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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 05:03 PM
Number of posts: 6,209

Journal Archives

My odds on expectation....

Nikki Haley. Trump won't even be a major factor by the GQP convention.

A Glorious Day, indeed!

“Da, comrade, Luna-25 has landed on the moon one day early. It was a glorious day for Mother Russia“ - head of Roscosmos in an interview direct from his trench in Kherson.

All the excitement of Geraldo opening up the vault


More fun later!

Happy New Year!

Trump won't even make it to the first primary

Mark my words

Anyone else get a fundraising letter from Gabbard?

I have received two emails from her, complaing about "so-called woke Democratic Leaders" and asking for support for some right wing congressional candidate from Oklahoma. I wrote back telling her to never write again, traitor, and unsubscribed. I must assume she got access to Democratic donor lists, and is now using those to disrupt the Dems.

A powerful thread, which applies to alot of issues

One of which being Twitter, but also many other instances where leaving is so much easier than staying and resisting. Highly recommended reading


Forget the letter. We all do dumb things

Ignore the letter, folks. It was a dumb move, and they know it. Maybe sent out by a GQP mole on the staff for all we know?

Contrast this to the GQP, which doubles down on every stupid idea and racist/mysoginist dog whistle someone in their party concocts. If someone blathers on about it, use it as a point to show how we don't all just follow the leader and all are allowed to have our own independent thoughts and, even more, can accept that people make mistakes.

In any event, ignore the distractions and focus on the election. Please, this is far too important, and that letter is NOTHING compared to impending fascism.

Just voted .. first day Georgia early voting

This election is too important to sit out. We voted on the first day of early voting here in GA. At least 75-85% of the voters were women, and it was rather busy, which is a good sign!!

Get out there and vote your asses off!!

The former USSR is going insane

The Russian invasion of Ukraine opened the door, and we can all see how that is going. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been staring each other down for some time, and it's flaring up again. Kazakhstan has been dealing with internal strife, but is in a verbal conflict with Russia, refusing to support Russia's demands, supplying the West with fuel (through Azerbaijan) whiie bypassing Russia, and with China subtly warning Russia to stay away. Now, Kyrgystan and Tajikistan have opened fire on one another. I have a feeling Georgia is about to erupt, also. About the only ex-Soviet countries not fighting each other are the ones aligned with the West, who all see Russia as the common enemy. Russia has been reduced to asking Iran and North Korea for ammunition and weapons, as no one else will do it, and all their allies are fighting amongst themselves.

Xi and Putin met this week, with Xi not really giving Putin much verbal support, calling for "international stability and order" and treating Russia as a vassal state, with Putin acting very much like the weakest link. That had to be humiliating for Putin, but not much he can do about it.

Putin is such an idiot. All this chaos is going to spill over into Russia itself, which is having problems with oligarchs and high level officials falling out of windows and off boats, and such. Also, lots of internal attacks - seems like there have been a lot of careless smokers in Russia since the war broke out - as well as reported attacks on Putin himself. Also, Navalny has apparently disappeared from his prison, his lawyers went to see him a few days ago, and they were told "no such prisoner resides here". I expect to hear that he has been killed. EDIT: This is old info, he is being held in solitary most of the time and no on is permitted to see him or give or receive anything from him ... not that it is working: https://twitter.com/navalny/status/1570357379857793025

Perhaps we are seeing the Russian "Federation" starting to break up, and in any case, seems likely to be heading towards civil war, as other ethnic groups decide they want to be independent. The citizens of Moscow seem quite oblivious to what is going on, due to the complete contro of the media by the State, but at some point, that will break ... as suddenly as the offensive in Kharkiv.

Crazy times, but things are coming to a head. As bad as we have it here with Trump and his fellow Putin-ites (and have no doubt about it, Trump, Q, Fox, Brexit and much more are part of the larger Putin plan to destabilize and destroy the West), at least it's not as bad as it could be. With luck, maybe we can take Trump, Putin and the whole pile of garbage out to the toxic waste dump at once, and find a way to move forward. I'm hoping (with slim chance of it coming true) that whoever takes over from Putin decides to come clean on all of it, with the hopes of getting to rejoin the world community.

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