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Member since: Wed Apr 7, 2004, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 4,721

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Joe Biden's first campaign ad


Ships That Don't Come In - What do you think?

One of my all-time favorites.
It's about the words in the song.

Ships That Don't Come In

Cheap Thrills? Not on your life. Courtney Hadwin

It was like stepping into a time machine.


Compassion + Talent Equals Simon's Golden Buzzer

There is a lot of talent in this world, and sometimes, there's a bit extra.

Excuse me. Got a little something in my eye.



I promise you will not be disappointed.

I got another heart....

.....and I'm.... FEELIN' ALL RIGHT!

Thanks for the heart

Whoever you are.

Tony Jackson _ THE GRAND TOUR

I know there aren't many country music fans here, but for those who do enjoy it, this is one of the best George Jones cover songs I've heard in a long time. Tony Jackson has one of those pure voices that you don't hear often. Well worth the listen.


Why is modern pop music so terrible?

About 20 minutes long, but a real eye opener. I agree with it for the most part, well no, with all of it. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is just one of them.


" It's my right as an entertainer."

Worse than a line out of a cheap B movie.This little jewel was the linchpin that sealed my belief that Al Franken was railroaded. I don't post a lot, but this has been nagging at me like a bad itch ever since I first read it. After following Franken's career as a comedian, and maintaining a general knowledge of his political career, it is my opinion that there is no way in hell that these words ever came from Al Franken's mouth. Just imagine if you will the alleged intern hastily exiting the room and Al Franken yelling after her, "It's my right as an entertainer. Franklin has been a sitting Senator since 2008, far removed from his days as a comedian and entertainer. It is my firm belief that had this episode actually occurred, and if he yelled anything at the alleged intern, absurd as it is, it would have increased her credibility tenfold if she had said he yelled "It's my right as a senator", which is still worse than a line out of a b movie that cost $10 more to make.
My belief is so strong that if Al Franken stood in front of me and confessed to uttering this statement, I would be looking for the red dot he knew was there from the laser scope attached to the rifle being held by a sniper with orders to shoot to kill if he did not confess to making this statement.
Some people say "move on, it's over and done", and even knowing there's not much I can do about it except write an email or letter, it won't be over and done for me until Franken's name has been cleared and his reputation made whole again.
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