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Member since: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 08:34 PM
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Stakes get higher: Clarence Thomas may retire soon

As expected, the next president will determine the political leaning of the Supreme Court for decades. Rumors going around that Thomas is next. Crucial election for Democrats.


Democrats fighting over legitimate differences. Here you go

What a Trump Supreme Court that will reign for decades will decide: climate change (Supreme Court recently blocked Obama on this), immigration, gerrymandering, LGBT rights, gun background checks, voter ID/voting rights, abortion (closing all clinics as Texas is on its way to doing), medical marijuana, and this is just the beginning.

Unity? Who needs it?


Do you really think defeating Trump will be easy?

I think the reason people are still obsessed with Sanders is because they think beating Trump is a given and so talking about the general election is boring. So just for those people, here's a link that might wake you up. Never underestimate the stupidity of a large section of U.S. voters.


But that was different! You might say. Might I remind you of the candidates America has elected recently: Bush I and II (12 years), Nixon (even during the war in 72), Reagan (trickle down piss on you economics, 8 years)

Trump on Supreme Court: best way to end abortion is to vote for me

Continuing the focus on the GE and not the long over primaries...

Here is Trump's stance on the Supreme Court. He says he'll stack it with anti-abortion judges, and that the best way to ban abortion is "by electing me president."


Trump's stance on climate change: it's "bullshit"

Since the primary is over and obsession with it, I believe, is unhealthy at this point, I wanted to point out a few of Trump's stances. On climate change, Trump says it's a hoax, saying at one point that snow in Texas proves climate change is bullshit. That's his scientific analysis. This is the GOPs pick, guys.


Starts tonight! Oscar buzz documentary OJ: Made in America

This documentary has been getting buzz for the last year... supposedly one of the all time great documentaries. It's going to be aired over 5 episodes (7 hours long or so in total)

Strangely enough it's a documentary by ESPN, airing on ABC for the first episode. Warning- it shows all the crime scene photos, uncensored. All the reviewers who have seen the documentary are saying it's amazing. It was released briefly in theaters to qualify for an Oscar. That's how much buzz there is.

Schedule: (I think you can watch all 5 episodes tonight if you have ESPN or something. Can't remember)

Part 1 - Saturday, June 11 on ABC at 9 p.m. EST.

Part 2 - Tuesday, June 14 on ESPN at 9 p.m. EST.

Part 3 - Wednesday, June 15 on ESPN at 9 p.m. EST.

Part 4 - Friday, June 17 on ESPN at 9 p.m. EST.

Part 5 - Saturday, June 18 on ESPN at 9 p.m. EST.

Paul Ryan's anti-poverty plan - he snuck in the real reason for it - get your retirement money

Remember before Trump came along Democrats used to talk about the GOP's long tradition of taking some horrible idea and packaging it in a way that would trick you into accepting it? Like changing the estate tax to the "death tax" to protect the wealthy at our expense?

Well, while you are distracted by Trump, they are still trying to destroy you. Paul Ryan just recently unveiled the GOP's latest "anti-poverty plan," and buried in the plan is an attempt to block the "fiduciary rule." Obama JUST VETOED a GOP attempt to block it a few days ago. This new rule goes into effect in 2018 and protects you in the following way: financial advisers will be required to only give you retirement advice that is to your benefit. Right now they can trick you into choosing other retirement options that give them more commission but leave you with less money in your retirement years.

Anyone who thinks there's no difference between the GOP and the DNC is a victim waiting to happen. Who has been protecting you from the Republicans taking this protection from you? OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS. Just as they've been protecting your from all kinds of things you never knew about.

Holy shit - Paul Ryan sneaks Wall Street attempt to hurt your retirement into GOP anti-poverty plan

Edit: 2 source links added

Can you believe this? Lost in all the hubbub over Trump's racist attack on the judge was Paul Ryan's unveiling of the the GOP's "anti-poverty plan." Guess what he snuck into it? An attempt to block the Department of Labor's "fiduciary rule" which will go into effect in 2018. What does this rule do? It would require retirement advisers to only give you advice that is to your benefit. Right now, advisers can trick you into choosing other options that earn them more commission, but give you less money in your retirement years. This practice is set to end in 2018 and the GOP wants to stop you from having this protection.

Obama just vetoed a GOP resolution to block the fiduciary rule this month. So what does the GOP do? They sneak it into their "anti-poverty" plan. Who are they trying to make less poor? They are trying to make people poorer who have worked their asses off! It's just like the GOP to wrap something disgusting into a package labeled with pretty words like "anti-poverty" to get you to swallow it and then die.

No difference between the GOP and DNC? If you believe that you are a victim waiting to happen.

This proves that the GOP, the QUIET GOP, behind the scenes of the Trump debacle is still the enemy. They will back any GOP candidate that allows them to continue to help the rich fleece you and me.


Anyone watch Maher Friday?

A lot of Sanders supporters are mad because Maher went on a rant against the 2/3 of Sanders supporters that want free health care and college for only $1000 in extra taxes. He focuses on millennials specifically, insinuating that they know nothing about politics or life except that they are used to getting free stuff (music, porn, 1/3 living at home, parents paying their car insurance and phone). I agree with his point, but would add a footnote. The only part I disagree with, and I don't think he was making this point anyway, is that sometimes "free stuff" isn't about getting stuff free but about getting things we should be getting, like free health care (tax funded, not free). His point is that they don't know enough about government to know that you won't get those things for only $1000 in taxes. I think the main underlying implication here is that if all you know about government is that you want free shit, you're a terrible voter.

Another great moment - guitarist Tom Morello used the "lesser of two evils" phrase to say both parties are bad. Maher called bullshit saying that "in Florida there are hundreds of thousands of people that did not get Medicaid because the governor is a Republican. If the governor was a Democrat they'd be getting health care and not dying." The differences in the two candidates "make differences in actual people's lives, especially the ones who you purport to be most for - the poor people."

Another highlight - Maher said Hillary won fair and square and that Sanders voters can't say it's "fair when you win and rigged when you lose."

And one of my favorite moments - Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine said he was an anarchist and the whole system, including the Bernie movement is worthless and all of it should be burned down. No one agreed with him, including Maher who said "that's easy to say when you live a comfortable life." Today I saw some Sanders voters a bit freaked out by Morello. But what was interesting to me is that Morello sounded like GDP here at DU. What's the difference between an anarchist who wants to burn it all down and a non-voter or someone who votes for parties that can never win? Is there, effectively, a difference?

The GOP is ripe for takedown. Ryan's words open the target

I just can't believe the perfect bullseye that has appeared on the entire GOP. Ryan said that Trump's recent attacks on the judge were "the definition of racist," and then says he'll still vote for him. Some Republicans are also admitting the Pocahontas attack is racist, and yet the GOP still mostly says they'll vote for him. How perfect is this?? All the Democrats need to do now is show Ryan saying Trump is racist, then show Republicans saying they'll vote for him.

Can you imagine admitting that a candidate is saying things that are the definition of racist and then saying you're going to vote for that person?

Surely the DNC will be on this in the GE
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