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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 03:39 PM
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Not a member in name only as he always caucuses with the dems

I always find very petty comments demeaning Bernie Sanders frivolous. Why bother making them? It's like commenting on someone's hair.
I saw Obama as a man first and primarily of good character with integrity and very inspirational...oh and by the way...he also happened to be black. That's how much him being black influenced me concerning anything about him. I feel sorry for those who get stuck on on a person's features. Bernie is a good man who has done more for the democratic party than most people who call themselves democrats. I hope we don't start hearing "it's a shame we don't have Hillary to beat up on anymore", or slandering her comments etc. It's divisive and petty. These are progressive people who are for the people and side with the democratic party platform. And I welcome them no matter what they call themselves because the opposition belong in the shop of horrors as a cult of fascist tyranny.

No republican has been legititmatly elected President since Esienhower

Nixon committed treason to get elected. Reagan did to. Bush Sr was running a Criminal regime and Bush Jr. was installed by the SC after officially losing the election once all the votes were actually counted. Trump was installed by the electoral college Russian style.

The popular vote, the real will of the people all elected democrats for president but were thwarted.

Liar. History has proved the opposite happens

Reagan dropped the top tax rate and we got a recession 3yrs later, Bush dropped the taxes on the wealthy and corporations and we got 3yrs later another republican depression; Harding dropped the top tax rate in the 20s and we got th republican great depression. Ryan is stupid and he's lying out his butt.
Is anybody really buying Ryan's nonsense?

Moore can be elected but he cannot be "seated"

according to our constitution it is against the law to "seat" a person even if elected if e has performed acts of sedition or acts against the constitution like ordering elected officials to ignore federal laws, or getting thrown off the judicial bench for refusing to take down religious monuments. The MSM is focusing on his sexual misconduct to avoid the real problem with him getting elected...he cannot be seated according to law. Get the word out. He ordered probate judges not to obey the constitution. He is a constitutional criminal and as part of the 14 amendment a constitutional criminal cannot be seated even if elected. McConnell saying he would be seated makes him a co-conspirator as a constitutional criminal cannot be seated according to the 14th amendment. Women should vote against him as he wrote in his op-ed for his class that women should not be allowed to vote. We cannot Make America America again if we keep allowing hypocrites like Moore to get elected. Read the 3rd part of the 14 Amendment because McConnell certainly hasn't read it.

So does John Dean and many ,many, many others

Too much garbage or baggage and only getting worse 'cause Trump is such a putz he just can't help growing the seeds of his destruction for all to see. He is saying the finish line may not be crossed for some time yet but it is inevitable now. Trump is finished. I still fear the end of net neutrality, the changes in FCC rules and the take over of local media country wide by the Sinclair broadcast company or as Kushner referred to it, Trump TV so the propaganda media is air-tight and the desperate for jobs and health care population is forced into compliance by this oligarchy becomes set in place so Trump's absence won't be as impactful as so much damage has already been done by his cohorts. Deregulation of banks etc, public land sold off, voter suppression in place to enhance vote stealing while Medicare and SS are gutted. You here know what I am talking about. But as KKO says,at least the bleeding will be stopped. Now we will need to make America, America again.

They attached so much baggage to her it was impossible to respond to the bulk of propraganda

So she ignored a lot of it. People believe what they want to be true until you prove to them it isn't true and that is backwards. The republican deplorables don't investigate for truth, only for support of already held beliefs. When you prove them wrong they won't admit they were wrong. They just get angry and change the subject or attack the messenger while they feed on that propaganda stew.

She never did say it was rigged.She was widely misinterpreted

She commented that noting illegal was done merely unethical in the way funding was distributed. She states funding was distributed like it always has been only a year early. Normally once we have a candidate then control of party funding all goes to get that candidate elected. It happens after the primary and a candidate is chosen. Since no one expected Clinton would be seriously challenged the DNC just wanted to get a jump on the race and pretty much gave control of funding and control to the Clinton campaign, ignoring the Sanders campaign. It should have been equally distributed if given at all before the primary was concluded. It wasn't. Sanders was excluded and all control was thrown to the Clinton campaign as if she had no challenger at all. Like I said it should not be done and it never is done this way until after the primary has concluded and we have a candidate. Bernie was cheated. It wasn't fair and won't be done again. Accept it and let it go. Brazille pointed it out so it would not be repeated and there would not continue to be a denial or cover up. We can move on united behind our FDR principles as being the party of the people and the working man, not the bankstesr or corporations or wall street lobbyists

Excellent response. The DNC recognized its problem

rather than hide it or lie about it they admitted to it and took steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. Problem solved so we don't have to keep bringing it up we can instead unite under our party's values. We are the party of FDR Johnson and Kennedy and stand for the working man and the people not the Banksters or their Billionaire buddies. Progressive ideas have not changed since FDR as we find new ways to combat repubs trying to dismantle the New Deal. Principles before labels or personalities. The majority of this nation want SS, Medicare and Medicaid, public education and a health care system for all. Republicans want totalitarianism and an oligarchy where the only rights belong to the wealthy. We are all Democratic Socialists as it both ensures our freedom and our survival. We decide what we all share

There are not many options left to us. Trump's cabinet

is who must enforce the 25th Amendment.j His self appointed members were appointed primarily because of loyalty to him.
This republican congress will not impeach him so what are we left with? Discontent is everywhere along with this sense of impending doom as we take chances this madman will launch nukes unimpeded. The majority of the nation do not trust him and want him gone. What is left for us?

Principles before personalities or labels

Sanders should act like HRC and say he will never run for any office again? He campaigned his butt off for Hillary and you call it ďtepidĒ. Is that bias or prejudice? There is a big difference between Progressive democrats and corporate democrats and our party platform is more reflective of Bernie Sanders than you want to admit. You got this point right when you said Democratic supporters which implies a democratic supporter does not mean they are a democrat but are a supporter. This site as I see it is Democratic Underground (as it says on my bumper sticker) not Democratic Party Underground.. Itís our ideals and principles we strand for and not some label. I would not support a democrat if he acted like Trump. Bernie Sanders did so much for our party bringing in huge numbers of young people and causing us to define our principles and show what we as a party stand for yet at every opportunity you attempt to demean him. Why even write a post like this except to demean him and then equate him with Jill Stein when they are so different shows you grasping at straws. Your efforts are divisive and purist. Seems you really donít want a discussion but an argument. I call you friend and ask you to reexamine your attitude toward Bernie Sanders who stands for our principles no matter how you label him. If it walks like a duck, and looks like a duck then we call it a duck, no matter if it wants to call itself a swan
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