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Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 05:57 PM
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Original sin

Releasing these damning truths, tossing them out almost as a gauntlet, an apologia; depending on ones readiness to forgive and ones ability to control a lake of bile; to turn truths into lies, now in an attempt to regain our floundering soul. An act that may at best mitigate the pain and damage caused our collective, severely cachectic soul. This severe guilt, forced on us by the blatant crimes of the Cheney cabal were never prosecuted for their obvious criminally insane and sadistic war crimes; that many of us who lived through the 2nd world war and the following trials at Nuremberg; and many younger on this site, saw as a deadly boulder steamrolling at our collective sanity; as shortly after Obama was sworn in; he immediately broke his bluster and electioneering promises to put the criminals on trial; for which I and many of us voted for; an original sin and a thing that has ruined his legacy no matter what good works he miraculously performs.

Long will we live under this dangerous storm cloud, ready and willing to dump savage rage on us at every international endeavor.

There is only one way to cleanse our collective soul; it is to prosecute the guilty; and all of us know who many of these folks are as they claim little knowledge of this soul rending criminal affair.

The missed opportunity of prosecuting these criminals would point out to the world that a rogue agency and a stolen presidency, fraudulently went against the laws of this country and the world to force a war under false pretence and a fog of war in which to fleece this and other countries of great wealth.

I and I suspect many others have long suffered under the furious anger that these sadistic criminals fraudulently perpetrated under our names; with no conscience or consequence, still damaging this country at every attempt to set it right, with the most blatant lies, seeping into every action this country now takes.

The proposed pardoning of these murderous and torturous criminals and their crimes with sick twisted sexual undertones, is at best a poor palliative with dubious intent for our collective, endangered soul and will not only be a major footnote on Obamas legacy, it will be his legacy, just as it is Fords; while Fords pardon was an internal affair over a break in, Obamas proposed pardon for fraudulent and murderous war crimes that were an international world changing action; or non action on Obamas part to not clean up the mess left from a murderous and world changing and history changing actions with somewhat the same import in the end, as history will record, as the Nuremberg trials; PROPOSED TO BE PARDONED!

WCBM is an uber right-wing radio station out of Baltimore.

With about the same audience as Limpballs, who, if I am not mistaken also sends his bile out from this city and if possibele, is a station that is even more right-wing.

If you do any research on this station, the word Nazi comes up more than a few times.

What kind of survey results would you expect from that kind of listening audience on "the wonder of killing whoever you want and getting away with it".

These listeners are on par with the RW audience at the Pug debate who screamed let him die and booed the hero soldier because he was gay.

If this survey proves anything, it is that there is a dangerous bunch of sick puppies of all ages out there, some gathered around their ham radios in weapon infested basements in their weapon infested, pug parents house,cheering on the second coming of "Hister"*.

*ref to Nostradamus's Hister.

Thanx for the thread Sam.

I don't remember whether you covered this but Comcast owns a 10% stake in Current and is the only little known owner of Current other than the better known Gore and Hyatt.

My guess is, that would be third man on the totem and is very pertinent to this whole affair.

Thufferen Thapho....

Using the felon ratsnake, adrian lamo as the rock on which any argument is made, is like using a sieve for a water bucket.

He has proven his lack of veracity too many times to count.

Slithering his way fast, out of the hearts of decent and honest folk.

How do you know when a.l. is lying?...when his lips move.


Exactly...there would be a slaughter of Democrats, especially judges and gay folks, the likes of which has never been seen in this country.

Kr...the last straw...the last coffin nail...

Even the simplest extrapolation leads to the worst kind of fascism.

Can 0 really be this myopic; or is something far more sinister at work here?

I think I am going to be sick....in any case I need a long shower..

after reading the reply's to your post.

Am I addressing cap'n Queeg here?

Without the ability to see the overall picture...which your posts clearly indicate....dwelling on minutia...in this case a big fat straw man, does not acquit the mind of these posts.

The military committed cold blooded and heinous war crimes (mass murder of innocents, including a journalist and a baby among the many...

Shot like helpless rabbits, to the glee of sadistic helicopter pilots, following the still alive...mortally wounded... trying desperately to crawl to safety and cutting them down in their last breath) these grisly and heinous acts...the sick horror... clearly documented and graphically illustrated in these files and they are but one.

Exposing them is the duty of any decent human being.

There just is no defense of these clear cut war crimes....hence the meaningless straw men to give the supporters of these war crimes a duplicitous way to support them...without exposing their malevolent intent.

No matter what happens to BM in these kangaroo trials...history will know him as one of the greatest heroes of an evil and disastrous period in the history of the world....

The catalyst to Tunisia, Tahreer square, the Arab spring and OWS...

And that is the reason the "establishment" so hates this man..now forever associated with Julian A., their real target....and so fears the repercussions of the heroic and dangerous actions they took...

Striking down the first domino of an evil world empire.

For those repercussions...of what they did, are in the process of taking down said "establishment"...

Now in the process of knocking the 1% off their, oh so comfortable, golden tower... with fascism their only tool to fight off the constitution and "We the People".

Wow! the shallow sanctimony here is strange and profound.

Have those defending the torture of BM, so quickly forgotten the horror that he exposed.

Can any of them not try to understand, that a fragile BM was at his breaking point.

The road to hell is trodden with sanctimonious goody two shoes, unable or unwilling to look at anything with any depth; who have a profound lack of perception beyond skin deep;

especially to anything and anyone not in line with a preordained notion of righteousness.

A self righteousness that belongs in a fundamentalist revival meeting of fire and brimstone for anyone straying from their narrow path that is leading them right off the edge of the earth.
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