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When big tech companies move in to a city

housing becomes a huge demand for the highly skilled workers following the companies. It prices out the lower wage workers forcing them to have to move but rent has skyrocket so they end up homeless still working at their low wage jobs in cities that have been their homes forever.

“Together, the region’s nine counties boast a GDP of $748 billion — larger than Switzerland’s or Saudi Arabia’s — and an economy that’s growing at double the rate of the United States’ at large. Santa Clara County, home to San Jose, has a job-growth rate that’s twice the national one. But in the past five years, San Jose has built only one unit of housing for every six jobs it’s created — a recipe for rising rents, rabid competition for available units, and, ultimately, economic evictions like the ones many of the families in the parking lot described when Rolling Stone visited in March.”

Why I don’t get libertarianism:

Why I don’t get libertarianism: First, I would recommend the movie “There will be Blood,” based on the book “Oil” by Upton Sinclair. In it Daniel Dey Lewis’s character is a human metaphor for capitalism. He destroys everything in his path eventually destroying himself as capitalism eventually eats itself as we are seeing now.

The Pauls think its ok for a business to say who they will let in their doors based on bigotry because they are the property owners, even though it is the public that paid for the roads that lead to their door, pays for their police protection and pays for their fire protection.

The Pauls believe that a business such as Walmart should be able to pay any crap wage even though the worker is not paid enough to support him or herself to the point that the tax payer has to pay for food stamps the worker needs to survive, while the CEO makes that workers yearly wage in one hour.

The Pauls believe that a company should be able to use up all of the natural resources, pollute the earth and not pay for it. They believe Coke company should be able to go to any country, steal their water to bottle their coke, exploit workers for horrendous wages, pollute their water, make them deathly sick and not pay a dime for all the destruction they cause.

Capitalism is not the answer, it can’t float all boats especially global capitalism and it is not good for a majority of people. The earth can’t sustain our rate of growth. Capitalism wastes too much of our natural resources. Waste is not a good way to run an economy.

Someone has to pick the fruit, harvest the food, work at 7-11 or Walmart and yet libertarians are ok with those workers not getting enough to pay for food and healthcare. What is the point of living if the wage doesn’t allow peace and happiness? Why are we here…to slave for Walmart while they decide the value of our wage, while they lobby our government to make rules that favor them?

The public pays for most of the innovative research going on in the world through subsidies yet after the great things are invented, especially pharmaceuticals, using public subsidies the private companies get to keep all the profit.

Because capitalists rule, we are actually seeing our innovation drop in the US. We are no longer competitive because it has been the government subsidizing all the innovative research and the right and libertarians are starving the government to the point of no funding for that marvelous research. Other countries are soaring ahead of us. They are inventing renewable green energy technology while we are still trying to build an oil pipeline. We are old dinosaurs hanging on to old ways and afraid to fund the future. Our schools, roads etc are crumbling.

Private property seems to be at the root of libertarianism. Why should the “government” be allowed to divvy out land? Who are the real owners of the earth? If a government ‘s sole purpose is to divvy out land and supply protection for only the owners who would allow that government to be? The earth belongs to everyone.

Capitalism and socialism are not the answers. A better world is possible. We are moving out of the industrial age based on cheap oil, which came with murderous wars and destruction. We are moving into an information age. We are truly becoming more aware, more conscientious beings.

A TRUE COST economy is the way to go where companies are not allowed to dump toxins into our once clean air, land and water. Those companies make us sick with cancer and other illnesses but pay nothing to fix the problem. They make huge profits off of using up all the people’s resources and leave toxins behind that are killing us.

If they had to pay for the toxic waste they couldn’t afford to exist and so be it.

In a true cost economy we would not have a Federal Bank that creates money out of thin air. We wouldn’t have banks that created credit default swaps allowing one end of their business to bet that the other end will fail and rake in dollars as our pensions shrink.

A true cost economy would promote localism allowing us to stop using deadly pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Capitalism destroys everything in sight. Our fish are not healthy to eat. 60% of asthma is caused by air pollution and toxins seep into our drinking water supplies. Everything is polluted. The earth is crashing and burning.

Free market capitalism is corrupt and unregulated and destroying the world.

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