made her uncomfortable. Any advice for dealing with live testosterone?

Other than that, we had fun on a multitude of machines and ended the session with treadmill cardio. I think we might even come back!

Original post below....

omg omg omg what I DONT KNOW EVEN

Where do you go to discover new music online?

SoundCloud for me is tops. What about you?

To all the Republicans that completely believe "Criticism of the president is hurting our nation" BS

I want you to look at the past.

You remember what it was like with the Democratic president. Did your side sit down and accept it?

No! You fought. You criticized fancy mustard usage and even made stuff up.

But did that president get on twitter and say something along the lines of... "These criticisms of me are ruining the nation."

No? He... Did his job? He pressed forward?

Wow, it's as if all the effigies of his body being hanged did NOTHING to impede him from doing his job! Holy SHIT. Who would have known that doing your job as the president is unaffected by criticisms!

So, to the president... Just shut up and prove us all wrong. Because you keep talking and proving us right.

I listened to about 5 minutes of right wing radio today.

By accident. I was tired of listening to the music on my phone and tried my radio. Being a milennial, I rarely use it so I've programmed a few channels into it, classical, NPR, classic rock, oldies, but I got curious and went through the preset channels I never touch.


I start hearing recording after recording of snippets of the news media calling for impeachment of Trump. I keep listening. I'm thinking, hmm what is this leading to?

After about 3 minutes of this montage of media, I hear the host, a man start to talk about how the media is calling for impeachment. "But is that a fair reaction?" he said. I lifted an eyebrow. Soon enough, he started talking about the DEEP STATE and how Trump will never be impeached and it's stupid. "Ah fuck" I thought to myself. I've stumbled upon right wing radio.

But I was bored, and knew that it couldn't hurt me. Why not listen to a bit of what's infecting my neighbors brains?

Soon enough I was informed about this Seth Rich conspiracy and listened to the host bring on a guest to talk about it. The guest didn't really play along with the hosts ruse about Trump being impenetrable and the host was flustered. Soon enough it was time for a commercial break. GUNS! WANT TO WIN THE GUN OF YOUR DREAMS? ENTER AT THIS WEBSITE TO WIN 1500 DOLLARS TO ANY GUN OF YOUR DREAMS! Ugh, wow.

Then it was interstitial time... "STILL WAITING FOR ALL THE LIBS THAT SAID THEY'D LEAVE THE COUNTRY IF TRUMP WAS ELECTED TO GET OUT.... You're listening to Sean Hannity."


Also, what's the point of this Seth Rich conspiracy? To distract from the shit for brains president. Even if something weird was happening with the democratic party, it has NOTHING to do with the colossal risk and failure that Trump is. It's just like Pizza Gate, EVEN IF THAT WERE TRUE, what the fuck does it have to do with the REAL problems that Trump presents us?

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