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Member since: Wed Apr 7, 2004, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 6,208

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United States military versus Karen's Krack Kalvary....

This soldier's take on a response by the military to an armed insurrection on American soil has been my opinion also. They are simply too goddamn stupid to mount an effective assault against the military might of the United States. They also don't have the numbers. It might get a little dicey, but it's not something I sit around and wring my hands about.


Bonus Questions : at the moment the decision is made to begin the revolt, besides personal acquaintances they know to be Democrats, or left leaning people, who are they going to kill next?
When it comes down to facing someone they may have known for years, and politics aside, got along really well, or at least was a good neighbor, could they actually pull the trigger?
What about uniforms? The US Military has uniforms. The so-called revolutionaries? Maybe everyone could wear something red, but I'll bet you a roll of quarters that when confronted by the military you would think you are at a burlesque show. Maga hats and t-shirts will be flying.
How about armament? I will be the first to admit that given the right circumstances, organization, and people willing to kill, the insurrectionists would have a 50-50 chance against..... a force armed just as they are. Think about the accurate, pinpoint weaponry the United States military has at hand, not to mention hand to hand combat training. Saturday night bar fights don't count. Not even close. Game over.

Alan Jackson and George Strait -- Murder On Music Row* 100% Spot On

With few exceptions I would guess country music is about 90% in the grave.


Want to hear a good country song? Mark Chesnutt - Almost Goodbye

Country music. Usually tells a story. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and sometimes sad with a happy ending. This is one of those, and after 36 years of marriage, sometimes seriously rocky , this song hits kind of close to home.


The Free Movement- I Found Someone Of My Own

Taking some of us way back when.


Two more Hearts this morning....

I'm starting to get a little dizzy. thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The VA called me yesterday.

I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. to receive the first round of the Moderna vaccine which was my personal preference. I asked, and was assured there is definitely going to be enough for the second injection. I was very happy to receive the call.

thank you to the giver of heart number 4....

Thanks for the hearts.....

They are appreciated.

Parkland School Survivor and Hero - Anthony Borges


Urban Dictionary - Thrump

If someone has already posted this, let me know and I will delete. But....

I think this may be my spelling of the covidiot's name from now on. Fitting and proper.


The act of taking a dump (bowel movement) so big, it is equivalent to three dumps.

Dude, you should see the size of the thrump I just took.

by RagnarsDisciple April 24, 2018


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