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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,359

Journal Archives

Should Malaria be worried about the communications director. He REALLY loves dump.

Talk about s holster, good gravy. The replay of the White House press briefing almost made me vomit

Trump skipped over the next in line at Ethics office with someone sympathetic to his

Lapses in ethics. This is the guy who signed the latest "updates" to the financials and security clearance documents.


Healthcare motion to proceed doesn't have the votes. eom

I just heard Caitlin Jenner is thinking of running against DiFi.

Has anyone else heard this. Not a good idea, not sure who Caitlin is consulting with, she doesn't even have the support of the LBTGQ community here.

Wing nuts are out in force on MSNBC this late morning/afternoon bashing Democrats.

They're actually co signing this crap and the stenographer won't ask if it would be a.okay with them if Hillary or president Obama had done these things.


They're dismantling government with each passing minute. They're duplicating the failed trump business model to our internal democratic structure. How much longer can this be allowed to continue.

Maggot is clearly profiting from the office, in violation of the constitution. Every statement they make is a pants on fire lie.

Sessions needs to go. He's protecting a criminal cabal.

These are just from DU, today. There are a thousand more things at least.






That time Wray stashed Christies cell phone for him.


Last summer, after a month of Christie telling reporters he didn’t know where the phone was, the governor's spokesman revealed that the phone was in Wray’s possession.

The episode might have been small and even meaningless had it not been for the fact that the phone once contained a possibly tantalizing series of text messages between Christie and a top aide that were exchanged the day the extent of the scandal became known. Christie and the aide each deleted the text messages from their cell phones.

Orin Hatch is worried about how Secretary Clinton cared for intelligence but not that

Dump invited Russians into the Oval Office and shared CODE WORD INTELLIGENCE with them. At the same time he invited Russian press into the room but NOT American press.

All of these republicans are accessories to treason against the united states. They are in violation of their oaths.

MSNBC reporting Don jr just retained council.

Looking for a link
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