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Member since: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 09:31 AM
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I suggest you read this.

This article from the Daily Beast which is VERY pro-Hillary http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/08/04/hillary-clinton-s-mega-donors-are-also-funding-jeb-bush.html

Andrea Mitchell lays the smackdown on Hillary and her emails

Holy shit this says it all. When one of your staunchest defenders, Andrea Mitchell comes out basically saying that you and your campaign have openly and knowingly been lying to the America public for over a year, you have BIG problems. Andrea almost seems confused and seems to have lost faith in Hillary in all this. She also debunks the talking point that other SOS's had email too.

Hillary needs to step down. Now.

Most Americans Dislike Or Hate Trump, Clinton: Poll

Well, more reason why Bernie is the best choice.

Most Americans Dislike Or Hate Trump, Clinton: Poll

A recent national poll shows that the presumptive Party nominees are in a statistical dead heat. In a hypothetical general election held tomorrow, Hillary Clinton would win 46 percent of votes, and Trump 43. Hillary’s margin of victory being within the margin of error.

The poll was conducted by NBC New/Survey Monkey for the week May 16 through May 22.

The survey also concluded that both candidates have extremely high disapproval ratings.

More than six in 10 Americans, 63 percent, say they “dislike” or “hate” Hillary Clinton. With slightly more saying the same for Trump.

Inversely four in 10 Americans “like” or “admire” Clinton, while only 36 percent say the same of Trump.

Establishment Collectively Stunned To See Citizens Reject Rigged Democratic Primary

After Nevada, things are rather obvious.
This is juicy and only a partial list.
More at link http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/05/20/establishment-collectively-stunned-see-citizens-reject-rigged-democratic-primary

Yet, there are several examples of how the Democratic presidential primary is and has been rigged: hundreds of superdelegates pledged their allegiance to Clinton before votes were cast in Iowa, a limited number of debates were scheduled to ensure voters had the least amount of exposure to Clinton opponents, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign falsely accused the Sanders campaign of “stealing” voter file data, the Hillary Victory Fund has funneled millions of dollars through state parties to the DNC, and Democratic women supporting Sanders have faced forms of retaliation.

Senator Harry Reid called the president of the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada for the sole purpose of ensuring “tens of thousands of casino workers” would not have to work on the day of the caucuses. The union president did Clinton a favor, let workers off with pay, and workers from six major Las Vegas casinos showed up to help make certain Clinton did not lose.

The Democratic National Committee has stacked the deck against the Sanders campaign by only appointing three of the 45 people he recommended for the Democratic National Convention committees. Critically, former Representative Barney Frank—a Clinton surrogate, who has been vitriolic in his criticism of Sanders—will co-chair the important Rules Committee. The lack of inclusion of Sanders representatives on the committee virtually guarantees a repeat of much of the disorder witnessed in Nevada—not because Sanders supporters are disposed to troublemaking, but because the DNC openly intends to stifle their efforts to influence what unfolds at the convention.

There are 22 closed or semi-closed primaries, which allow the Democratic Party to block independents or citizens who do not want to affiliate with the party from voting. It effectively enables the party establishment to protect the status quo. Sanders has won only six closed or semi-closed primaries. In New York, the state set a deadline for affiliating with the Democratic Party around six months before the scheduled primary. Numerous New York residents believed the race would be over by April 19 and did not take proper steps to be eligible to vote.

Closed primaries are funded by taxpayers and not the party, and should be inclusive. Yet, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has openly championed their ability to shut people out. “We should not have independents or Republicans playing games,” Schultz previously stated, which implies anyone who is not a Democrat and supports Sanders is trying to sabotage Clinton. It creates the perception that a Democratic candidate with appeal across the political spectrum should not be able to benefit from that broad support during the primary race.

UPDATED! #SandersTrumpDebate because Hillary won't

UPDATE! This is now looking like it may become a reality! Give him hell Bernie! http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=2055122 and let's show America what a REAL candidate looks like!

THIS! #SandersTrumpDebate

There's a twitter campaign currently underway right this second that basically is calling for a debate between Trump & Bernie and leaves out Hillary altogether because she said no to debating Bernie. People are begging FOX, Bernie & Trump to let this happen.

I'd pay to see this shit go down!

Typical status quo defense from a Hillary supporter

And now I am going to debunk you.

Why is that you say "America is a centrist, capitalist country. We are not and will never be socialist."
Are you aware what Socialist even is because I'm thinking you don't.

Socialist is the former DDR and USSR, it isn't countries like Canada, Germany, Sweden or Denmark.

We need to clear the air with that first.

Secondly, you say we'll never be socialist but in reality we already are.
What are things like social security, national highways, libraries, police and fire and public education?

Now let's look at something else. That whole "we'll never be" thing.

Are you aware that most American's agree with Bernie's policies?


I'm an indy

And I will never be part of the Democratic Party.

I switched my affiliation to caucus for Bernie and have since switched it back but the more and more I see, I have fully decided not to be a member. I debated about it but honestly it was the vitriol which I see here among Hillary supporters that ultimately swayed my decision.

I realize that I have little ion common with them. Truly, I am much farther to the left than they are and if that makes me a fringe candidate then so be it. What I believe in they don't. It's quite obvious they don't really care what I think especially with DWS' latest comments about Indy voters.

You know what Debbie, I don't really give a damn what you think. My vote is my own and you and nobody else owns that.

This is what I stand for and what I believe in and sadly, the Democratic Party doesn't. I am a progressive and to me, Hillary is a reactionary.

*Healthcare for all
*Immigration reform
*Everyone who works full time needs to have a livingwage
*Education should be free
*Ending student loan debt. Completely.
*Holding Wall Street and big banks responsible
*We should help those who need it, the sick, the needy, the homeless, the poor, the elderly
*A nation that takes care of the homeless by providing housing, education, job training and community gardens in empty buildings like hospitals. Convert them all over.
*Ending tax loopholes and tax breaks for the 1% and big corporations. Fine companies who move jobs overseas
*More renewable energy. Every gas station in America should have alternative fuels and charging stations.
*End fracking. Now.
*More funding & expansion for our national Parks, refuges, wilderness areas and monuments
*Ending the hunting of Wolves and better protection for endangered species
*Art, music & PE should be in every school across America. Required.
*Equal pay.
*End any and all forms of discrimination against gays
*We have a minimum wage. It’s time we have a maximum wage!
*Holding people like Beck and Limbaugh accountable for their hate
*Broadband internet for all, everywhere. It’s a utility.
*Beefing up and expanding things like social security and medicare/medicaid
*Housing for all.
*Fairness in credit and reporting.
*Legalization of pot
*Ending for profit private prisons
*Less jail time for non-violent offenders and better life counseling for addicts
*Ending the death penalty except in the very most extreme cases
*Gun reform. Better background checks. Ending easy access to firearms. Only gun stores allowed to sell guns.
*Freedom of religion, ending bigotry and hate for others based on beliefs.
*Contraception for all, freely provided
*GMO’s gotta go. Now.
*Ending wars & closing down military bases…cutting defense
*Ending making it harder to vote.
*Wind energy, expanding it

For Hillary, it's all about marketing

It truly is.
In fact I can relate to this to a time in history when American's sold snake oil and told that cigarettes were actually healthy.Yup they were and these old ads often used doctors saying they were. This is what we're seeing today with the Hillary campaign, marketing. Is it genius? Yup it is, it truly is because millions have been sold on her despite her record and despite that she is the weaker of the 2 candidates in a general election. In fact, the whole thing reminds me of some of those "As seen on TV" ads.

Despite Hillary voting for cluster bombing, propping up her husbands welfare reform, voting for Iraq, being against a living wage and true universal health care and the host of other things including an ongoing FBI investigation, she gets a pass. What would happen to any of us if we went to a job interview and told our prospective employer we were being investigated by the FBI?

Marketing. It's a powerful tool. It makes people believe that McDonald's > BK > Wendy's. It's advertising and for any of you who watched the tv show "Man Men", you know precisely what I'm talking about.

People mark every day for it. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Here are some gems from the past for you all. Yup, that's all it is, marketing. And people eat it up just like the "Shake Weight" which sold millions of units through your tv set. The only difference this time is it's about one certain presidential candidate--HILLARY.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz at it again!

This time against her opponent Tim Canova.
She needs to go. NOW.
I'm sick of her & her political bullshit and cronyism.

I messaged Tim letting him know I cross posted here on DU. He's a nice and genuine guy and I hope he chimes in here. It would be most excellent to have him here on DU!

This is unfair and undemocratic
Last week, I called the Florida Democratic Party to request access to the voter file database and software known as VAN that is routinely used by Democratic candidates across the country.

I was told that our campaign would be denied access to this database because I am running against an incumbent Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I was also told that any Democratic candidate running against an incumbent Democrat would be denied access — even a lifelong progressive challenging an out-of-touch incumbent.

This is unfair and undemocratic. My opponent already has untold advantages against an insurgent progressive campaign like ours. We are refusing to take corporate money, while she has taken millions of dollars from Wall Street bankers, payday lenders, private prison companies, and other corporate special interests. How much more of an advantage does Wasserman Schultz need to silence the voices of grassroots voters in our district?

This is nothing less than an entrenched establishment throwing up roadblocks against our political revolution. We’ve seen my opponent do this against Bernie’s presidential campaign and other progressive challengers. As head of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz has pushed strategies that suppress voter turnout, all to protect incumbents and establishment politicians. She has routinely defended the party’s use of Superdelegates to block the will of Democratic voters in state after state.
All of this has made our party weaker and more vulnerable against Republicans in general elections, which is so painfully obvious with the Democratic Party’s losses in the midterm elections in the past six years — 13 Senate seats and 69 House seats, the biggest loss of congressional Democrats in modern political history.

Bernie Sanders had to go so far as to sue Wasserman Schultz’s DNC in December to regain access to his own party’s voter database. As we continue to compile alternative voter databases from other sources, rest assured that we will not allow the establishment to weaken our campaign. We will overcome any obstacles and we will fight back.
In solidarity,
Tim Canova

Found in released emails--Bernie to SOS Clinton

On KXL.....
THIS is why I support Bernie! Integrity like a boss!
But....there's nothing in those damn emails. Bwahahahahah!

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