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Member since: Fri May 5, 2006, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,916

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1776 Musical: The Brave and the Brony... Wait What?

1776 was just on and it included, my favorite musical number - Cool Cool Considerate Men! The song was edited out of the original movie release -- possible at the request of Richard Nixon, because the move was released near a presidential election, and the song was less than kind to conservatives Cool Cool Considerate Men scene keeps disappearing from youttube.

When I searched for 1776 Cool Cool Considerate Men today I found a My Little Pony spliced together version to go with the music that totally cracked me.

Also a crazy version of the opening number, that the word juxtaposition should have been invented for.

From the middle of the Song:
Fortunately, there are not enough men of property in America to dictate policy.

Perhaps not, but don't forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich, than face the reality of being poor. And that is why they will follow us

Dickinson and Conservatives
To the right, ever to the right,
Never to the left, forever to the right!
Where there's gold, how remarkable to behold!
Tradition that is old, reluctant to be bold!
Come, sing hosanna, hosanna!

In a sane and lucid manner, we are cool!

We are the cool, cool considerate men.
Who's life may never ever be seen again!
With our land, cash in hand,
Self-command, futures planned.
And we'll hold, to our gold,
Tradition that is old, reluctant to be bold

We say this game's not of our choosing,
Why should we risk losing?

The movie scene ends with the conservative goose stepping out of congress and driving in the luxury coaches'.

I never watch a real episode of My Little Pony so I don't know any of the characters, or if I'm missing any subtext, or if subtext is possible in a My Little Pony cartoon.

Here it is from the original sound track with just the album cover.

DEBT episode 2: How bubbles grow

This is a really great explanation of how a bubble forms in a market. Plain English no economics vocabulary required. Good think to keep in mind since we are in another stock bubble at the moment. All 4 part are good if you have the time.
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