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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 06:50 PM
Number of posts: 10,361

Journal Archives

Why is Katy Tur inviting scaramucci on her show?

She seemed overly friendly with him, it was creepy as hell.

Republicans publicly proclaimed their #1 goal was to make our first black POTUS fail.

Too bad we missed the obvious racial animus those statements from republicans contained. The Republican Party is not inclusive or compassionate they are racist bigoted and anti American. One can only hope it is possible to recover from the depth we have descended.

On Edit:
During that same meeting, a member relayed to Trump that potential welfare cuts would harm her constituents, "not all of whom are black." The president replied: "Really? Then what are they?"

I thought it could not get worse than George W Bush.

Now it seems that was Disneyland compared to this. Who would have thought a war criminal in the white house isnít even close to being as bad as it gets.

What happens when our overwhelming votes get flipped by Russian hackers?

Tweet from Eric Holder: Russian meddling in our elections is a clear and present danger. Fact. Unbelievably no one taking action to prevent harm. Whatever you think of possible Trump involvement all must demand that White House and Congress act to strengthen our electoral systems against the threat-NOW

Why are Dems not doing anything about this? No one is even talking about it really.

A federal judge dropped charges against Bundy? Its now legal to point guns at federal agents

And take federal land hostage? Or is this more IOKIYAR?

Constitutional Crisis. Republicans fail to carry out the duty they swore on.

They fail to defend the constitution leaving a madman sitting in the Oval and all they can do is yawn at the sight of treason. Where are th Democrats?!? What do we intend to do?

TRMS laying out the entire Russia/Trump conspiracy against the United States.

Quite damning, but of course none of this is really reported in the main stream.

Only a breathtaking piece of crap would make jokes about global warming while

Demonstrating he doesnít know the difference between weather and climate and sadly the same idiot owns the nuclear codes. Untold numbers of people will die because we allowed greed to stop us from doing everything we can to slow or reverse the process.

Tweet from Ady Barkan about after the Senate vote last night.


Tell me again how these people are human?

Does anyone think the sealed indictments at the state level would be unsealed in the event

Mueller is fired? What are the chances tRump is one of them?
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