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Member since: Sat Oct 20, 2018, 06:11 AM
Number of posts: 224

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Great ad by Reverend Warnock!


My advise to the Biden Campaign

Declare victory as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances conceded.

Is anyone optimistic?

I know the presidency is still possible.

But we saw the soul of our nation yesterday and it is very dark.

There wasn’t a repudiation of trumpism in fact there was an approval.

NBC Marist NC

Biden +6

From MTP

John Heilman quote

“What we learned from last nights debate was that Quaalude trump a better debater than crystal meth trump”

Caronavirus 3 Trump 0

Hard to feel sad for someone who didn’t take this disease seriously.

It’s a metaphor for his failure for his to take this serious.


I hear polling is somewhat unreliable in Alaska.

Any thoughts here

Father Jim Matin on what is Pro Life

I love Father Jim Martin he reminds me a lot of my of my former pastor in the way he preaches and he looks like him too.

Being Pro Life is so much more than opposing abortion. Share with Catholic friends


Sign thefts in Marysville OH

Mark this one under stupid criminal record himself with the evidence of his crime and cops do nothing.


Are you a Pope Francis voter?

Interesting test for Roman Catholics


I am and share with your Catholic friends
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