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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 52,426

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They have no shame in this game.....excuses are lame....

who died and made this POS important?? no one.... he is an embarrassment...86 him asap

Arthur Keostler was right....Janus...he explains the role of EMOTION in our daily lives

Until rendered moot, it is a model of how to engage in confusion and division

for its a recipe for "HATE"..... = Division = us and them = less than whole =

weaker than shit = crappy lives = high misery levels = weak and unable to contend

with catastrophic events = die offs = large famines = choices = up or down =

this is where we are at....up or down?

Why...What are the reasons? who noes these daze;...me thinks its laziness coupled with

congentital traits....

There has to be reasons for this anamoly

KnR 10 :o) ..... Priceless


Positive Proof Mexico has GOOD PEOPLE TOO...Come, Listen to them sing

drink, eat, laugh, smile, enjoy

Enough of silly crap for 12 min


And...lets review wht Social Conservatism has given America... a Flawed system

ending in W wrecking the econ....

Then,,,, they added the T Baggers...made it worse....

The GOPer led Congress has the record of not doing shit for the

Nation...instead...trying to make Obama a failure, a 1 termer..

The Polls now indicate the GOPers are gonna pay for their

attempt to continue their Farce at the Nations Control Panel,,,

defeat in 2012

Yup, many of us thought he was the smartest but was on the bottom

in those polls....

the baggers had it backwards ...as usual


World Peace in 2012

The Year of Reason, Logic, Clarity, and common sense has arrived

Parady with Reality and Sanity...Spawns awesome energy

Come, we go Uropa....across 2 ponds....to Land of Beer n Lager

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