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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,558

Journal Archives

Who will be held responsible when Americans are killed by Russia?

Will it be another yawn from republicans? Itís not a matter of if, but when. We will NEVER know what dump gave Putin. What intel/sources/methods did he give up.

Iím having a hard time understanding the kind of evil that would even consider handing over our ambassador on made up charges to be questioned by Russians. To even think that our government would entertain the thought for a nano second equivocating ambassador McFaul to the 12 indicted Russians is throwing me for a major loop.

Bonhoeffer on stupidity - this explains dumps cult.


We are relying on Russia to give us a version of what happened for two hours when trump/Putin met

You know trump didnít ask about hacking because trump has been privy the entire time. You know trump colluded to further damage our relationship with NATO allies. This is really bad.

I know second graders who could have devised a more credible lie for the walkback. The government of Putin occupying the White House must be taken out.

Who thinks trumps "clarification" makes sense?

He goes in to say he wants to see the server, blah blah blah..... whomever told him that was going to make sense is also an idiot.

I keep hearing trump isn't convinced Russia is responsible or he is unsure...

Trump knows damn well the Russians hacked because HE WORKED WITH THEM THE WHOLE WAY. Can we please stop pretending otherwise. My god.

It's official, we are now the Government of Putin.

I canít believe Iím seeing this in the United States.

Rosenstein and Mueller are the only thing standing between democracy and trumpworld.

I hope there is much more to come. Congress is still doing nothing to harden our election.
Iíd bet money that dump will share everything DOJ told him about these indictments with Putin.

I don't know who styles Melanie, but they need to be fired.

For someone who supposedly was a model. (I guess she wasnít really modeling clothes) she always looks hideous. The yellow dress, now this suit to meet the queen is terrible. She has zero sense of style.

I hope all FBI agents and Intel officials are paying attention to this circus.

The republicans are making a mockery of their agencies trying to investigate an act of war committed by a foreign government against the United States.
It is now patently obvious that republicans are implicated in this scandal up to their eyeballs. This country is sitting unprotected, the party in power honestly couldnít care less. Too many people in this country are dangerously ill informed, their stupidity is burning the country to the ground.

Can we finally drop all pretense that we have a functioning government.

I am so angry right now, I need to leave my house before I have a health emergency.
We need to be in the god damn street.
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